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Families covered: Drury of Aylsham, Drury of Fincham, Drury of Swaffham Prior, Drury of Talbot's Hall

Thomas Drury of Talbot's Hall Manor, Fincham (bur 12.07.1559)
m. Hellen (bur 01.09.1576)
1. Thomas Drury of Fincham (bur 16.07.1698)
  m1. Mary (bur 06.03.1594)
  A. Elizabeth Drury (b 1562)
  m1. William Gibben of Watlington & Lynn Regis (d 12.1612)
  m2. William Pell of Derningham
  m2. (1595) Grace Buckworth (a 1613, dau of Richard Buckworth of Wisbeach)
  B. Thomas Drury of Talbot's Hall, Fincham (b 1601, a 1633)
  m. Ursula (a 1633)
  i. Thomas Drury of Talbot's Hall, Fincham (bpt 1621, d 1697)
  m. Mary
  a.+ issue (a 1674) - Mary, Grace
  ii. Henry Drury of Bexwell then Holme (b 1622, d by 1672, clerk)
  m. (1654) Joan Caverley
  a. Henry Drury of Fincham (a 1697)
  m. Elizabeth Harwick (dau of Richard Harwick of Wiggenhall St. Mary)
  (1)+ issue - Etheldred, Elizabeth, Mary
  b.+ other issue (a 1672) - Thomas, John, Mary, Joan
  iii. Anne Drury (b 1626)
  m. (1654) Thomas Garrett of London
  iv. Judith Drury (b 1627)
  m. (1648) William Godhed
  v.+ other issue including Samuel (a 1672)
  C. Anne Drury
  m. (1613) Edmund Clipsam of Manthorpe
  D. Grace Drury (b 1600)
  m. (1616) Symon Clarke of Fishtoft
  E. Mildred Drury
  m1. _ Jefferyes
  m2. _ Soame
  F.+ other issue -
2. Richard Drury of London (bpt 1551, bur 30.10.1608?)
  m. Dianna Saltonstall (bur 07.01.1601, dau of John Saltonstall)
  A.+ issue - Grace, Ellen, others (dvp)
3. Elizabeth Drury
  m. (1564) John Parlett
4. Mary Drury (bpt 1543)
  m. (1559) Edmund Anglebright
5.+ other issue - Francis, Jane, Margaret
  Either Jane or Margaret married ...
  m. _ Saunders



Richard Drury of Reach (Cambridgeshire) & Ixning (Suffolk) (d by 1583)
m1. Mary John (dau of Robert March of Haddenham & Ely)
1. John Drury of Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire (bur 29.07.1605)
  m1. Eleanor Laverock (dau of John Laverock of Well)
  A. Francis Drury of Swaffham Prior (b 1577, d before 25.11.1634)
  m. Joane Soame (dau of William Soame of Cowling)
  i. Edmund Drury (b 1607, bur 1668)
  m. Elizabeth Alston (d 1684, dau of John Alston of Stisted)
  a. Le Strange Drury (b 1639, dvp before 01.1662))
  m. (a 1659) Elizabeth Casborne (dau of John Casborne)
  (1) Anne Drury (b 1661)
  ii. Francis Drury (b 1608)
  m. Rose
  a. Thomas Drury (b 1636)
  iii. Anne Drury (b 1605)
  m. _ Stallum
  iv. Joan Drury (b 1610)
  m. (1630) Joseph Siday or Sidsy
  v. Margaert Drury (b 1615)
  m. (1633) John Carde
  vi.+ other issue - John (b 1619), William (b 1621, a 1633), Sarah (b 1617, d 1627)
  B. Catherine Drury (b 1575)
  m. (1591) Henry Smith
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1586), Alice (a 1581), Ellen (b 1571, a 1581), Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, Anne
  m2. Anne (a 1605)
2. Mary Drury
  m. (by 1581) John Hasell
3. Elizabeth Drury
  m. (by 1581) Robert Holben
m2. Alice (bur 01.02.1565)
m3. Philippa (d before 02.10.1587, relict of John Chenerie)



?? Drury
1. Henry Drury of Aylsham, Norfolk (d before 25.10.1560)
  m. Elizabeth
  A. John Drury of Ipswich (dsp before 18.04.1605)
  m. Margerie Gilbert (d before 23.04.1619, dau of William Gilbert of Clare, widow of John Daundy of Ipswich)
  B. Stephen Drury of Aylsham (d before 07.11.1599)
  m. Bridgett (d 1599?)
  i. Mary Drury (bur 09.06.1621)
  m. (before 07.1599) Charles Suckling of Woodton (b 1578, bur 12.1644, m2. Dorothy, dau of Sir Anthony Drury of Besthorpe)
  ii. Frances Drury (a 1599)
  Muskett provides 3 names for Henry's daughters (Margaret, Alice & Elizabeth) but shows 4 unnamed sisters of John who married as follows.
  C. ?? Drury
  m. John Allen
  D. ?? Drury
  m. _ Harrison
  E. ?? Drury
  m. _ Clare
  F. ?? Drury
  m. _ Reade
2. John Drury (a 1553)
  A.+ issue - John, William, Thomas
3. Cicely Drury
  m. _ Sheriff

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