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Families covered: Graham of Craigallian, Graham of Fereneze, Graham of Kittochside, Graham of Lymekilns, Graham of Robshill, Strang of Westhouse

Patrick Graham, 1st of Lymekilns (b 03.06.1658, a 1719, d by 1729)
Both Patrick's birth certificate and his marriage certificate (reportedly) showed no entries for his parents. This raises the possibility that he was illegitimate. He was baptised in Glasgow on 11.06.1658 so, at the least, was in the care of a 'member of the community' within days of his birth. He appears to have been well educated and worked for some years for the legal practice of John Graham, 2nd of Dougalston, who (as shown in 'Graham02') is a descendant of Robert Graham of Grougar and Auchenhowie, 8th of Knockdolian (d 1628). Possibly through that work, which took him to (East) Kilbride, he met his wife. It is thought likely, but has not been proved, that Patrick was a relation of John Graham of Dougalston and so was probably also a descendant of that Robert Graham.
m. (03.06.1684) Margaret Lindsay (b 10.09.1663, d 07.11.1733, dau of William Lindsay of Holmbarn and Caldersyd)
1. Janet Graham (b11.03.1685)
  m. James Fleming in Hamilton
2. Jean Graham (b 19.07.1687) --
  m. (20.12.1706) James Coats, 1st of Dykehead (d by 04.1745) --
3. James Graham (b 25.07.1690, dsp)
4. Margaret Graham (b 29.08.1692)
  m. John Fleming of Blacklaw
5. Ann Graham (b 08.**.1694)
  m1. James Wardrop
  m2. John Reid of Peel Park
6. William Graham, 2nd of Lymekilns (b 28.03.1697, a 1772, d by1780)
  m1. (23.08.1720) Jean Reid (d 14.07.1720, dau of John Reid of Kittochside)
  A. Patrick Graham, 3rd of Lymekilns (b 01.12.1721, d 05.03.1792)
  m. (18.11.1759) Margaret Urie (b 1731, d 1801, dau of Alexander Urie of Holmhead, by Margaret, dau of Robert Barns of Kirkhill)
It is through this marriage that the Barns name came to be linked to the Graham name. Margaret's mother was Margaret Barns, niece of John Barns, 4th of Kirkhill. See Barns1 for a report on the matter.
  i. William Graham, 4th of Lymekilns (b 1760, dsp 1808)
  ii. Alexander Graham, 5th of Lymekilns, 1st of Fereneze (b 1763, d 27.03.1820)
  m. Margaret Cochrane (b 1770, d 05.09.1838, dau of John Cochrane of Fereneze)
  a. Patrick Graham, later Graham-Barns, 6th of Lymekilns, 6th of Kirkhill (b 31.12.1792, dsp 10.01.1867)
  b. John Graham, later Graham Barns-Graham, 2nd of Craigallian, 7th of Lymekilns, 7th of Kirkhill, 3rd of Fereneze (b 14.02.1798, dsp 08.11.1875, 3rd son)
c. Alexander Graham of Capellie and Boylestone (b 31.10.1799, dsp 11.02.1875)
  m. (1827) Elizabeth Dann (dau of Richard Dann of Connaught Place, Middlesex)
  d. Agnes Graham (b 1801, d 1874)
  m. (1837) Woronzow Greig (b 1805, dspl 10.1865)
  e. James Graham, 2nd of Fereneze (b 12.08.1808, d 12.11.1869, youngest son)
  f.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 19.10.1794, d 29.10.1867), Margaret (b 23.05.1796, d 1811), William (b 05.08.1801, dsp 13.09.1821), son (b/d 1803), Hugh (b 06.01.1804, d 1809)
  iii. Margaret Graham (b 12.12.1766)
  m. (24.02.1800) George Thomson
  iv. John Graham of Robshill (b 1772, d 09.05.1828)
  m. (17.03.1798) Marion Pollock (b 24.04.1776, d 10.07.1844, dau of John Pollock of Maxweltown)
a. Patrick Graham 'of Robshill' (b 12.01.1799, d 15.11.1867, WS)
  Patrick is normally referred to as 'of Robshill' to distinguish him from other Patricks in the family. In fact, he sold Robshill soon after inheriting it from his father and lived in Edinburgh.
  m. (04.10.1831) Janet Pollok (b 06.01.1813, d 11.03.1842, dau of Allan Pollok of Faside)
  (1) John Graham (b 28.07.1832, dsp 11.11.1859)
  (2) Jane Coats Graham (b 15.11.1833, d 07.1913)
  m. (03.03.1854) John Balfour of London
  (A) Nina Balfour (d 31.12.1916)
  m1. (17.11.1875) Sir Robert Elphinstone Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, 3rd Bart (dsp 11.02.1887)
  m2. (16.07.1901) Sir James Bevan Edwards (dsp 08.07.1922)
  (3) Allan Graham, later Graham Barns-Graham, 3rd of Craigallian, 8th of Lymekilns, etc. (b 23.04.1835, d 29.12.1913) --
  m. (07.04.1868) Wilhelmina Carstairs (b 09.11.1847, d 15.11.1910, dau of William Carstairs) --
  (4) Patrick Graham (b 04.05.1837, dsp 04.1863)
  (5) Marion Graham (b 13.03.1839, d 06/9.11.1866)
  m. (14.10.1859) Robert Cadell (b 03.01.1830, d 23.03.1901, Colonel)
(6) Thomas Graham (b 30.10.1840, dsp 19.06.1889)
  B. John Graham, 1st of Kittochside (b 30.12.1723)
  m. Catherine Craig
  i. Marion Graham (b 16.02.1751, d 20.05.1827)
  m. (1786) James Coats, 3rd of Dykehead (b 22.04.1737, d 25.10.1804)
  ii. Jean Graham (b 25.01.1753, d 04.06.1836)
  m. James Coats of Blantyre
iii. John Graham, 2nd of Kittochside (b 02.10.1753, d 08.07.1836, 3rd son)
  m. (1779) Elizabeth Hozier (d 02.04.1835, dau of James McIlhose of Newlands)
  a. John Graham, 3rd of Kittochside (b 08.1781, d 1823)
  m. Janet McCulloch (d 06.1823, dau of Andrew McCulloch from Springfield)
  (1) John Graham, 4th of Kittochside (b 27.05.1815, d 28.11.1876)
  m. (24.04.1837) Elizabeth Hamilton (b 02.02.1813, d 09.02.1902, dau of Patrick Hamilton of Braehead and Greenfield)
  (A) John Graham (b 04.02.1840, dvp 11.04.1864)
  (B) Patrick Graham, 5th of Kittochside (b 20.11.1841, d 05.04.1916, 2nd son)
  m. Flora Grace Campbell (b 01.06.1849, d 23.04.1899)
  (i) John Patrick Graham, 6th of Kittochside
  (a) John Graham, 7th/last of Kittochside
  (C) Adam Graham (b 1854, d 1927, emigrated to Ontario, 9th child)
  m. (05.06.1883) Catherine Dunlop Anderson (b 1857, d 1902, dau of Robert Anderson)
  (i) John Hamilton Graham (b 29.05.1884, d 5.11.1917)
  (ii) Robert Anderson Graham (b 20.04.1889, d 27.07.1974) had issue
  m. (27.08.1917) Bridget (Delia) Theresa Steep
(iii) Adam James Graham (b 25.03.1894) had issue
  m1. (18.04.1927) Evelyn Stephenson (b 1902, d 1951, dau of William Stephenson)
  m2. Grace May Carbin
  (iv) William Patrick Graham (b 06.03.1890, d 25.06.1970) had issue
  m. (06.1925) Rosina Mae Adlam (b 1896, d 1964)
  (D)+ other issue - Andrew (b 1843, in New Zealand), Mary (b 16.04.1847, d 10.02.1874), Eleanor Cust (b 28.04.1856, d 02.11.1863), 5 others
  (2)+ other issue - Andrew, Janet, James of Crosbie (b 11.04.1821, d 1899)
  b. James Graham of Broomfield, Provost of Airdrie (b 05.05.1783, a 1824)
  The following comes partly from BG family records and partly from input kindly provided by a contributor (GW, 27.02.07).
  m. (03.1811) Jean Waddell b 1775, d 1832, dau of Patrick Waddell of Broomfield)
  (1) John Graham of Redford (b 1811/6, dsp 1864)
  m1. (28.06.1853) Mary Gowan (d 1858)
  m2. (03.07.1860) Annie King
(2) Elizabeth Graham (b 03.10.1812)
  m. William Henderson of Brunton Place, Edinburgh
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (b 1835), James Graham (b 1837), William (b 1839), Patrick Waddell (b 1841)
  (3)+ other issue - Patrick Waddell (b 23.12.1814, d 10.09.1833), John (d young), Jean
  c. Patrick Graham (b 08.1786)
  m. Mary Lang
  (1)+ issue - John, Andrew, Margaret Gardner (b 06.04.1833, d 15.10.1836), Patrick (b 21.06.1834), Elizabeth McIlhose (b 30.12.1835)
  d. Elizabeth Graham (b 1789, d 1886)
  m. Patrick Hamilton of Greenfield and Braehead (b 1777, d 1858)
  e.+ other issue - Helen (b 05.1780), William (b 13.02.1785, d 14.04.1852), Catherine, Marion, Adam, Lillias
  iv. Patrick Graham of Crosshill
  m. Jean Alexander (dau of Robert Alexander of Norston)
  a. Jean Graham
  m. John Shaw of Crosshouse
  b. Robert Graham (2nd son)
  m. Christian Paul (d 1831, dau of John Paul, Deacon of the Gardners, Glasgow)
  (1)+ issue - Patrick, John, Christian, William, Robert, Jean, 3 others (d young)
  c. Bethia Graham
  m. John Crawford of Longlands
  d.+ other issue - John (d 22.11.1833), William, Patrick, James, Catherine, Alexander, William, Catherine
  v. William Graham (b 1763, d 25.11.1829)
  m. Lucy (or Mary) McArthur (from Antigua)
  a. Mary Graham
  m. James Roxburgh from Hamilton
  b. Margaret C. Graham
  m. (19.03.1***) Charles Crawford
  c.+ other issue - Catherine, Lucy, John
  vi.+ other issue - William (d young), James (d young), Margaret, James
  C.+ other issue - William (b 04.02.1726, d 13.03.1761), Mary (b 10.05.1728, d 16.06.1742), James (b 04.04.1730, d 21.07.1759), Thomas (b 25.02.1732, d 03.09.1753), George (b 02.07.1734, d 19.06.1742), Archibald (b 17.05.1736, d 26.03.1763), Alexander (b 04.06.1738, d 13.09.1756), Margaret (b 11.05.1740, d 08.09.1740)
  m2. (16.12.1741) Helen Hamilton (d 11.04.1744)
K. Adam Graham, 1st of Craigallian (b 18.10.1742, d 1819, silversmith)
  L. Jean Graham (b 23.03.1744)
  m1. _ Wardrop of Brousterland (dsp 22.11.1780, Captain)
  m2. James Clark (d 04.1798)
  m3. (21.11.1744) Margaret Earston (d 13.09.1754)
7. Marion Graham (b 22.05.1700)
  m1. ?? Reid of Kittochside
  m2. James Strang of Westhouse
  A. James Strang of Westhouse
  m. Elizabeth Thomson of Muirkirk
  i. James Strang had issue
  m. Grizel Niven
8. Patrick Graham (b 11.12.1702)
9. Mary Graham (b 20.04.1705, d 06.05.1776)
  m. Robert Falconer

Main source(s):
(1) Stirnet's BG family records (mainly James Balderston's database)
(2) The descendants of Adam Graham, son of John Graham 4th of Kittochside, were identified from "Genealogy of Grahams and many related families" by Adam James Graham of Scarborough, Ontario, prepared for private circulation in/about December 1984
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