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Families covered: Hamlyn of Hanaford, Hamlyn of Langaford, Hamlyn of Lower Ash (Aish), Hamlyn of Lower Hanaford, Hamlyn of Southcombe, Hamlyn of Widecombe

Richard Hamlyn of Widecombe (a 1523)
1. Richard Hamlyn of Widecombe (a 1543)
  A. Peter Hamlyn of Southcombe (a 1621)
  m. (1588) Joan Widecombe
  i. Richard Hamlyn (d before 08.10.1674)
  m1. (1604) Agnes Rodd
  a.+ issue
  m2. (1607) Katherine Durges
  b. Richard Hamlyn (d by 1690)
  m. Margaret (d 1673)
  (1) Francis Hamlyn (b 1660)
  (A) Peter Hamlyn (b 1690) ancestor of Hamlyns of Southcombe
  m. Mary
  (2)+ other issue - Richard (a 1690), Giles (b 1669)
  c. Walter Hamlyn (d before 15.02.1669)
  m. Margaret
  (1) Barbara Hamlyn
  m. _ Jerman
  (2)+ other issue - Peter (dsp before 07.05.1675), Margaret, Johane, Mary
  d. Anne Hamlyn
  m. (21.11.1635) Edward Gould
  e. daughter
  m. _ Downing
  ii. Peter Hamlyn (dsp before 23.02.1652/3)
  m. Grace
2. Hugh Hamlyn of Widecombe (a 1543)
  m. Martha
3. Christopher Hamlyn of Widecombe (a 1543)



Thomas Hamlyn of Spitchwick in Widecombe, Littlecombe in Holne, etc. (bur 1575)
m(1). Susanna first wife, presumed mother of ...
1. Robert Hamlyn of Widecombe & Holne (d before 03.06.1600)
  m. Alice (a 1600)
  A. Christopher Hamlyn of Widecombe, Holne, Higher Aish, etc. (b c1551, bur 1636)
  m. Joane Drewe (bur 07.03.1630-1)
  i. Richard Hamlyn of Hill (dvp bur 1615) had issue
  ii. Thomas Hamlyn of Lake (b 1579) ancestor of Hamlyns of Lake
  iii. James Hamlyn of Liftor & Langaford in Holne (dsps by 1657)
  iv. Hugh Hamlyn of Higher Ash (a 1621) ancestor of Hamlyns of Higher Ash
  m. Tamzine
  B. Richard Hamlyn of Lower Aish (Ash) & Lower Hanaford
  m1. (28.06.1578) Susanna Battishill (d 1580)
  m2. Mary
  i. Thomas Hamlyn of Lower Ash (Aish) & Lower Hanaford (bpt 1582)
  m. (15.04.1615) Richarda Hext (bur 1619)
  a. Thomas Hamlyn of Lower Ash (Aish) & Lower Hanaford
  m. (07.07.1649) Elizabeth Croot
  (1) James Hamlyn (bpt 04.06.1650, d 1725)
  (A) James Hamlyn of Lower Aish (dvp 1719)
  m. Mary (d 17.11.1715)
  (i) James Hamlyn of Lower Aish (bpt 1709, bur 19.01.1786)
  m. Elizabeth
  (a) James Hamlyn of Lower Aish (b 1739, bur 1832)
  m. (05.12.1775) Mary Stockman (bur 1832, dau of H. Stockman)
  ((1)) James Hamlyn (b 1778) had issue
  m. (1814) Mary Stranger
  ((2)) Anne Hamlyn (bpt 16.01.1791)
  m. (13.02.1823) John Earle of Elston
  (b) Thomas Hamlyn of Langaford (b 12.05.1746, d 31.03.1843)
  m. (19.05.1778) Mary Stranger (b c1761, d 29.12.1830, dau of Elias Stranger)
  ((1)) Thomas Hamlyn of Langaford (b 22.12.1778? (sb 12.05.1784?), d 1841?) had issue
  m. Mary Arnell (b c1762?, bur 1831)
  ((2)) James Hamlyn (b 27.06.1784, d 23.09.1856) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (03.03.1807) Ann Stranger (d 1850, dau of George Stranger)
  ((3)) Mary Hamlyn
  m. Elias Stranger
  ((4)) Elizabeth Hamlyn
  m. Thomas Hamlyn of Sherwill
  ((5)) Susanna Hamlyn
  m. John Stranger
  (ii) Thomas Hamlyn of Lower Hanaford (bpt 1712, dspm bur 17.02.1771)
  (a) daughter
  m. _ Sherwill
  ((1)) Thomas Hamlyn Sherwill
  ii. James Hamlyn had issue
  m. (1643) Alice French
  iii.+ other issue - Christopher of Lower Hanaford (dsp1638 (by 1678?)), John
  C. Francis Hamlyn of Lower Ash
  m. Ann (bur 05.08.1588)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hamlyn of Widecombe, now of Buckfastleigh', p481+)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 ('Hamlyn of Buckfastleigh'), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hamlyn of Widecombe, now of Buckfastleigh', p481+)
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