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Families covered: Cleland (Clelland) of Cleland, Cleland of Faskin (Faskine), Cleland of Glenhoofe (Glenhuif)

Alexander Cleland or Clelland of Kneland or Kneilland (b c1235)
m. Margaret Wallace (dau of Adam Wallace of Riccarton)
1. James Cleland of Cleland (b c1265)
  A. John Cleland, 3rd of Cleland (b c1290)
  i. ?? Cleland, 4th of Cleland
a. ?? Cleland, 5th of Cleland
  (1) William Cleland, 6th of Cleland (b c1390)
  (A) James Cleland, 7th of Cleland (b c1420)
  m. (1450) Janet Somerville (dau of William Somerville, 2nd Lord)
  (i) William Cleland, 8th of Cleland (b c1451)
(a) Alexander Cleland, 9th of Cleland (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  ((1)) James Cleland, 10th of Cleland (d 1547)
  m. _ Hepburn (dau of Hepburn of Bonnytoun, son of Bothwell ?)
  ((A)) Alexander Cleland, 11th of Cleland (a 1572)
  m. _ Hamilton (dau of Hamilton of Haggs)
  ((B)) Arthur Cleland, 1st of Knownoblehill
  m. Margaret Pollart
  ((C)) Janet Cleland
  m. (mcrt 1536) William Dalmahoy
  ((D))+ other issue - Robert, John
((2)) Elizabeth Cleland
  m. John Roberton of Earnock
  (ii) Roger Cleland
  (iii) _ Cleland, 1st of Faskin or Faskine (b c1452) possibly the Roger above?
  (a) William Cleland, 2nd of Faskin (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  ((1)) John Cleland, 3rd of Faskin
  m. Agnes Muirhead
  ((2)) Oswald Cleland (d before 1582)
  m. Elizabeth Muirhead
  ((3)) Gavin Cleland of Gartscherie
  ((4)) George Cleland, 1st of Glenhuif or Glenhoofe (d before 1577)
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  ((A)) George Cleland, 2nd of Glenhoofe (a 1603)
  ((i)) George Cleland, 3rd of Glenhoofe
  ((a)) Agnes Cleland
  m. John Cleland
  ((ii)) Janet Cleland
  m. _ Somerville

Main source(s): 'The Ancient Family of Cleland' by John Burton Cleland, published in London in 1905
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