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Families covered: Duke of Lake, Duke of Sarson

BLG1886 reports that the following family "is a branch of Duke of Power House, Devon". Visitation confirms that this means the Dukes 'of Power Hayes' (i.e. Poerhayes). They are reported on Duke02.
Michael Duke
1. John Duke
  A. George Duke of Lake, Wiltshire (a 1578, d 1610)
  Visitation identifies George's wife as Maria Power of Wiltshire. BLG1886 identifies her as ...
  m. Dorothy Poor (dau of Philip Poor)
i. John Duke of Lake, Sheriff (a 1623, a 1655)
  m. (25.02.1609/10) Mary Young (dau of Edward or John Young of Durnford)
  The Visitations name Mary's father "Edw" or Edward but BLG1886 names him John.
  a. George Duke (b c1611-3, dvp 1655)
  m. Elizabeth Ayliffe (dau of Sir George Ayliffe of Robson)
  (1) John Duke (dsp young?)
(2) George Duke of Lake (d 1690)
  m. Elizabeth Richards (dau of John Richards of Yeoverland, Isle of Wight)
  (A) Robert Duke of Lake (d 1725)
  m. (1692) Jane Freke (dau of Thomas Freke of Wyck)
  (i) Robert Duke of Lake (b 1696, d 1749, eldest son)
  m. (1723) Frances Blake (dau of Henry Blake of Bristol)
  (a) Robert Duke of Lake (dsp 1793)
  m. Jane Rashleigh (dau of Jonathan Rashleigh of Menabilly)
  (ii) George Duke
  (a) Edward Duke (b 1731)
  m. (1771) Fanny Field (dau of John Field of Islington)
  ((1)) Edward Duke of Lake House (b 1779, d 24.08.1852, Rev.) had issue
  m. (1813) Harriet Hinxman (dau of Henry Hinxman of Ivy Church House)
  ((2))+ sons (dvpsp) & 6 daughters
  (iii)+ other issue
  (B) Susannah Duke
  m. John Worden
  b. John Duke of Sarson, Hampshire (b c1613/5, d 1670)
  m. Alice Deane (dau of James Deane of Oxenwood)
  (1) George Duke of Sarson (b c1646, a 1686, 2nd son)
  Visitation identifies George's wife and mother of his 5 children as Selenah Dolling. BLG1886 identifies her as Cecilica Newman and reports that he was succeeded by his son John. Provisionally, we presume that George married twice as follows.
  m1. Cecilia Newman (dau of Robert Newman of Queen's Camel)
  m2 . Selenah Dolling (dau/coheir of John Dolling or Dawlong of Worth Matravers)
  (A) John Duke (b c1679, d 1743)
  m. Mary Harlow (dau of _ Harlow, Dean of Chichester)
  (i) John Duke
  m. Frances Bankes (d 1806)
  (a) George Duke (Lt. Colonel)
  m. (sp) Emily Freeman (d 1819, dau of John Freeman of Chute Lodge)
  (b) Charles Duke (b 1769, d 1881, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1793) Mary Nash
  ((1)) Charles Duke (4th son) had issue (2 daus)
  m. Josephine Isabella Douglas
  ((2))+ other issue - Edward (d 1825, RN), William Thomas (b 1801), Thomas (b 1804)
  (B)+ other issue - George (b c1681, a 1708), Charles (b c1683, a 1686), Elizabeth (d infant), Frances (b c1685, a 1686)
  (2) Avis Duke
  m. John Philips of Statfors
  (3) Anne Duke
  m. George Smith of Cambridge
  (4) Sarah Duke
  m. William Wansborough of Westminster
  (5) Elizabeth Duke
  m. Edmond/Edmund Macks of Salisbury
  (6)+ other issue - John (d infant), John (d young), Charles of London (had issue), Edward (d infant), James (d infant), Frances (d unm?), Mary (d unm?), Margaret (d unm?), Elizabeth (d unm?), Jane (b c1666, a 1686)
  c. Edward Duke of Winterborne Stoke (bpt 05/09.02.1615/6, bur 02.06.1705)
  (1) ?? Duke (dvp?)
  (A) Rebecca Duke (heir)
  m. (1709) George Hely of co. Kilkenny
  d.+ other issue (a 1623) - Margaret or Mary (b c1610), Barbara (b c1616)
  ii. Andrew Duke of Bulford, Wiltshire (3rd son) ancestor of the Dukes of Bulford
  iii. Dorothy Duke
  m. Leonard Maton of North Tidworth
  iv. Susan Duke
  m. (04.07.1614) John Gilbert
  v. Anne Duke
  m. (13.01.1616/7) William Gilbert
  vi.+ other issue - George, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane
  B. John Duke
  m. Johanna Stockham
  i. John Duke
  m. Anne Lyne (dau of Thomas Lyne of Southamptonshire)
  a.+ issue - John (bpt 27.04.1621), Robert (bpt 04.03.1623/4), George (bpt 31.12.1628) Anne (bpt 25.04.1620), Maria (bpt 06.09.1622), Elizabeth (bpt 30.09.1625)
  ii. George Duke

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Duke of Lake House) with some support/input from Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Duke), Visitation (Hampshire, 1686, Duke of Sarson in Amport)
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