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Families covered: Hamilton of Anstruther, Hamilton of Cairnes, Hamilton of Craill, Hamilton of Mount Hamilton

'HJHeraldry' makes a connection between the following family and that of the Hamlitons of Preston (see ## below) but that appears to be in error. Anderson (p253) refers to Nisbet's report ("without mentioning his authority") that this family descended from the House of Preston but, whilst noting that there was a grant to the George below by Sir John Hamilton of Preston and indicating that there might have been a connection, does not presume to show that as a connection. 'HamiltonHistory' reports that "The earliest ancestor of the family traced" is ...
Ninian Hamilton of Craill, Fife (a 1569, d 24.03.1612, bailie)
m1. Begis Bane (d 14.04.1582)
1. Edward Hamilton of the Canongate (d 12.1643)
m. (27.04.1624) Isobel Ronald
2. George Hamilton of Anstruther, Fife (d 04.04.1638, bailie)
  m. (1598) Elizabeth Moncrieff (a 1653, dau/heir of David Moncrieff of Craill)
  A. George Hamilton of Cairnes (b 1602, minister of Newburn then Pittenweem)
  This is the George shown by 'HJHeraldry' as a natural son of Sir John Hamilton of Preston (## see note above and see here ##).
  m. (mcrt 09.11.1627) Euphame Douglas (b c1610, d 28.01.1673, dau of John Douglas of Craill)
  i. George Hamilton of Cairnes (b 1635, d 26.05.1712, minister of Newburn then in Edinburgh, Moderator of the General Assembly)
  m1. Margaret Boyd (dau of John Boyd of Torchrig (Tochrig))
  a. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 13.07.1694) Rober Cleland (minister of Kilrenny, son/heir of Robert of Hillhouse)
  b. Sophia Hamilton (bur 1700)
  m. (mcrt 12.1694) Thomas Spence of Edinburgh
  m2. (mcrt 28.03.1682) Agnes Livingstone (bur 29.09.1684, relict of David Cleland of Edinburgh)
c. Agnes Hamilton (a 1685)
  m3. (before 1696) Elizabeth Hay (b 1628, d 02.10.1708, dau of George Hay of Naughton (sister of Dr. John Hay of Conland?))
  ii. Sir Robert Hamilton of Mount Hamilton (co. Armagh), 1st Bart (d 1703, youngest son)
  TCB (vol 4, 'Hamilton of Mount Hamilton', p219) reports that Robert's "parentage is unknown"!
  m. (before 1673) Sarah Hamilton (dau/heir of Sir Hans Hamilton, Bart of Monella)
  a. Sir Hans Hamilton of Hamilton's Bawn, 2nd Bart (b 1673, d 1729/30)
  m. (c1705) Jane Skeffington (dau of Clotworthy Skeffington, 3rd Viscount Massereene)
  (1) Margaret Hamilton (d young)
  (2) Anne Hamilton (d 1721)
  m. James Campbell, later Campbell-Hamilton of London (b 1668-9, d 07.07.1749)
  m2. (1692) Margaret (widow of _Smithsby of London)
  m3. (1696) Elizabeth Hamilton (a 1705, dau of John, 1st Lord Belhaven, widow of Viscount Kingston)
  iii. Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1630, d 1662)
  m. (1654) Patrick Wemyss (minister of Abbotshall)
  iv. Sophia Hamilton (b 1633)
  m. (mcrt 03.07.1652) Robert Smythe of Pittenweem
  v. Euphame Hamilton (b 1634)
  m. James Robertson of Denork
  vi. Christian Hamilton (b 1638, a 1703)
  m. (mcrt 14.12.1666) John Brown of Vicarsgrange
  vii. Isobel Hamilton (b 1641)
  m. (mcrt 06.01.1669) Matthew Anderson (son/heir of Matthew of Kirkcaldy)
  viii.+ other issue - George (b 1631, d infant), John (b 1637), William (b 1639), Alexander (b 1643), Helen (d 1645), Margaret (b 1647), Anna (b 1649)
  B. William Hamilton of Grangemuir, Anstruther (MP)
  m1. (mcrt 1633) Christian Daw (d c12.1644, dau of Andrew Daw of Craill)
  i. Andrew Hamilton of Anstruther
  m. (mcrt 05.11.1660) Helen Turnbull ('apparently of the Bogmill family and niece of his father's second wife')
  a.+ issue - William (b 1661, a 12.1699), Thomas (a 1671), Helen (b 1663), Christian (b 1666)
  ii. Elizabeth or Elspeth Hamilton (b 1644, d before 1699)
  m. (mcrt 14.08.1678) Peter Oliphant of Anstruther Easter
  iii.+ other issue - George (b 1641, dvp), William (b 1643)
  m2. (mcrt 06.1645) Susanna Turnbull (dau of Thomas Turnbull of Bogmill)
  C. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (before 1635) Andrew Durie of Craill
  D.+ other issue - Andrew, David
3. John Hamilton of Craill (a 5193, d before 12.01.1613)
4. David Hamilton of Craill (d 23.01.1616)
  m1. Isobel Moncrieff (d by 1614, dau of Stephen Moncrieff of Craill)
  A. Ninian Hamilton of Craill (d 06.1667, MP)
  m. Euphame Durie
  i. James Hamilton (a 1672)
  B. Isobel Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 01.09.1624) John Swyne of the Mill of Aberdour
  C. Christian Hamilton
  m2. ??
  D. George Hamilton (d before 08.11.1626)
m2. Agnes Martyne
5. Agnes Hamilton (a 1593, 1618)
  m. Walter Hay in Barnis-mylne
6. Margaret Hamilton (a 1618)
  m. Peter Oliphant of Craill

Main source(s): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Cairnes (Fifeshire)', p205+) with some input/support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Cairnes' (p253) & 'Mount Hamilton' (p325)), 'HJHeraldry' (Hamilton, Cairnes (p116) & 'Mount Hamilton' (p116+)) and as reported above
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