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Families covered: Gregory of Barnby Dun, Gregory of Harlaxton, Gregory of Lenton, Gregory of Nottingham, Gregory of Over Broughton, Gregory of (East) Stockwith

The arms suggest that there was no known connection between the 2 families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
William Gregory of Over Broughton on the Woulds, Nottinghamshire ("came out of Lancashire")
m. Dorothy Beeston (dau of George Beeston of Beeston (Cheshire))
1. John Gregory of Over Broughton (Broughton Sulney)
  m. Alice
  A. William Gregory, Mayor of Nottingham (d 1649)
  Maddison identifies William as the MP for Nottingham in 1601 who bought Lenton and was bur 23.08.1650. The Harleian Editor of Vistiation (Nottingham) identifies him as shown and includes a note "Not to be confused with Wiliam Gregory, M.P. for Nottingham 1601 and 1614".
m. Ann Jackson (b c1584, d 07.03.1664-5, dau of Adam Jackson of Nottingham)
  i. John Gregory of Nottingham (d 1652/4)
  m. (02.1629-30) Elizabeth Alton (b c1613, a 1675, dau/coheir of George Alton of Nottingham by Maria, dau/coheir of John Kyme)
  a. George Gregory of Nottingham & Lenton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (bpt 05.1638, bur 10.07.1688)
  m. (21.01.1663-4) Susanna Lister (a 11.1713, dau of Sir Marmaduke Lister of Burwell)
  (1) George Gregory of Lenton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (bpt 02.02.1669-70, bur 10.04.1746)
  m. Susanna Williams (b 1670-1, d 05.02.1755, dau/heir of William Williams of Rempston & Denton)
  (A) George Gregory of Harlaxton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (bpt 19.08.1697, bur 26.11.1758)
  m. (09.1738) Elizabeth Tyrwhit (dau of Scrope Tyrwhit by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Daniel de Ligne)
  (i) George de Ligne Gregory, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 1740, d unm 24.08.1822)
  (ii) William Gregory, later Williams of Rempstone, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (a 1800)
  m1. Olivia Preston (dau of John Preston of Flasby)
  (a) Gregory Williams, later Gregory (d unm 18.06.1854)
  (b) Anne Elizabeth Williams (d unm)
  m2. Katharine Beckingham of Kent
  (c) George Gregory of Harlaxton (dsp 15.07.1860)
  (d) Edward Gregory (dsp)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward (b c1744, d 25.10.1824, rector of Langar), Gregory (d unm)
  (B) Theophilus Gregory (bpt 10.05.1706)
  m. Susanna Staniland
  (i) George Gregory (d unm)
  (C) Edward Gregory (bpt 10.05.1706, rector of Ashwell & Widmerpool)
  m. Lucy Bedmore (dau of Rev. Samuel Bedmore of Cotgrave)
  (i)+ issue - Lucy (bur 12.03.1746-7), Susanna (bur 25.03.1747-8), Charlotte (bur 1759)
  (D)+ other issue - John (bpt 14.10.1698, bur 10.01.1699-1700), Richard (bpt 07.11.1699, bur 17.11.1699), Selina (bpt 02.01.1695-6, bur 27.08.1703), Susanna (bpt 07.07.1704, bur 03.02.1781)
  (2) Susanna Gregory (bpt 25.05.1666)
  m. (19.04.1688) Bartholomew Burton
  (3) Barbara Gregory (bpt 29.07.1678, bur 23.12.1743)
  m. George Nedham of Wymondley Priory
  (4) Jane Gregory (bpt 05.10.1681, a 1713)
m. _ Thornbury
  (5)+ other issue - William (bpt 03.01.1667-8, bur 03.03.1669-70), Martin (bpt 15.05.1668), John (bpt 02.05.1671, bur 09.02.1741-2), Richard (bpt 13.12.1673, bur 23.11.1690), William (bpt 04.02.1674-5, bur 27.02.1674-5), Charles/Christopher (bpt 15.02.1676-7), Theophilus (bpt 13.03.1679-80, a 1713), Elizabeth (bpt 12.05.1672), Mary (bpt 16.04.1683, bur 25.07.1733)
  b. Philip Gregory
  m. Elizabeth Phillips (dau of Richard Phillips of Picton Castle)
  c. Francis Gregory (bpt 11.1643)
m. Margaret Waldron (bur 24.12.1685, dau of Roger Waldron of East Bridgeford)
  d. Elizabeth Gregory (bpt 14.10.1639)
  m. William Davenport of Bramhall
  e. Anne Gregory (bpt 13.07.1648)
  m. Gerase Shipman
  f.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 06.1647), Winifrid (probably not Lainsford) (bpt 01.08.1650)
  ii. Francis Gregory of Nottingham
  m. Anne Leeke (dau of James Leeke of Balderton)
  a. Anne Gregory
  m. Mathew Smith of Derby
  (1) Anne Smith
  B. Henry Gregory of Boston, New England had issue in America
  C. Edward Gregory (dsp)
  D. John Gregory
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 04.1633, d 12.1633), John (bpt 06.1634)



William Gregory of Stony Middleton, Derbyshire
1. Roger Gregory of East Stockwith & Haxey (bur 21.04.1567)
  m. Margaret Newborne (a 1567, dau of Thomas Newborne of Owstone)
  A. Roger Gregory of (East) Stockwith (bur 31.07.1598)
  m1. Mary Wigley (bur 14.04.1589, dau of John Wigley of Middleton)
  i. William Gregory of Barnby-on-Dun, Yorkshire (bpt 16.11.1568, bur 20.07.1637)
m. Elizabeth Baynton (bur 03.02.1629-30, dau of Henry Baynton of London & Lavington)
  a. Gilbert Gregory of Barnby Dun (b c1600, bur 29.07.1644)
  m1. Elizabeth Gill of Hertfordshire
  (1) Elizabeth Gregory (bpt 07.03.1621)
  m. Edward Wallter of Sykehouse (bur 30.09.1665)
  (A)+ issue - Nicholas, Edward, Gregory, Elizabeth (bpt 21.09.1646), Grace, Mary (bpt 27.01.1653), Frances, Anne
  (2) Grace Gregory (bur 11.02.1681)
m. (15.09.1643) Robert Portington of Barnby (d 23.12.1660, Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Anne Molyneux (bur 29.03.1638, dau of Sir John Molyneux of Teversal, Bart)
  (3) Francis Gregory of Barnby Dun (d before 24.08.1671)
  m. Frances Armstrong (widow of Sir Sutton Coney of Lincolnshire)
  (A) Armstrong Gregory of Barnby Dun
  m1. Penelope Poole of Derbyshire
  (i) Francis Gregory possibly (??) the Frances (bur 10.12.1709, dau of Armstrong Gregory) who married ...
  m. Richard Middlemore of Grantham
  (ii) Elizabeth Gregory
  m2. Elizabeth Farmer (dau of Thomas Farmer)
  (iii) Roger Gregory (b 1692)
  (4) Anne Gregory
  m. Richard Tolson of Cumberland
  (5)+ other issue (d young) - Markham, Molineaux
  b. Frances Gregory
  m. Acton Burnell of Winkburne
  c. Mary Gregory (bpt 04.09.1592)
m. Robert Johnson of London ("Master of ye Outlawry Office")
  d.+ other issue - William, George, Elizabeth (a 07.1598), Anne (bpt 25.05.1598)
  ii. Roger Gregory of Stockwith & Mount St. John, Yorkshire (a 07.1629)
  m. (before 1590) Margaret Thornton (bpt 22.06.1575, dau/coheir of Christopher Thornton of Laughton)
  a.+ issue (a 1612) - Roger (b c1594), William, Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth
  iii. Francis Gregory (a 1598, 5th son?)
  m. Clare Green (dau of George Green of Stansall)
  iv.+ other issue - John (bpt 20.04.1573, bur 26.04.1573), Thomas (bpt 13.11.1576, bur 10.09.1639), Richard of Stockwith (bpt 14.02.1578-9, d 08.07.1625), Caroline (bpt 11.03.1580-1), Dorothy (bpt 13.04.1586, bur 14.12.1588), Elizabeth (bpt 17.11.1587), Mary (bpt 17.11.1587)
  m2. Isabel Brocklesby (bur 27.10.1606, dau of Robert Brocklesby of Glentworth, widow of Christopher Thornton of Laughton) this marriage shown by Maddison but not by Walker or Foster who show Anne as dau of Mary Wigley
  xi. Anne Gregory (bpt 13.10.1593)
  m. Barnaby Williamson of Bothamsell or Bolham ('of Lound')
2.+ other issue - William of Stockwith (d unm bur 27.05.1576), John (dsp), daughter (dsp)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662, Gregory of Nottingham), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Gregory of Harlaxton)
(2) For lower section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Gregory of Stockwith), Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Gregory of Barnby Dun in Strafford Wapentake) with a little support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, Gregory of Barnby)
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