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Families covered: Fairfax (Barts), Fairfax of Maxton

Believed to be descended from the Fairfax Barons of Cameron (see 'Fairfax02') was ...
Joseph Fairfax of Saxton, Yorkshire
1. Joseph Fairfax of Windlesham, Surrey
  A. Sir William George Fairfax (b 1738, d 07.11.1813, Vice Admiral)
  m1. (1767) Hannah Spears (dsp(m) 170, dau of Rev. Robert Spears of Burntisland)
  i. Jean Fairfax (b 1769, d young?)
  m2. (1772) (Margaret) Charters (dau of Samuel Charters)
  ii. Joseph Fairfax (b 1773, d young)
  iii. Samuel Fairfax (b 1776, d unm 09.1798)
  iv. William George Fairfax (b 1784, d young)
  v. Sir Henry Fairfax, 1st Bart (b 03.02.1790, d 03.02.1860)
  m1. (01.1830) Archibald Montgomerie Williamson (d 13.07.1844, dau of Thomas Williamson (later Williamson-Ramsay) of Lixmount & Maxton by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Robert Ramsay of Camno & Arthurstown by Jean, dau/heir of William Montgomerie)
  a. Sir William George Herbert Taylor Ramsay-Fairfax of Maxton, 2nd Bart (b 15.03.1831, d 19.01.1902) had issue
  m. (17.09.1868) Mary Ann Pawson Hargrave (d 01.09.1924, dau of William John Pawson of Shawdon)
  b. Thomas Edward Fairfax (b 1832, d 05.10.1882)
  c. Sir Henry Fairfax of Fereneze (dsp 20.03.1900, Admiral)
  m. (25.04.1872) Harriet Kinloch (d 17.09.1925, dau of Sir David Kinloch, Bart of Gilmerton)
d. Elizabeth Mary Somerville Fairfax (d 06.11.1917)
  m1. (17.09.1861) James Leibin Gregory (d 05.05.1863)
  m2. (14.08.1884) Col. William Marshall Cochrane (d 31.07.1898)
  m2. (19.12.1851) Sarah Astell (d 23.06.1879, dau of William Astell, MP)
  vi. Christian Fairfax (b 1774, d young)
  vii. Mary Fairfax (b 26.12.1780, d 28.11.1872, scientist, mathematician & astronomer)
  Mary is best known under her 2nd marrried name, Mary Somerville. She was viewed as such a good role model for young women that, amongst other things (such as a crater on the Moon), one of the first women's colleges at Oxford University was named after her: Somerville College.
  m1. (28.06.1804) Samuel Greig (b 1778, d 09.1807, Captain, son of Sir Samuel Greig, Admiral of the Russian Navy, by Sarah, dau of Alexander Cook)
  m2. (1812) William Somerville (b 1771, d 1860)
  viii. Margaret Fairfax (b 1786, d unm)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy) with some support/input from Stirnet's BG family records, www.burntisland.net/somerville-family-history.htm
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