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Families covered: Fenton of Glasshouse, Fenton of Greenhead, Fenton of Hunslet, Fenton of Leeds, Fenton of Underbank, Fenton of Wath

Much of this page was first launched (on 28.07.09) in different sections within a Draft page. We then found that FMG pulled several of those sections together as shown below.
William Fenton of Leeds, Yorkshire (Alderman, Chief Magistrate)
1. William Fenton of Woodhouse in Hunslet (near Leeds) (a 1671)
  m. Elizabeth (d 16.05.1707, m2. Bryan Dixon of Hunslet)
  A. Samuel Fenton of Nottingham (clergyman, 2nd son)
  i. Timothy Fenton in Lincolnshire (clergyman)
  B. William Fenton of Underbank, Yorkshire (b 1685, d 15-23.08.1743, 5th son)
  The following is largely supported by BLG1952 (De Wend-Fenton of Underbank) & BLG1862 (Fenton of Underbank).
  m. Frances West (b 1677, d 11.06.1754, dau/heir of Captain Richard West of Underbank & Wath)
i. William Fenton of Underbank & Wath (b 1701, d 14.04.1783, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Hatfield (b c1702, d 20.09.1763, dau/heir of Francis Hatfield of Enterclough)
  a. William Fenton of Underbank & Wath (b 1726, d unm 11.04.1792)
  b. Frances Fenton of Underbank & Wath (b 1730, d unm 06.01.1794)
  c.+ other issue - John (b c1731, d 28.09.1741), Richard (b c1739, d unm 02.10.1779)
  ii. Richard Fenton of Hunslet & Banktop (b 1708, d 23.12.1788)
  m. Ann Brook (d 15.05.1790, dau of Thomas Brook of Fieldhead)
  a. Mary Fenton (d 10.12.1823)
  m. (06.1765) Sir William Wake, 8th Bart of Courteenhall (d 29.10.1785)
  b.+ other issue (d young) - Thomas West, Richard, Francis
  iii. Samuel Fenton of Greenhead, Huddersfield (b 1711, d 10.11.1763)
m. Ann Haigh (b c1712, d 14.01.1782, dau of Robert Haigh of Storth Hall, sister/heir of William)
  a. William Fenton of Greenhead, later of Spring Grove & Underbank (a 1805)
  m. Sarah Armitage (dau of Joseph Armitage of Honley, sister of George)
  (1) Samuel Fenton of Underbank & Wath (b 1778, d 10.09.1823, Captain) had issue
  m. Jessey Cayley (d 24.07.1819, dau of Edward Cayley of Whitby)
  (2) Lewis Fenton of Spring Grove (d 27.11.1833, 3rd son) had issue (2 daus)
  m. Ann Hind (d 02.01.1837, dau of Edward Hind of Wavertree)
  (3) Emily Fenton
  m. Joseph Haigh of Whitwell Hall (Golcar Hill)
  (4) Sophia Fenton
  m. (12.08.1812) Mason Stanhope Kenney of Halifax
  (5) Louisa Fenton
m. (16.12.1816) Courtney Kenney of Ballinrope
  (6)+ other issue - William (d unm), Richard (d 1786), Harriett (b 1773), Maria
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm 09.09.1781), Frances, Anne, Mary
  iv. Elizabeth Fenton
  m. Charles Buttar (a 1773, minister in Eduinburgh, later curate of Bolton)
  v.+ other issue - West of the Inner Temple (bpt 25.08.1699, d unm 03-5.05.1731), Richard (d young), Lewis (d unm 04.10.1778, vicar of Winterburn), Timothy, John (d infant), Frances b 1704-5, (d unm 28.03.1780)
  C. Mary Fenton
  m. Robert Brooks of Leeds (wool-stapler)
  D. Elizabeth Fenton (d 28.08.1679)
  m. Josias Oates of Chickenley (bpt 23.02.1643, d 22.03.1718)
  E.+ other issue - John, Abraham, Thomas
2. Thomas Fenton of Hunslet (b 1610, d 07.10.1689)
  The following is largely supported by BLG1862 (Fenton of Castelrigg).
  m. Ann Tatham or Teitham (b c1616, d 18.01.1706)
  A. Thomas Fenton of Hunslet (b c1647, d 05.09.1705, salter)
  m1. Elizabeth
  i. Abraham Fenton 'of Leeds'
  m. Esther Dawson (dau of Thomas Dawson of Morley)
a. Phoebe Fenton
  m. _ Bilton of Oakwell Hall
  b. Susanna Fenton
  m. _ Moorhouse of Craven
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - "several sons" (d infant), Ann
  ii. Elizabeth Fenton
  m. _ Johnson
  m2. Mary Ibbetson (bpt 01.12.1658, d 16.06.1717, dau of James Ibbetson, sister of James)
  iii. Thomas Fenton of Hunslet (b c1687, d 17.01.1734)
  m. (14.02.1715) Elizabeth Hoghton (dau of Sir Charles Hoghton, Bart of Hoghton Tower, by (Mary) Skeffington)
  a. Henry Fenton (d 1759, 2nd son?)
  m. _ Charnock
  b. John Fenton of Leeds (d 1762, 5th son?)
m1. _ Bancroft
  (1)+ issue - son, daughter
  m2. (27.11.1753) Dorothy Roberts of Sheffield
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah, Mary
  c. Samuel Fenton of Leeds (b c1723, d 25.12.1794, 7th son?)
  m. Ellen Leach (dau of Thomas Leach of Bridlington)
  (1) Samuel Fenton of Littlewood & Leeds (b c1761, d 28.04.1806, 2nd son)
  m. Harriet Greame (m2. Benjamin Sadler of Leeds)
  (A) Samuel Greame Fenton of Castelrigg (b 30.05.1795) had issue
  m1. (03.01.1820) Eliza Catherine Metcalfe (dau of Rev. William Metcalfe of Brimpsfield)
  m2. (sp?) Susan Agnes Chorley (dau of Thomas Chorley of Leeds)
  m3. (sp?) Anne Maria Bartleet (dau of William William Bartleet of Redditch)
  (B) Anne Fenton (b 09.10.1796)
  m. (1816) Michael Thomas Sadler (MP for Newark, brother of Benjamin)
  (C)+ other issue - George (d unm), Harriet
  (2) William Fentonof Leeds (4th son)
  m. _ Pearson
  (A)+ issue - William, Mary
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas of Lincoln's Inn (b c1757, d 1794), James of Leeds (a 1816), Ibbetson (b c1767, d 1811), Ann (b c1762, d 1783), Elizabeth (d 1766), Ellen (d 1766)
d. James Fenton of Leeds (b c1725, d 22.01.1803)
  m. Dorothy Greame
  (1) James Fenton of Hampstead
  m. M*** Cumming of Riga
  (A) Philip Ibbetson Fenton
  (i)+ issue - James, Mary
  (B) Margaret Fenton
  m. Edward Clive Bayley
  (C)+ other issue - James, John, Janet, Dorothy, Mary
  (2) Cordelia Fenton
  (3) Dorothy Fenton
  m. Michael Wainhouse of Leeds
  (A)+ issue - Edward, Richard, Dorothy, Anne, Martha, Elizabeth, Henrietta, Caroline
  (4) Elizabeth Fenton
  m. James Penny (vicar of Preston)
  e. Elizabeth Fenton (b c1729, d 1796)
  m1. _ Tayor of Rochdale
  m2. _ Hardcastle
f.+ other issue - Thomas of Preston (b 1718-9, d unm 08.08.1801), Charles (d 1758), Skeffington (d 1732), Hoghton (d 1746), William (d 1785), Philip Ibbetson (b 19.11.1731, d unm 02.08.1806), Mary (d 1772)
  iv. Anne Fenton
  m. (Rev.) William Pendlebury of Leeds (m1/2. dau of Ralph Worsley of Platt)
  v. Martha Fenton
  m. Joshua (Josiah) Ryder
  vi. Rachel Fenton
  m. (19.12.1721) David Leach of Bingley 'of Riddlesden Hall'
  vii. Tabitha Fenton
m1. _ Thompson
  m2. John Faire (not Hare?) of London (apothecary)
  viii. Mary Fenton (b c1679?, d 27.07.1793/10.09.1765)
  m. (11.02.1702) Joseph Oates of Leeds
  ix.+ other issue (d unm) - Lydia (b c1686, d 24.12.1756), Naomi (b c1693, d 02.12.1756), Hannah (d 01.06.1683)
  B. John Fenton of Woodhouse Hill
  i. Mary Fenton
  m. James Kitchingham, Mayor of Leeds
C. William Fenton, Mayor of Leeds
  m. Alice Kitchingham (dau of John Kitchingham of Leeds)
  i. Alice Fenton
  m. Henry Scott (Alderman of Leeds)
  ii. Mary Fenton (dsp 06.1783)
  m. Charles Wighton (rector of Wighton)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas of Leeds (d 1790), Hannah (d 26.10.1777)
  D. James Fenton of Middleton & The Glasshouse @@ had issue?? - see ## James Fenton ## in next section below
  m. _ Todd (b 1685-6, d 23.02.1773, dau of Anthony Todd of Hunslet)
  E. Hannah Fenton (d 15.05.1733)
  m. (29.03.1682) Josias Oates of Chickenley
  F. Mary Fenton
  m1. William Massie, Mayor of Leeds
  m2. Thomas Craven (alderman of Ripon)
  G. Ann Fenton
  m. John Norfolk of Hunslet
  H. Isabella Fenton
  m. _ Bayles of Hull
  I.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Debora



Supported by the fact that they share a coat of arms, it seems clear that the following family was closely connected to the one above. However, there is confusion as to exactly how that was with it appearing to us that two different James Fentons have been confused with each other. FMG shows two alternatives for the James we highlight below in bold between ##. One shows him as part of the above family, the other does not show exactly how the connection arose. The following takes the latter route and combines what is shown in FMG with what is given by BLG1863 (Part II, in Appendix/Supplement, 'Family of Fenton') and BLG1886 (Fenton). FMG & BLG1863 start with ...
John Fenton of Woodhouse Hill
m. Elizabeth Brogden (dau of Edward Brogden, town clerk of Leeds, widow of Thomas Barnard of Leeds) given by FMG but not by BLG1863
BLG1863 inserts an additional generation between John and the following James, showing a James (b c1692) as father of the following James (b c1719). That appears to be confusion between the following James and his eldest son who d infant. BLG1886 starts with ...
1. ## James Fenton (b 1692, d 03.1759) ##
  In one alternative as to his parentage, see @@ above, FMG shows James, son of Thomas & Ann, as "of Middleton & the Glasshouse" and married to a daughter of Anthony Todd of Hunslet. In the alternative we follow here, FMG shows James as 'of the Glasshouse" and married to ...
m. Rachel (b 1691-2, d 23.02.1773, widow of Laurence Bullough) identified by BLG1863 & BLG1886 only as "Rachael"
  Following its apparent confusion between James and his eldest son, James, BLG1863 omits the following William, showing the James who m. Thomasine Ibbetson as James & Rachel's son rather than their grandson. BLG1863 shows (most of) William's daughters as daughters of James & Rachel.
  A. William Fenton of the Glasshouse (b 1719, d 11.10.1774, 2nd son)
m. Jane Mould (dau of Alexander Mould of Armine) identified by BLG1886 only as "Jane"
  i. James Fenton of the Glasshouse & Loversall (b 07.09.1753, d 1823) shown by BLG1886 as d 1844
  m. Thomasine Ibbetson (dau of Sir Henry Ibbetson, Bart)
  a. William Carr Fenton of Grinton (b c1784, d 1856, rector of Cowthorpe) had issue
  m. (1823) Caroline Mary Mydleton (d 1850, dau of Rev. Robert Mydleton or Middleton of Gwaynynog)
  b. Thomas Fenton (Captain, 3rd son)
  m. _ Rooke
  c. Edward Fenton (5th son?)
  m. Charlotte Isabella Briscoe (dau of Edward Dyne Briscoe of Wakefield)
  d. Mary Ann Fenton
  m. (William Henry) Dixon
  e. Elizabeth Fenton
  m. (02.1820) Rev. Edward Mainwaring (brother of 1st Bart)
  f.+ other issue - Henry (clergyman), George, Jane, Harriet
FMG shows 4 daughters, Mary Ann (m. _ Dixon) plus Jane, Isabel & Harriet and a note saying that that one m. _ Mainwaring and another Rev. Dr. Young of Bombay. BLG1886 mentions an Elizabeth who m. Edward Mainwaring. We presume that "Elizabeth" was "Isabel" (as historically they were sometimes interchangeable names).
  ii. Sarah Fenton (dsp 1820)
m1. Robert Cutforthy of Rotherham and/or Aughton Hall
  m2. William Hoyle of Aughton
  iii. Jane Fenton (b c1746, d 1831)
  m. (11.02.1767) Richard Lee of Leeds (b 1745, d 1831)
  iv. Rachel Fenton
  m. Thomas Jaques of Leeds
  v. Helen Fenton
  m1. Thomas Mainwaring of Goltho Hall
m2. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart (dsp 1810, Dean of Lincoln)
  vi. Elizabeth Fenton (b 1750-1, d 01.02.1818)
  m. (17.04.1765) John Cleaver (vicar of Slingsby, rector of Malton)
  vii.+ other issue - Mary (d unm 1814), Jane (d 18.05.1746), Ann (d unm)
  B. Christopher Fenton of York & London (b 1721, d 09.03.1756)
  m. Elizabeth Drake (dau/heir of Rev. John Drake of Pontefract by Elizabeth Parsons)
  i. Elizabeth Fenton (dsp 1817)
  m. William Tancred of Arden, Rotherham
  C. Thomas Fenton of Rothwell Haigh (b 1728/08.1731, d 08.08.1813, youngest son)
  m. Mildred Robinson (dau/heir of John Robinson of Lincoln by Elizabeth Cornwall)
  i. Thomas Fenton (b 1765, dvp 16.01.1812, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (07.1802) Mary Kirby (dau of David Kirby or Kirkeby of Hawkeshead and/or Thwaites)
  ii.+ other issue - John Robinson (bpt 03.1763, bur 05.1763), William of Thorpe-on-Hill (b 20.04.1764, d unm 07.04.1837)
  D. Mary Fenton
  m. Richard Ayrton of Malton
  Mentioned by BLG1886 but not by FMG (or BLG1863) were ...
  E.+ other issue - James (bpt 29.06.1719, bur 04.06.1724), James (bpt 26.05.1724), John (bpt 23.07.1726)
2. William Fenton
  m. Rebecca Bentey
  A. Thomas Fenton
  m. Grace Winn

Main source(s): FMG (vol 1, Fenton, MS 126,127) with support as reported above
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