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Families covered: Grevis (Greaves) of Moseley, Grevis-James of Ightham Court

Green spells the following family's name as "Grevis" whilst Visitation uses "Greaves". Whilst acknowledging that at least one continuing line of the family appears to have used "Grevis", we show both spellings.
Richard Greaves or Grevis of Moseley in King's Norton, Worcestershire (d 15.01.1600-1)
m. Anne Green (bur 22.04.1602, sister of Richard Green of Wykin)
1. Sir Richard Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (bur 31.07.1632)
  m. Anne Leighton (dau of Thomas Leighton of Watlesborough by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Gerard (Lord Chancellor of Ireland))
A. Thomas Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (bpt 03.02.1610-1, bur 02.02.1675-6, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Warde of Kirby Bedon (Wardle of Curbe)
  i. Anne Greaves or Grevis (bpt 13.07.1631)
  m. _ Wood of Ward End (Woodend?)
  ii. Elizabeth Greaves or Grevis (bpt 10.11.1633, d unm)
  B. Richard Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (b c1618, d 1671, Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Anne Henshaw (bur 11.02.1681-2, dau of Thomas Henshaw of London, sister of Thomas of Kensington)
  i. Richard Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (b c1653, bur 18.06.1688)
m. Eleanor Winford (dau of Sir John Winford of Astley)
  ii. Benjamin Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (bpt 19.05.1665, d before 24.06.1733, 3rd son)
  Visitation identifies Benjamin's wife as Joan (d 1710) but Green identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Richard Greaves or Grevis of Moseley Hall & Yardley (b c1696, d 25.08.1759, youngest son?)
m. Anne Hall of Staffordshire (a 1772)
  (1) Charles Greaves or Grevis of Moseley Hall & Bury St. Edminds (b 29.09.1745, d 10.11.1835, Captain)
  m1. (07.08.1769) Elizabeth James (b c1740, d 25.01.1794, dau of Colonel Demetrius James of Worcester & cousin/heir of Richard James of Ightham Court)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Grevis-James of Ightham Court') & MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), p111).
  (A) Demetrius Grevis, later Grevis-James of Ightham Court (Kent), Sheriff of Kent (b 21.05.1776, d 05.08.1861, Captain, youngest son) had issue
  m. (21.03.1812) Mary Shutt (d 21.08.1853, dau/heir of James Shuttt of Humbledon Hall)
  (B) Elizabeth Grevis (b 23.05.1772, d 17.06.1860)
  m. John Warde of Yalding (Yalden, Kent) (a 1818)
  (C) Caroline Grevis (b 11.1774, a 1818)
  m. Arthur Gregory (Captain RN)
(D)+ other issue - Richard (b 1770, infant), Edward (b 1771, d infant), Louisa (b 13.08.1773, d unm 14.10.1801), Eleanor (b 13.09.1778, a 1818)
  m2. (28.07.1797) Margaret Medlicott (a 1818, dsp, dau/coheir of John Medlicott of Moorhouse House)
  (2) Anne Greaves or Grevis
  m. Charles Bayly (dsp, brother of Sir Nicholas & uncle of the Marquess of Angelsea)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard, Henshaw (a 1759), Eleanor (d unm bur 23.09.1762)
  b.+ other issue - Daniel (bpt 1682, bur 17.12.1691), Benjamin (bpt 1684), Henshaw (bpt 16.09.1692, bur 01.08.1708), Anne (bpt 12.04.1687, dsp), Jane (a 1733, dsp)
  iii.+ other issue - Charles (bpt 19.05.1663, bur 29.11.1684), Anne (b 14.07.1655, d infant), Diana (bpt 15.09.1656, bur 07.03.1683-4), Elizabeth (bur 27.01.1661), Letitia (d young), Anne (d young)
  C. Muriel Greaves or Grevis (bpt 23.02.1606, a 1632)
  m. (24.07.1628) Edward Owen of Woodhouse
  D. Mary Greaves or Grevis (bpt 05.04.1612, a 1632)
  m. William Jones of Sandfort (son/heir of Edward of Shrewsbury by Mary, dau of Robert Powell of Park)
  E.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (bpt 07.02.1607, bur 01.05.1617), Edward (bur 19.07.1646), Elizabeth (bpt 07.10.1604), Leighton (bpt 24.01.1605-6, bur 08.03.1605-6)
2. Thomas Greaves or Grevis of Moseley (a 1634)
3. Isabella Greaves or Grevis
  m. Roger King
4. Dorothy Greaves or Grevis
  m. Richard Parkes of Wednesbury

Main source(s): 'Pedigree of the Family of Grevis of Moseley Hall in the Parish of Kingsnorton, co. Worcester' (by Everard Green in 'The Genealogist', vol 6, George Marshall 1882, p304+), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, 'Greaves'), Visitation (Walter Metcalfe, Worcestershire, 1682, 'Greaves of Moseley')
[A lower section was added to this page on 22.04.16 using FMG (vol 2, MS291, 'Marriot-Greaves', p717+). It was absorbed on 21.02.22 by Greaves01 when it was realised that that family had already been included on that earlier page.]
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