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Families covered: Greaves (of various places), Thomason of Grainfoot

William Greaves of Greenhill in Norton (a 12.1662)
1. William Greaves of Crook Hill in Hathersedge, Derbyshire (bujr 17.01.1696)
  m. Agnes (bur 04.02.1704)
  A. William Greaves of Twothorn Field, later of Rowlee in Woodlands, Hope (bpt 25.02.1662, d 19.11.1719)
  m. (16.10.1690) Mary Cartlege or Eyre of Owlerbrook in Edale (d 11.10.1719)
  i. Jonathan Greaves (b 23.08.1691)
  ii. John Greaves (b 21.09.0695)
  m. Frances Greaves of Castleton
  a. daughter
  m. _ Richardson of Leeds (tinman)
  iii. William Greaves (b 27.06.1698)
  m. Elizabeth Champion of Nether Booth in Castleton
  a. Benjamin Greaves
  m. _ Champion of Nether Booth in Edale
  (1)+ issue - Champion (d 10.1826), William, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth
  b. William Greaves (d unm)
  c. Rachel Greaves
  m. Christopher Siddal of Hope
  (1)+ issue - Christopher, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Sarah, Margaret, Catherine
  d. Elizabeth Greaves
  m. William Holnes of Hope
  (1)+ issue - William, Betty
  e. Mary Greaves
  m. John Middleton of Hope (b 1766-7, d 30.08.1828)
  (1)+ issue - William Greaves, John, Christopher, Robert, Mary (b 1806-7, d 22.04.1824)
  f.+ other issue - William (d unm), Mary
  iv. Charles Greaves (b 27.08.1700, d 02.12.1773)
  m. Mary Barker of Edensor (d 18.04.1782)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 3, MS47-98, 'Greaves', p1086+).
  a. Charles Greaves (b 28.10.1740, d 06.11.1800)
  m. Ann Pierrepoint of London (sister of Evelyn Pierrepoint ("supposed to be heir male to the Duke of Kingston"))
  (1) Charles Greaves (d 20.10.1829) had issue
  m. Charlotte Mylne of Amwell (dau of William Amwell, niece of Sir _ Gordon of Edinburgh, Bart, cousin of Rev. Sir Henry Thompson)
  (2) Pierrepoint Greaves of Chorley, Lancashire (d 1847) had issue
  m. Martha Alcock of Heaton Norris
  (3) Richard Greaves (youngest son?) had issue
m. _ Wilson (dau of Wilson of Worton)
  (4) Sarah Greaves
  m. Kirkman Garderer of Wandsworth (insurance broker)
  (5)+ other issue - John (b c1786, d 1805), Alexander, J* P*, Mary Anne, Hannah
  b. Thomas Greaves (b 25.01.1745, d 07.07.1800)
  m. Mary Bradwell of Abney (b c1753, d 30.01.1836)
  (1) Charles Greaves of Rowlee (b 14.01.1774, a 1836) had issue
  m. (24.09.1807) Milicent Stringer (dau/heir of John Stringer of Dungworth)
  (2) Hugh Greaves (b 21.04.1779) had issue
  m. (02.12.1802) Mary Lomas of Strangways
  (3) Thomas Greaves (b 30.09.1780) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (01.04.1807) Martha Heiron Radford of Winsley Hall (d 20.08.1836)
  (4) Mary Greaves (b 26.02.1775)
m. Arthur Spear of Manchester
  (5) Ruth Greaves (b 23.04.1784)
  m. John Barlow of Sheffield (iron-founder)
  (6)+ other issue - George (b 15.01.1794, d 22.02.14833), Charlotte (b 09.1791, d 23.07.1833)
  c. William Greaves 'of London' (b 02.04.1748, d 11.1818)
  m. Elizabeth Broomhead (dau/coheir of Joseph Broomhead of Sheffield)
  (1) Joseph Greaves of London, later in Australia (a 1851)
  m. Eliza Spear
  (A)+ issue - Frederick, Henry, Josephine, 2 others
  (2)+ other issue - Mary, Arabella
  d. Benjamin Greaves (b 22.11.1750, d 08.07.1834, curate of Middleton Stony)
  m. Anne Green of Chapel le Frith (d 02.1802)
  (1)+ issue - John Green in London, Alexanderr (d 1826), James Josiah, Charles Caesar, George Agrippa of Sheffield (d 02.05.1814, cutler), Josph (d 1816), Mary Anne, Elizabeth
  e. John Greaves (b 31.03.1753, d 05.1824)
  m. Elizabeth Roe of Bakewell (d 09.1812)
  (1) Mary Greaves
  m. Edward Core (rector of Woolhampton)
  f. George Greaves (b 06.03.1756)
  m. Mary Priestley of London (d 02.1823)
  (1) Ebenezer Greaves (2nd son)
  m. (1824) Charlotte Jenour (dau of Joshua Jenour (not Jendor) of Chigwell ("of right a Baronet"), sister of Rev. Henry who m. Caroline Smelt of Gedling (niece to the Earl of Chesterfield))
  (2) Joseph Greaves had issue
  m. (1826) Maria Anne Pearson (dau of Admiral Pearson, son of Sir Richard of Greenwich Hospital)
  (3) Samuel Greaves (5th son) had issue
  m. Lydia Abdy (dau of Rev. William Abdy)
  (4) Mary Greaves
  m. Rev. Richard Pearson (son of Richard)
(5)+ other issue - George (a 1830, d unm?), Charles, Edward, Henry (a 1830), Ann
  g. Christopher Greaves (b 20.06.1758, d 30.01.1833)
  m. Mary Bradwell of Offerton (b 1768-9, d 01.08.1822)
  (1) Charles Greaves (youngest son?)
  m. _ Riley
  (2)+ other issue - William, Alexander, Mary
  v. Joseph Greaves 'of The Ashes' (b 04.10.1704)
  m. (20.01.1732-3) Catherine Balguy (dau of Henry Balguy of Derwent Hall)
  a. Charles Greaves in Bath
  m. _ Beardmore of Southwell
  (1) Charlotte Greaves
  m. Rev. _ Fowler of Southwell
  (A) Caroline Beardmore Fowler
  a. Frederick Greaves (d 06/6.1.1826)
  m. Ellen Benet of Thornset Fields
  (1) Henry Greaves
  m. Hannah Hill of Birchet
  (A) John Greaves
  m. Mary Lowe of Unthank
  (B) Thomas Greaves
  (2) Mary Greaves
  m1. _ Singleton of Manchester
  m2. William Cannah
  (3) Anne Greaves
  m. John _ of Manchester
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas, Bennet, John
  a. Caroline Greaves (d 1818)
  m1. Francis Taylor of Peak Forest
  (1) Catherine Taylor
  m. (sp) Zaccheus Middleton of Twothorn Field
  m2. Christopher Booth of The Wood in Woodlands
  a. Catherine Greaves (dsp 21.02.1806)
  m1. _ Hall of London
  m2. Thomas Golding of Nantwich
  a. Maria Greaves (d 1819)
  m1. Henry Wardlaw of Bradley
  (1) Catherine Wardlaw
  m. Robert Lilliman of Stockport (schoolmaster & exciseman)
  m2. (sp) Thomas Barnes of Sheffield
  a. Elizabeth Greaves
  m. John Oldale of Cold Aaston
  (1) Francis Oldale
  m. _ Wylde
  (2) Sidney Oldale (son)
  m. _ Jenkins
  (3) Mary Oldale
  m. Thomas Biggen of Cold Aston
  (4) Catherine Oldale
  m. _ Turner of Cold Aston (sicklesmith)
  (5)+ other issue - Charles (d 1818), John in Kent, Sarah (b c1788, d 11.1807)
  a. Susanna Greaves
m. John Hammerton of Embley
  (1)+ issue - Henry, John, Joseph, Grace, Catherine, Elizabeth
  a.+ other issue - Henry in Derwent Dale, Alexander, Clement in Jamaica
  vi. Christopher Greaves (b 25.02.1705)
  m. Peggy Burrowes of Bradwell (widow)
  a. William Greaves (b 1755-6, d 08.09.1826, Captain)
  vii. Sarah Greaves (b 12.09.1693)
  m. William Thomason of Grainfoot near Derwent
  a. William Thomason of Grainfoot
  m. Elizabeth Crawshaw of Bankhouse
  (1) William Thomason of Grainfoot
  m. Anne Eyre of Howden
  (A) William Thomason of Grainfoot (a 1636)
  (B) Hugh Thomason (d 1832 in India)
  (C) Thomas Thomason
  m. _ Eyre of Thurlston
  (D) Frances Thomason
  m. Samuel Bray of Owlerbrook in Edale
  (E) Catherine Thomason
  m. G. Eyre
  (2) Sarah Thomason
  m. William Brumby of Hayfield
  (3) Elizabeth Thomason
  m. Richard Creswell of Small Dale
  (4) Ann Thomason
  m. John Bacon of Hallfield
  b.+ other issue - Mary, Ann, Ruth, Sarah, Jane, Rachel
  B. Elizabeth Greaves
  m. Joseph Ibbotson of Marebotham
  C. Helen Greaves
  m. Thomas Morton
  D. Ann Greaves
  m. Thomas Barber of Malcoffe in Chaoek-le-Frith
  E. Mary Greaves
  m. Thomas Harrison
  F.+ other issue - Samuel, Daniel, Sarah
2. Catherine Greaves
  m. Hugh Benson of Maryland
3. Anne Greaves
  m. _ Poynton
4.+ other issue - Christopher, John

Main source(s): FMG (vol 3, MS476, 'Greaves', p1082+) with input as reported above
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