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Families covered: Greenwood of Greenwood Leigh (Greenwode of Greenwode Leghe), Greenwode of Wickersley

Wyomarus Greenwode of Greenwode Leghe, Yorkshire (a 1154)
1. Bertram Greenwode of Greenwode Leghe (a 1172)
  m. Jonatha Harringill (dau of John Harringill of High Melton)
  A. Robert Greenwode of Greenwode Leghe
  m. Jone Brigham (dau of John Brigham)
  i. Alexander Greenwode of Greenwode (a 1257)
  m. _ Lenthorpe (dau of Thomas Lenthorpe)
  a. Ralph Greenwode of Greenwode (a 1274)
  m1. Edith Midleton (dau of Sir William Midleton of Stockeld)
  (1) William Greenwode of Wickersley (a 1340)
  m. _ Boland (dau of John Boland)
  (A) Richard Greenwode of Wickersley
  m. Elizabeth Stenbrough (dau of Henry Stenbrough of Stenbrough)
  (i) John Greenwode (a 1467)
  m. Dionis Selyiocke (dau/heir of Thomas Selyiocke)
(a) John Greenwode of Greenwode
  We are suspicious about the reliability of at least this part of this line. There are, perhaps, too many generations.
  ((1)) Thomas Greenwode
  ((A)) John Greenwode
  ((i)) James Greenwode of Greenwode (a 1485)
  m. ?? ("d. of Mr. Michael")
  ((a)) Thomas Greenwode (a 1512) - continued below
  m. Margaret Draper
  ((b))+ 10 others including John
  (B) John Greenwode
  m. _ Sherbrooke (dau of Thomas Sherbrooke)
  (C) Edmund Greenwode
  m. Rachel Crumbelbotham (dau of John Crumbelbotham)
  m2. Mabell Midgley (dau of John Midgley)
  (2) Jane Greenwode
  m. John Gunthyt of Gunthyt
  b. Anthony Greenwode
  m. Ellenor Burton (dau of John Burton)
  c. Jone Greenwode
  m. William Rippes
  B. Robert Greenwode (dspm, 2nd of the name!)
  m. Dionise Swillington (dau of John Swillington of Swillington)



Thomas Greenwode (a 1512) - continued above
m. Margaret Draper (dau of Thomas Draper of Brodebotham)
1. James Greenwood (a 1536)
  m1. Anna Bentley (dau of Richard Bentley)
  A. James Greenwood (a 1536)
  m1. Anne Parker (dau of John Parker)
  i. James Greenwood
  m1. Anna Waterhouse (dau of John Waterhouse)
  m2. Alice Widdup (dau/heir of John Widdup)
  m3. Cicely Ratcliffe (dau of Charles Ratcliffe)
  ii. Robert Greenwood
m. Richard Robertshawe
  iii. Christobel Greenwood
  m. Stephen Longsden
  iv.+ other issue - Henry, John, Luke, Isabel
  m5. Jennet Bentley (dau of Miles Bentley)
  viii. John Greenwood
  B. John Greenwood (priest)
  C. James Greenwood
  Thoresby shows a James in this generation. We speculate that this was the James who is described by Dugdale as "a younger brother to the Greenwoods of Greenwood Lee" whose issue is shown in the continuation.
  D. Anna Greenwood
m. Christopher Hartley
  E. Margaret Greenwood
  m. Robert Whitakers
  m2. Elizabeth Mawde (dau of Edward Mawde)
  F. Jennet Greenwood
  m. George Robertshawe
2. John Greenwood
3. Thomas Greenwood of Levings & Greenwood Lee possibly of this generation
4. Robert Greenwood possibly of this generation
  Robert is described by Dugdale as "a younger son to .... Greenewood of Greenewood Lee".
5. Isabel Greenwood
  m. Edward Mawde
6. Jennet Greenwood
  m. Edmund Mawde (brother of Edward)
7. Anna Greenwood
  m. Gilbert Deane
8. Alice Greenwood
  m. Robert Sutcliffe
9. Elizabeth Greenwood
  m. Richard Furness

Main source(s): 'Ducatus Leodiensis or the Topography of the Ancient and Populous Town and Parish of Leedes, and Parts Adjacent in the West Riding of the County of York' by Ralph Thoresby (1715, p167)
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