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Families covered: Gardyner of Basing, Gardyner of Bermondsey, Gardiner of Haling, Gardyner of Lagham, Gardiner of Peckham

CTG, supported by Visitation, identifies the arms of this family as "Azure, a griffin passant Or."
William Gardyner of Bermondsey
m. Elizabeth Michell of Yorkshire
1. William Gardyner 'of Southwark' of Bermondsey (d 26.11.1597)
  m1. Frances Lucy (dau of Robert Lucy of London)
  A. Sir Thomas Gardyner of Basing, Peckham (d 0.08.1632)
m. Frances Skipwith (bur 04.09.1638, dau of Ralph Skipwith of Parkbury, son of Thomas of St. Albans)
  i. Sir William Gardyner or Gardiner of Peckham (b c1589, dvp)
  m. Frances Gardyner (dau of Christopher Gardyner) @@ below
  a. George Gardyner, last of Basing (b c1621, a 1651)
  b. Thomas Gardyner (d young)
  c. Ann Gardyner (d before 30.07.1668)
  m. (c1645) Sir Henry Bard, Viscount Bellamont
  ii. Thomas Gardiner of Peckham (bpt 26.05.1605, d before 13.04.1660)
m. Bridget Donne (dau of Jo(hn) Donne, Dean of St. Paul's)
  a. Frances Gardiner (bpt 07.01.1634, a 1660)
  m. _ Medlycott (d before 13.04.1660)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 07.04.1636, dsp), Margaret (bpt 09.06.1637)
  iii. Margaret Gardyner
  m1. Sir Samuel Thwaytes of Newland Hall (son/heir of William, Alderman of London)
  m2. _ Tracy of Gloucestershire
  iv. Frances Gardyner
  m. (07.11.1619) Sir Thomas Horde of Bampton (probably not Tanton)
  v. Katharine Gardyner (bpt 01.11.1596)
m. (28.08.1623) Edward Johnson (son of Sir Robert)
  vi. Fortune Gardyner (bpt 04.10.1607, bur 15.03.1653)
  m. Sir Henry Mainwaring of Kent (brother of Sir Arthur)
  vii.+ other issue - William (d young), Richard (d young), Katharine (bpt 02.10.0595), Mary (bpt 05.11.1600, bur 28.07.1609)
  B. Sir William Gardyner of Lagham in Godstone (d 16.02.1621/2)
  m. Mary Yelverton (dau of Sir Christopher Yelverton of Easton Mauduit (judge), m2. Earnele Hastings)
  i. William Gardiner of Lagham (b c1606, d 01.01.1632/3)
  m. Ann Hastings (dau of Simon Hastings of Dailsford)
a. William Gardiner (b c1632, a 1690)
  ii. Mary Gardyner (b c1610, a 1623)
  C. Christopher Gardyner (dpv)
  m. Judith Sackville (dau/coheir of John Sackville of Chiddingleigh)
  i. Christopher Gardiner of Sonde Place (Dorking), laer of Haling (b c1596)
  m. Elizabeth Onslowe (b 1602-3, d 12.04.1624, dau of Sir Edward Onslowe of Knoll)
  a. Onslowe Gardiner (b c1622)
  m. Susan Ogle (dau of Sir John Ogle)
Shown as probably children of Onslowe & Susan, but possibly children of his brother Christopher (particularly William), were ....
  (1) William Gardiner of Haling (bur 26.07.1688)
  (A) William Gardiner of Haling (bpt 29.04.1675)
  m. Anne
  (i) Anne Gardiner (b c1682)
  m. (1721-2) Theophilus War (shipwright)
  (ii) Mary Gardiner possibly of this generation
  m. John Douglas in London, later of Caldicott Hill (d 1762)
  (B)+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 13.06.1676), Thomas (bpt 28.08.1677), child (bur 06.10.1683)
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 20.07.1643), Utrecia Trajectinia
b.+ other issue - Christopher (a 1661), Judith
  ii. Frances Gardyner (b c1595)
  m. Sir William Gardyner of Peckham @@ above
  D. Katharine Gardyner
  m1. John Stepkin of St. Katherine by the Tower ("a Duchman")
  m2. Nicholas Smith of Annables (Annibles)
  E. Anne Gardyner
  Visitation identifies Anne's 1st husband as Simon Perott of Sutton Cofeild. CTG identifies him as ...
  m1. Robert Perrot
  m2. Marmaduke Dawney of York
  m2. Margaert Lucas of Gloucester
2. Richard Gardyner (dsp)
3. Freswitha Gardyner
  m. Thomas Shephard of London

Main source(s): CTG (vol 3, 1836, 'Account of the Manor of Haling in the Parish of Croydon, Surrey', p14+) with support from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Gardiner')
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