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Families covered: Hackett of Dorrington, Hackett of Fethard, Hackett of Gambonstown, Hackett of Orchardstown, Haket of Rathmacarthy, Hackett of Riverstown, Hacket of Walterstown, Haket in co. Tipperary

BIFR1976 starts with the following William who "accompanied King John to Ireland and acquired large ppty in co Tipperary".
William de Haket (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Sir Philip de Haket of Ballyboghill, co. Dublin
2. Sir Andrew de Haket in cos. Tipperary, Dublin & Kildare
  A. Sir William de Haket in co. Tipperary (a 1250, 1285)
  m. Joanna Bekergast (dau of William Bekergast)
  i. Sir John Haket of Rathmacarthy, co. Tipperary (a 1302)
m. Margaret Stapleton (dau of Philip Stapleton)
  a. son ancestor of Hacketts of Rathmacarthy
  b. John Hacket (a 1310)
  (1) Mychel Hacket (a 1340)
  (A) Edward Hacket (a 1370)
  (i) Olyver Hacket (a 1416)
  (a) Redmond Hacket (a 1440)
  ((1)) Edmond Hacket in co. Tipperary (d 27.07.1508)
  m. Anna Rokel
  ((A)) Olyver Hacket (a 1555)
  ((i)) James Hackett of Fethard (d 1613) - continued below
  B. Andrew de Haket of cos. Dublin & Carlow
  i. Peter de Haket of Coolemine, co. Dublin (d before 1328, 3rd son)
  m. Elinor le Petit
  a. John FitzPeter of Coolmine, etc. "said to be ancestor of Barons of that name in cos. Dublin and Kildare, and of Hackettstown, co. Carlow"
  ii.+ other issue (a 1324) - Henry, Philip



James Hackett of Fethard (d 1613) - continued above
1. Richard Hackett of Fethard (a 1569)
  m. Joan White (dau of James White of King's Meadows)
  A. James Hackett (a 1597, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Wall of Coolnamuck (a 1616)
  i. John Hackett of Killedmond & Gambonstown, co. Tipperary (d 15.04.1639)
  m. Margaret Browne (dau of Matthew Browne of London)
  a. James Hackett (a 07.1670)
  m. Joan Power
  (1) Patrick Hackett (d 10.1684)
  m. Elizabeth Bowers
  (A) Thomas Hackett of Fethard (a 1721, 2nd son)
  m. _ Cooke (dau of John Cooke of Kiltinane)
  (i) Thomas Hackett 'of Fethard'
  m. (1743) Mary Sheppard (dau of John Sheppard of Castle John by Hannah, dau of Sir John Mason, Mayor of Waterford)
  (a) Thomas Hackett (dsp before 1797)
  m. (1790) Elizabeth Latham (dau of John Latham of Meldrum)
  (b) James Hackett of Springmount, co. Tipperary (a 1826, Alderman of Waterford, Major)
  m. Anne Lowe (sister/coheir of Robert Lowe of Knockelly)
  ((1)) Thomas Hackett had issue
  m1. _ Hayden
  m2. (1820) Anne Sheppard of John's Hill
  ((2)) Edmond Hackett (4th son) had issue
  m. _ Kettlewell (dau of Rev. _ Kettlewell)
  ((3)) Robert Hackett (dsp, 6th son)
  m. _ Kinloch
  ((4)) Mary Hackett (dsp)
  m. John Perry of Woodroffe
  ((5)) Katherine Hackett (d 24.01.1867)
  m. (25.06.1804) Thomas Roberts of Waterford (d 02.1855, Captain RN, uncle of 1st Earl Roberts)
  ((6))+ other issue - James (d 1824), John (in Australia), William, Henry of Fethard (dsp 1833)
  (c) John Hackett of Gambonstown (or Lakefield), co. Tipperary (d 07.1822)
  m. (1788) Sarah Mitchell Pope (dau of Richard Pope by Sarah, dau of William Winthrop, Mayor of Cork)
  ((1)) Thomas Hackett had issue
  m. Mary Ann Fogarty
  ((2)) John Winthrop Hackett (b 31.10.1804, d 23.11.1888, minister of St. James's, Crinken) had issue
m. Jane Monck-Mason (d 14.09.1895, dau of Henry Joseph Monck-Mason)
  ((3)) Richard Pope Hackett (dsp)
  m. Emily Milliken of London (d 1908)
  ((4))+ other issue - Francis, Frances Mitchell (d unm), Mary (d unm), Sarah Winthrop (b 1791, d unm 1892), Jane (d unm), Nathaniel Anne (b 1805, d unm 1877), Mitchell (d infant), Anne (d infant), Elen (d infant)
  (d) Lydia Hackett
  m. (1791) Thomas Alcock of Killeagh House
  (e) Anne Hackett (dsp 1820)
  m. Peter James Franquefort of Waterford
  (f) Elizabeth Hackett (b c1747, d 27.10.1794)
  m. Rev. Peter Augustus Franquefort of Waterford
  (g) Jane Hackett
  m. (1782) William Morris of Waterford
  (h) Susannah Hackett (d unm)
  (i) Hannah Hackett
  m. John Adams of New Ross
  (j) Mary Hackett
  m. _ Wilkins
  (B)+ other issue - James (d 09.1708), Elinor, Austin
  (2) Nicholas Hackett
  (3) Katherine Hackett either Katherine or another daughter married ...
  m. William Tobin
  b. John Hackett (d before 28.05.1679, 5th son)
  m. Catherine Lee (dau of James Lee)
  (1) James Hackett of Orchardstown, co. Tipperary (b 1635-6, d 30.04.1716)
  m. Catherine Butler (d 1730, dau of Thomas Butler of Kilcash)
(A) Valentine Hackett of Orchardstown (b 1666-7, d 07.01.1737)
  m. Elinor
  (i) James Hackett of Chebb's Court & Orchardstown (d 12.12.1773)
  m. Elizabeth Dwyer (dau of Morgan Dwyer of Lissenhall)
  (a) James Hackett (dsp 1817)
  (b) Mary Hackett
  m. Thomas Mandeville (cousin (sb nephew?) of Thomas of Ballydine & Ballyquirkeen)
  (c) Elinor Hackett (dsp 1824)
  m. (1768) Thomas Mandeville of Ballydine & Ballyquirkeen
  (ii) Valentine Hackett of Douras (or Kildouras) in Eglish, King's Co. (a 1754, 3rd son)
  m. (1731) Martha Nethercoat (dau of Lawrence Nethercoat of Doursa)
  (a) Simpson Hackett of Irishtown, King's Co. (d 1785)
  ((1)) Robert Hackett of Irishtown (b 1772, d 1797)
(b) Robert Hackett of Eglish (Aglish)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Hackett of Moor Park).
  m. Anne
  ((1)) Simpson Hackett of Riverstown, co. Tipperary (b 28.12.1763, d 21.01.1848)
  m. (01.05.1790) Sarah Mitchell (d 05.08.1839, dau of Thomas Mitchell of Fortle Castle)
  ((A)) Thomas Hackett of Moor Park & Riverstown, Sheriff of King's Co. (b 15.01.1798, d 13.01.1869, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (01.07.1830) Jane Bernard Shaw (d 23.02.1857, dau of Bernard Shaw of Monkstown Castle, niece of Sir Robert, 1st Bart)
  ((B)) Sarah Hackett
  m. Alexander A. Graydon of Newcastle House, co. Dublin
  ((C)) Anne Maria Hackett
  m. John Brereton of Old Court
  ((D)) Margaret Hackett (b 18.07.1794, d 12.1896)
  m. Thomas Hobbs of Barnaboy (Captain)
  ((E)) Jane Hackett
  m. Robert Seymour Drought of Ridgemount
  ((F))+ other issue - Simpson (b 1791, d 1795), Robert (b 01.01.1796, d 22.04.1816), Ellen (d young)
  ((2)) Michael Hackett of Elm Grove in Parsontown (d 1856, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1799) Jane Mitchell (dau of Adam Mitchell)
  ((3)) Deborah Hackett
  m. (1813) Robert Robinson of Tinnikelly
  ((4)) daughter
  m. Richard Burris of Ballintemple
  ((5))+ other issue - William of Prospect (d 1830), Isaac (d Waterloo 1815), Harriet
  (c) William Hackett of Kildouras & Ballydaly
  m. (1769) Elinor Whitfield (d 1813, dau of Thomas Whitfield of Enfrim)
  ((1)) William Hackett of Douras, Ballydaly & Bracca Castle had issue
  m. (c1810) Jane Glanville (dau of William Glanville of Tyrrellspass)
  ((2)) Robert Hackett of The Mills, Ferbane
  ((A))+ issue (d unm) - 2 sons and 3 daughters
  ((3)) daughter
  m. _ Hill of Athlone
  ((4)) daughter
  m. William English of Athlone
  ((5)) daughter
  m. _ Smith of Athlone
  ((6)) daughter
  m. _ Mears of Melbourne, Australia
  ((7)) daughter (to America)
  (iii)+ other issue - John of Orchardstown (d 28.02.1750), Elizabeth (d 1728)
  (B) Gillian Hackett
  (2)+ other issue - John, Walter, Elizabeth
  c. Frances Hackett
  m. John Butler of Ballyclohy (Major)
  d. Catherine Hackett
  m. George Everard
  e.+ other issue - Pierce, Redmond, Michael, Mary
  ii. Ellen Hackett
  B.+ other issue - Edmund, Joan, Ellen
2. Pierce Hackett (3rd son)
  A. James Hackett
  m. Alson Harold (dau of Jasper Harold of Limerick)
  i. James Hackett
  m. Alson White (dau of Jasper White)
  a. George Hackett
  m. Katherine Drull of Holland
  (1) Thomas Hackett in Holland (b c1684)
  (A) Thomas Hackett in Holland
  (i) Charles Edward Hackett
  m. Maria Elisabeth van Senden
  (a)+ issue - Edmund Walter Rudolph Henry (d 1839 in New Orleans), Richard, 5 daughters
  (ii) Thomas Hackett of Holland, later of New York
  m. _ Keteltas (dau of Rev. Abraham Keteltas)
  (a) James Henry Hackett in New York (b 15.03.1800, d 28.12.1871, actor) had issue
  m. (1819) Catherine Leebuff name found on Wikipedia
  (iii)+ other issue - Richard, Henry
  (2)+ other issue - James (a 1684), John (a 1684), Georbe, Catherine
  b. Sir Thomas Hackett, Lord Mayor of Dublin (d 1706, MP)
  m. Mary Arthur (dau of John Arthur)
  (1) John Hackett of Walterstown (aka Dorrington), co. Westmeath (d 06.11.1760)
  m. ?? (dau of Major Dorrington ?)
  (A) John Dorrington Hackett of Walterstown (d 1799)
  m. (1787) Elizabeth Hatfield (a 03.1825, dau of St. George Hatfield of Charleville)
  (i) John Dorrington Hackett of Dorrington (d before 04.06.1829)
  (ii) Elizabeth Hackett
  m. Robert Ball, later Ball-Hackett
  (iii) Mary Hackett
  m. (c1831) William Hutchinson Marsh
  (iv)+ other issue - Eleanor (d unm), Sarah (d young)
  (2) Alice Hackett
  m. John Reading
  (3) Ellen Hackett
  m. Dominick Bermingham
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas James, Dymphna
  b. Phaire Hackett
  m. John Roche (son of Sir Dominick)
  c. Phyllis Hackett
  m. _ Carrick
  d. Margaret Hackett
  m. Thomas Roche
  B. Thomas Hackett of Limerick had issue
  m. Christian Creagh (dau of C. Creagh of Limerick)
3.+ other issue - Patrick, Anne, Ellen

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Hackett)
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