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Families covered: Hartley of Bucklebury, Hartley of Chorlton, Hartley of Illingworth, Hartley of Marton, Hartley of Tomgar

Dugdale identifies the following family's coat of arms as 'Argent, on a cross quarter-pierced, gules, four cinquefoils, or; in second and three cantons a martlet, sable'.
Raphe Hartley of Chorlton in Manchester, Lancashire
1. Alexander Hartley of Chorlton
A. Raphe Hartley of London (d c1652)
  m. Elizabeth Woodward (dau/heir of John Woodward of London)
  i. John Hartley of Strangeways, Lancashire (b c1628, a 1664)
  m. Elen Hartley (dau/heir of John Hartley of Strangeways) ## see here ##
  a.+ issue (a 09.1664) - John (b c1653), Raphe (b c1661), Richard (b c1662)
  ii. Raphe Hartley of London
  iii. Elizabeth Hartley
  m. Philip Lazenby of London
  iv. Sarah Hartley
  m. Leonard Bate (not Bales) of London
  v. Debora Hartley
  m. Thomas Papworth of London



Commoners does not identify the arms of the following family but reports that "The family of Hartley was one of great antiquity in the county of York. It derived from the Hartleys, of Chorton (sic), in Lancashire".
Henry Hartley of Marton in Craven, Yorkshire (a c1550)
1. ?? Hartley
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Hartley
  i. Anthony Hartley
  m. (1662) Ellen Gledstone (dau of Francis Gledstone of Marton)
  a. Christopher Hartley of Marton
  m1. (sps) ??
  m2. Elizabeth Coates (dau of Roger Coates of Royal House, son of Roger (MP))
  (1) Ellen Hartley
  m. (19.09.1739) Danson Roundell (d 30.05.1770)
  b.+ other issue



David Hartley (d 11.1719, curate of Illingworth then Armley)
m1. Everild Wadsworth (d 14.07.1705, dau of Timothy Wadsworth of Brierley Hall)
1. David Hartley of Bath (b 1704, d 30.09.1757, physician)
  m1. Alice Rowley (dau of John Rowley of Saffron Walden)
  A. David Hartley of Putney, Surrey (b c1730, d unm 1811/19.12.1813, MP)
  m2. (1735) Elizabeth Packer (dau of Robert Packer of Shillingford (by Mary Winchcomb of Bucklebury))
  B. Winchcomb Henry Hartley of Bucklebury (Berkshire) & Little Sodbury (Gloucestershire) (b 20.05.1740, d 12.08.1794, MP)
  m1. Harriet
  m2/1. (30.08.1777) Mary Jenkinson (dsp 15.04.1786, widow)
  m3/2. (24-5.08.1787) Ann Blackwell (dau of Samuel Blackwell of Williamstrip Park (MP))
  i. Winchcomb Henry Howard Hartley of Shillingford
  m. (1810-1) _ Watts of Bath
  C. Mary Hartley (d unm 1803)
2. Elizabeth Hartley
m. Francis Booth of Little Town near Wakefield
m2. (25.05.1707) Sarah Wilkinson (d 08.1718, dau of Edward Wilkinson of Illingworth (son of Thomas (b c1613, d 15.02.1683) by dau of John Illingworth of Illingworth) by Mary)
3. John Hartley of Illingworth
  m. Mary Holker (dau of Thomas Holker of Elland)
  A. David Hartley
  B. Samuel Hartley
  m. Charlotte Eyre (dau of Edward Eyre of Dronfield Woodhouse) ## see here ##
  i. Winchcomb Henry Hartley, later Eyre
  C. Mary Hartley
  m. John Francis
4. Bernard Hartley
5. Mary Hartley
  m. Thomas Knight of Halifax
6. Sarah Hartley
  m. Thomas Wadsworth of Wadsworth
7. Joan Hartley
  m. Thomas Cordingley of Harchet
8. Hannah Hartley
  m. Robert Addison



BLG1886 reports that "This family of Hartley, originally from co. Lancaster, has been settled in Ireland since 1650." BLG1886 identifies its coat of arms as 'Arg., on a cross gu. pierced of the field, four cinquefoils or, in the 1st and 4th quarters a martler sa., and in the second quarter a rose of the second barbed and seeded ppr.'.
Samuel Hartley
1. William Hartley of Ballylaghan, co. Carlow (b 1679, a 1696, Rev.)
m. (27.11.1706) Jane Lloyd (dau of Rev. Humphry Lloyd)
  A. Humphry Hartley of Tomgar, co. Wexford (b 1711, a 12.1780)
  m. Honor (a 12.1780)
  i. James Hartley of Tomgar & Leanore
  m1. (1780) Christian Hepenstal (d 21.07.1797, dau of William Hepenstal of Leamore)
  a. Bartholomew Hepenstal Hartley (b 09.1791, d 1854, Captain, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (1823) Eliza Wilson (dau of Richard Wilson of Ruske)
  m2. (1841, sp) Arabella Blennerhasset (dau of Richard Blennerhassett, widow of Col. Jones, niece of Lord Ventry)
  b. Barbara Hartley (b 27.09.1789)
  m. (1819) Daniel Desmond of Ballinasloe
  c.+ other issue - Humphrey (b 31.07.1785), Travers (b 01.10.1786, d 03.03.1787), Honor (b 19.11.1782), Jane (b 31.08.1788, d 21.03.1790)
  m2. (1799) Jane Bourne of Donnybrook (sister of Frederick Bourne of Terenure)
  g. James Hartley (b 15.03.1800, d 12.11.1800)
  h. James Hartley of Fairy Hall, Kent had issue
  m. (1828) Martha Semple
  ii. Humphry Hartley
  m. (1785) Anne Agar
  a. Ellis Agar Hartley
  m. (1809) Henry Ryan of Kiltera
  b.+ other issue - William, Anne (d unm)
  iii. Bartholomew Hartley of Calcutta
  a. Patience Hartley
  m. _ Smith of Meadop Hall
  iv. daughter
2. James Hartley
  m. (26.01.1713-4) Alice Travers (dau of Rev. Elias Travers)
  A. Travers Hartley (d 1796, MP for Dublin)
  m1. (1747) Anne Spence
  m2. (1752) Anne Sibton
  B. James Hartley (d 1811, banker)

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