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Families covered: Clouston of Clouston, Clouston of Kirkwall, Clouston of Netherbigging, Clouston of Nisthouse, Clouston of Smoogro, Clouston of Stenness, Clouston of Stromness

Havard Gunnason, 1st of Clouston, Orkney (a c1090, chief counsellor to Haakon, Earl of Orkney)
m. Bergliot (dau of Ragnhild, dau of Paul Thorfinnson, Jarl of Orkney, by dau of Haakon Ivarson)
1. Haakon Havardson, 2nd of Clouston
  m. Ingigerth (dau of Sigurd Slembidiakr, King of Norway (1136-9), by Audhild)
  A. Havard Halti, 3rd of Clouston (b c1140)
  i. ??, 4th of Clouston
  a. Tofi, 5th of Clouston (b c1207)
  (1) Sir Audulf Tofason, 6th of Clouston, Governor of Orkney (a 1287)
  (A) ??, 7th of Clouston
(i) ??, 8th of Clouston
  (a) Sir Thorgils Kluer, 9th of Clouston
  ((1)) William Clouston, 10th of Clouston (b c1390)
  ((A)) ?? Clouston, 11th of Clouston
  ((i)) William Clouston, 12th of Clouston (d c1522)
  ((a)) daughter
  ((2)) Dufnjal or Donat (Clouston or Thorgilson) (a 1463)
  ((A)) John Clouston (d before 1502)
  m. Yvette
  ((i)) George Clouston (d c1520) - continued below
  ((ii))+ other issue - Rene (a 1501), Brice (a 1502)
  ((3)) Patre or Patrick of Ness (d bfore 1447)
  ((A)) Thomas (Ness) of Ness
  ((i)) Thomas of Ness
  ((a)) John of Ness (d before 1543)
  ((B)) Andrew
  B. Eric (4th son)
  m. Gudrun (dau of Thorvard Thorgarson of Hvarsafell)
  C.+ other issue - Sigurd, Harald
2. daughter
  A. Ivar Galli ("a noble in Norway")
3.+ other issue - Magnus of Sanday (b c1108), Thorstein, Dufnjal



George Clouston (d c1520) - continued above
1. Richard Clouston, 13th of Clouston and of Kirbister (d before 1552)
  A. Nicol Clouston, 14th of Clouston and of Stenness (d 1591)
  i. George Clouston, 15th of Clouston and of Stenness (b c1565, d c1606)
  m. Katharine Omand (d 11.1636, dau of Edward Omand of Onston, she m2. Robert Boag)
  a. Richard Clouston, 16th of Clouston and of Netherbigging (d 11.1666)
  m. Ursilla Wishart (d 02.1644)
  (1) Nicol Clouston, 17th of Clouston and of Netherbigging (d 1703)
  m. Janet Cursetter of Hutter
  (A) Richard Clouston, 18th of Clouston and of Netherbigging (d 1735)
  m. Grizel Wilson
  (i) Nicol Clouston, 19th of Clouston and of Netherbigging (d 1772)
  (a) Margaret Clouston, 20th of Clouston
  m. James Clouston of Appihouse, Clouston
  ((1)) Nicol Clouston, 21st of Clouston and of East Netherbigging (d 1772)
  ((A)) William Clouston, 22nd of Clouston and of East Netherbigging
  ((2)) son
  (b) Marjorie Clouston
  m. Thomas Clouston of West Netherbigging
  ((1)) Thomas Clouston of West Netherbigging & Dowscarth
  (ii) Richard Clouston
  (B) Thomas Clouston of Stromness (b 1671, d 1753, shipbuilder)
  m. (c1702) Marion Mowat (d 1751, dau of Hugh Mowat of Swinzie)
(i) Edward Clouston (b 1704, d 1763)
  m1. (1729) Marjorie McKenlay (dau of William McKenlay, 1st of Warbister in Hoy by Margaret Sandison)
  (a) Thomas Clouston of Stromness (b 1729, dsp before 1766, shipmaster)
  (b) John Clouston of Kirkness
  ((1)) John Clouston (dsp)
  m2. Christian Smith (dau of James Smith of Tormiston in Stenness)
  (c) William Clouston (b 1747, d 1832, minister of Stromness & Sandwick)
  m. (1786) Isabella Traill (dau of Thomas Traill of Holland by Anna, dau of Archibald Stewart of Brough)
  ((1)) Edward Clouston of Kinghouse (b 1787, d 1866) had issue
  ((2)) Thomas Clouston (b 1788) had issue
  m. Mary Forbes
  ((3)) Robert Clouston of Ballymagarvey & Northdyke (b 1798, dsp 1882)
  m. Harriet Drever of Okrney
  ((4)) Charles Clouston of Sandwick (b 1800, d 1884, minister of Sandwick) had issue
  m. Margaret Clouston (b 1818, dau of Edward Clouston of Smoogro)
  ((5)) daughter
  ((6)) Jane Clouston (b 1795, d 1841)
  m. William Stewart (dau of Balfour of Burness by Margaret Lindsay)
  (d) Robert Clouston of Smoogro (b 1753, d 1817)
  m. Christine Sandison (dau of Robert Sandison by Mary Isbister)
  ((1)) Edward Clouston of Smoogro & Garth (b 1790, d 1870) had issue
  m. Anne Rose Stewart (dau of Balfour Stewart of Burness by Margaret Lindsay)
  (ii) Robert Clouston, 1st of Nisthouse and of Stromness (b 1709, d 1782)
  m. (1742) Margaret Isbister (dau of Adam Isbister of Isbister & Stromness by Helen, dau of William McKenlay, 1st of Warbister)
  (a) Thomas Clouston of Newburyport, Massachusetts (b 1743, d 10.08.1795) had issue
  (b) Joseph Clouston, 2nd of Nisthouse and of Stromness (b 1754, d c1814)
  m. Jane Barclay
  ((1)) Robert Clouston, 3rd of Nisthouse (b 1786, d 1857) had issue
  m. Janet Smith of Stromness
  (c)+ other issue - Edward of Stromness (b 1759, d unm 1810, Governor of Hudson's Bay Company), 2 daughters
  (C)+ other issue - John, son
  (2) Andrew Clouston of Kirkwall (5th son)
  m. Elspeth Garrioch
  (A) Hugh Clouston of Kirkwall (bpt 1660, 2nd son)
  m. (20.10.1685) Jean Richan (widow of David Munro)
  (i) Harry Clouston of Kirkwall & Stromness (b 23.02.1686)
  (a) son
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Gow
  (B)+ other issue - William of Biswell (bpt 1659, d c1705), Andrew (bpt 1662)
  (3)+ other issue - James of Netherbigging, John of Bigswell (a 11671), Thomas
  b. Agnes Clouston
  B. Magnus Clouston of St. Ola
  i. James Clouston of St. Ola
  a.+ issue - Magnus, Robert
  ii. Nicol Clouston
  C. Marion Clouston of St. Ringan's, Kirbister
  m. James Groundwater (son of Andrew)
2. Christie ('Jane' or 'le Jeune') Clouston (a 1529)
  A. George Clouston or Taylor of Kirkwall (a 1592)
  i. George Taylor of Kirkwall
  ii. John Taylor
  m. Margaret Firth (m2. William Corner of Kirkwall)
  a. Patrick Taylor of Kirkwall
  B. John Clouston or Christieson of Kirkwall (a 1590, tailor)
  i. George Clouston of Kirkwall (d c1660)
  m. Elspeth Louttet

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Clouston of Clouston and Smoogro)
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