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Families covered: Hamilton of (Easter) Binning (Bynnie), Hamilton of Boghall, Hamilton of Carlowrie, Hamilton of Humbie, Hamilton of Pardovan, Hamilton of Wilcoxholm

'HamiltonHistory' reports that "Crawfurd states that this family is descended from the Hamiltons of Innerwick, but of this there is no evidence. Pardovan lies about 4 miles east of Linlithgow and close of Kincavil. ... The first of the line to appear definitely is:" ...
William Hamilton in Kincavil and in/of Pardovan (d 1542)
m. (by 1495) Margaret Stirling (Striveling) (widow of Thomas Kincaid)
1. William Hamilton of Pardovan & Humbie (d 03.1568/9)
  m1. Elizabeth Leistoun, heiress of Humbie (a 1552)
A. Mungo Hamilton of Pardovan & Humbie (d 07.1590) probably of this marriage
  m. Janet Bruce (a 1575)
  i. Alexander Hamilton (dvp 09.1582)
  m. (by 24.11.1572) Christian Blackadder (a 1582, dau of John Blackadder of Tulliallan)
  a. William Hamilton of Pardovan & Humbie (b c1575, d 24.11.1604, Captain)
  m1. (mcrt 18.0.1591/2) Annas or Agnes Henderson (dau of James Henderson of Fordell)
  m2. (before 18.12.1599) Elizabeth Drummond
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Alexander Hamilton of Pardovan (a 06.1626)
  b. Mungo Hamilton probably the Mungo (d by 1632) who bought Pardovan from (his nephew) Alexander and married ...
  m. Hester Seldnytsky (a 06.1638)
  c.+ other issue - James, Marjory, Elizabeth
  ii. James Hamilton of Philipstoun then Wilcoxholme (a 1617)
  James bought Wilcoxholme from James Hamilton of Wilcoxholm.
  m. Elizabeth Menteith (a 1626)
  a. James Hamilton of Wilcoxholm (Captain)
  m. (16.05.1616) Janet Dickson
  (1) Thomas Hamilton
  b. Marjory Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 18.12.1601) James Livingstone of Backraw
  c.+ other issue - Alexander (a 1630), George (d before 16.06.1654)
  iii. Peter Hamilton
  B. George Hamilton (d 01.1565/6) probably of this marriage
  m2. (before 1562) Elizabeth Spence (widow of George Inglis & John Kneland (Cleland) of Foscane)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  C. John Hamilton of Easter Binning (Bynnie) (d 07.1597, 4th son)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Binning (Easter), p142+).
  m. (1572) Margaret Bruce (sister of Robert Bruce of Wester Binning)
  i. Alexander Hamilton of Easter Bynnie, Sheriff of Linlithgowshire (d 29.09.1640)
  m. (before 1606) Mary Hamilton (d before 03.03.1624)
  a. Alexander Hamilton of Easter Bynnie (dsp before 15.09.1652, MP)
  m. (before 1647) Jean Dalmahoy (dau of Sir John Dalmahoy)
  b. George Hamilton (d before 1652)
  (1) Alexander Hamilton (dsp before 1652)
  c. William Hamilton of Strathoir, Pitkeny & Easter Bynnie
  m1. Jean Cunninghame (a 1654, d before 12.1661) possibly parents of ...
  (1) Sir George Hamilton of Barnton & Tulliallan, Bart (b 1658, bur 08.10.1826)
  TCB (vol 5, [365, 'Hamilton of Barnton' says of George that "of whom little seems to be known, but whose father "was a lawful son of the house of Binning"."
  m. Helen Balfour (probably dau of Sir Andrew Balfour)
  (A) Christian Hamilton (d 1674)
m. Robert Fleming (minister of Cambuslang)
  (B)+ other issue - child (bur 12.05.1689), child (bur 1698/9)
  m2. (c12.1661, annulled 04.1662) Nicholas Stewart ((b c1644, dau of Sir James Stewart of Kirkhill)
  d. Grizel Hamilton (d before 20.01.1674)
  m. (after 03.01.1625) Archibald Stewart of Hessilsyd
  e. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 05.07.1632) John Hamilton (son/heir of Jonas Hamilton of Colquot)
  f. Marion Hamilton
  m. (after 11.05.1633) Alexander Bannerman, younger of Elsick
  g.+ other issue - Andrew, Jean
  ii. Sir George Hamilton of Blackburn (dsp 07.06.1648, MP)
  m. Katherine Sinclair (d 07-8.1648, dau of James, Master of Sinclair)
  iii. John Hamilton (a 04.1617)
  iv. James Hamilton (a 1607)
  a. George Hamilton to Ireland (d 1648)
  m. Isabella Hamilton (dau of Major General William Hamilton) @@ just below
  v. William Hamilton (d 164*, Major General, Bailie of Linlithgow)
  m. Janet Edward (dau of Thomas Edward of Linlithgow)
  a. Isobel Hamilton
  m. George Hamilton @@ just above
  b.+ other issue - Alexander of Linlithgow (a 1654), George, hristian
  vi. Mary Hamilton
  m. David Dundas in the Reddenlawes (d before 08.02.1637)
  D. Katherine Hamilton
  m. (after 20.02.1573/4) Alexander Livingstoun of Burnsyde
  E.+ other issue - James (a 1569, 1588), Gavin (a 1575, 1596), Elizabeth
  partner unknown
  H. John Hamilton
2. John Hamilton of Edinburgh (d before 29.03.1565)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Carlowrie and Boghall', p229+).
  m. Jonet Dick (d before 1577)
  A. William Hamilton (d 08.07.1602, bailie of Edinburgh)
  m. Pennycook Alison (d before 21.02.1602)
  i. John Hamilton of Carlowrie & Boghall (bpt 12.02.1600, d 1651, MP)
  m1. (by 1625) Helen Hume (d 02.1638)
  a. John Hamilton of Boghall, Carlowrie & Whitelaw (d before 08.08.1683, 2nd son)
  (1) John Hamilton (d Worecster 03.09.1651)
  (2) Elizabeth Hamilton (a 1683)
  m. ?? Hamilton
  b. Anna Hamilton (b 1625, a 1681)
  m1. (1649) Alexander Montgomery
  m2. (1650) Thomas Charteris (minster of East Kilbryde)
  m3. William Govan (d before 13.09.1661, Captain)
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1624, dvpsp), Robert (b 1631), William (b 1633), James (b 1635), Elizabeth (b 1627), Helen (d 10.1681)
  m2. (mcrt 21.02.1642) Anna Douglas (relict of John Keith of Pettie)
  i.+ other issue - James (b 1643), William (b 1646, a 1664), Archibald (b 1649), Jean (b 1644), Sybella (b 1648)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (d before 21.01.1629), Agnes
  B. Agnes Hamilton probably married ...
  m. John Johnstoun
  C.+ other issue - John (d 1570), Patrick (d 28.12.1577), Gilbert, Andrew

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Pardovan (with Humbie and Wilcoxholme)', p662+) with input as reported above
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