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Families covered: Gourlay of Kincraig

Ingelgram de Gourlay (a 1200)
1. Hugh de Gourlay (d c1225)
  A. Hugh de Gourlay (a 1249)
  i. William de Gourlay (d before 1290)
  a. William de Gourlay of Balgally (a 1296)
  (1) Simon de Gourlay, 1st of Kincraig
  m. (c1345) Elizabeth Aldertson (dau of John Alderston of that ilk)
  (A) John de Gourlay, 2nd of Kincraig (d unm)
  (B) William de Gourlay, 3rd of Kincraig
  (i) John de Gourlay of Kincraig (dsps)
  m. _ Bickerton (dau of Sir Walter Bickerton of Luffness and Abergeldy)
  (ii) William de Gourlay of Kincraig
  BLG1952 combines this William with his father, missing out the above John, whilst Wood shows the following Alexander as son of John (the first it mentions) by the daughter of Walter Bickerton of Kincraig, identifying her as the heiress of Kincraig. We follow the 'Memorials' book.
  (a) Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig (a 1396, d before 31.07.1431)
BLG1952 suggests that Alexander's wife was a daughter of Lermont of Balcomie whilst the 'Memorials' book identifies her as a daughter of Lauder of Balcomie. As, to our knowledge (and as confirmed by Wood), Balcomie did not come to the Lermont family until some years later, we suggest merely that he married ...
  m. dau of the laird of Balcomie (Lauder or Abercrombie ?)
  ((1)) John Gourlay of Kincraig
  ((A)) John Gourlay of Kincraig
m. (mcrt 15.05.1443) Elizabeth Abercrombie (dau of James Abecrombie of Balcomie)
  ((i)) John Gourlay of Kincraig (a 1486)
  m. Margaret Monypenny (dau of Monypenny of Pitmillie)
  ((a)) Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig
  m. (before 1492) Helen Cockburn (dau of John Cockburn of Ormiston)
  (((1))) William Gourlay of Kincraig (d by 1590)
  m. (before 26.08.1538) Janet Forman
  (((2))) Andrew Gourlay
  (((3))) Margaret Gourlay
  m. Patrick Blackadder of Dundaff
  ((ii)) Alexander Gourlay (Baillie of Anderston)
  ((a)) John Gourlay of Auchtermarny (a 1486)
  ii. Hugh de Gourlay (a 1261)

Main source(s): 'Memorials of the Scottish House of Gourlay' by Rev. Charles Rogers (privately printed in Edinburgh in 1888), BLG1952 (Murray-Gourlay of Kincraig), 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p180)
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