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Families covered: Fenay of Fenay

The article in FMG starts with "This pedigree of Fenay of Fenay in Almonbury differs in some respects from Hopkinson's. It is copied from one by Benj. North, junr. of Fenay, made from the family evidences with some additions."
William of the Fenay
1. Roger
  A. John
  Hulbert shows John as father of Thomas ("of whose marriage and issue we have no particulars") followed by Adam father of (Margaret, Alice &) John, father (by Agnes) of William (a 1380) & Thomas. The following is as shown by FMG.
  i. Richard
  a. Adam de Fenay
  (1) John de Fenay (dsp by 1349)
  b. Thomas de Fenay (a 1347)
m. Agnes
  (1) William de Fenay (d 1392-3)
  Hulbert shows William as the husband of Margery Kaye (a 1393) but FMG shows her as wife of his son John and his own wife as ...
  m. Margery Lockwood (dau of John Lockwood, sister/heir of William)
  (A) John Fenay (d by 1456)
  m. Margery Kaye (dau of John Kaye of Woodsome)
(i) Nicholas Fenay of Belton, Leicestershire (d 1475)
  (a) John Fenay (a 1489)
  m. (c1471) Isabel Cookson (dau of Thomas Cookson of Wakefield)
  ((1)) Nicholas Fenay 'of Fenay' (a 1555)
  m1/2. Isabel Amyas (dau of Percival Amyas)
  m2/1. Margaret Hanson (a 1485, dau of Edmund Hanson of Quernby)
  ((A)) Thomas Fenay (dsp before 1539)
  m. (mcrt 1518) Isabel Lockwood (dau of John Lockwood of Castelhouse in Almonbury, widow (of _ Turton?))
  ((B)) William Fenay (d 1575) - continued below
  m. (c1539) Agnes Hurst (dau of Edward Hurst or Hirst of Collarsley)
  (ii) Catherine Fenay
  m. John Cundall
  (2) Thomas de Fenay



William Fenay (d 1575) - continued above
m. (c1539) Agnes Hurst (dau of Edward Hurst or Hirst of Collarsley)
1. Nicholas Fenay (b c1538, d 07.03.1616)
  m. (06.07.1563) Grace Foxcroft (dau of James Foxcroft of Sowerby)
  A. William Fenay (bpt 17.03.1565, dsp bur 09.04.1619)
  m1. (06.06.1596) Elizabeth Bunny (b 16.06.1578, dsp 26.04.1608, dau of Francis Bunny of Ryton)
m2. (14.08.1610) Susan Waterhouse (sister of Anthony Waterhouse, m2. John Farrer of Ewood)
  B. George Fenay (bur 01.04.1580)
  C. Thomas Fenay (bpt 20.03.1584, d by 1616)
  m. Judith Kaye (d by 1616, dau of William Kaye)
  i. Thomas Fenay 'of Fenay' (bpt 24.06.1608, d 1644)
m. Mary Horsfall (b c1596, d 24.11.1649, dau of Richard Horsfall of Storthes Hall, m2. Renny Trippier of France)
  a. William Fenay (dsp by 1656)
  b. Nicholas Fenay (bpt 23.09.1638, d by 1665)
  m. Elizabeth Newton (dau of Isaac Newton of Whitby & Ruswarp, m2. Edward Ashton of Methley)
  (1) Nicholas Fenay of Fenay (d 21.03.1710)
  m. (18.05.1686) Jane Thornton (d 15.08.1713, dau of John Thornton of Tyershall)
  (A) Jane Fenay (b 1691, d unm 20.03.1766)
  (B)+ other issue - Nicholas (bur 09.09.1689), Richard (bur 16.06.1697), Adeline (bur 11.11.1687), Elizabeth (bur 16.0531695)
  (2) John Fenay (d young)
  C. Jane Fenay
  m1. Thomas Scoley
  i. Mary Scoley
  m. John Maude of Wakefield
  m2. John Maude
  D. Dorothy Fenay (bpt 15.10.1564)
  m. Edward Barber
  E. Elizabeth Fenay
  m. Richard Thorpe
2. Giles Fenay of York (a 02.1616)
  m. Maudlin
  A.+ issue - Francis, Robert, Sarah, Grace
3. Elizabeth Fenay
  m. _ Scott

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, MS263, 'Fenay', p634+) with some support from 'Annals of the Church in Almondbury' by Canon C.A. Hulbert (1882, 'Fenay Family', p155)
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