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Families covered: Haselwood of Belton, Haselwood (Haslewood) of Maidwell, Haselwood of Wickwarren

Thomas Haselwood, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d before 22.12.1507)
m. Cristian (dau/heir of Thomas Huett)
1. Edmond Haselwood of Maidwell, Northamptonshire
  (1) Le Neve shows Edmund as son of Edmund (by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Lovell) son of Bryan (by Ursula, dau/heir of John Bradstone) son of Thomas (by Judith, dau/heir of John Lazencroft) younger brother of John (m. dau of Sir Hugh Bussy) son of Thomas (by Ann, dau of Sir Adam Newmarche). 'The Genealogist' shows his parentage as above whilst Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Haselwood'), which supports part of the next 2 generations, shows Edmond's father as Thomas.
(2) 'The Genealogist' reports that Edmond's wife is shown as Jane, dau/heir of John Billington (son/heir of Hugh) by Elizabeth, dau of John Meye of Northampton but records that Le Neve was right in suspecting that to have been a forgery. 'The Genealogist' notes that Edmond's wife was really ...
  m. Jane Chaunterell (dau of William Chaunterell of Northampton by Elizabeth)
  A. John Haselwood of Maidwell (d before 03.11.1550, Master of Fleet Prison)
  m. Katherine Marmion (b 1507, d 15.05.1573, dau/heir of William Marmion of Ringston, m2. Thomas Claughton of Lancashire)
  i. John Haselwood of Galby & Maidwell (b c1533?, d before 1587)
  m. Frances Dunham (dau of Sir John Dunhan of Nottinghamshire)
  a.+ issue - Marmion (b c1566, a 1573), Katherine (a 1587)
  ii. Thomas Haselwood (a 1550, dsp before 1575)
  m. Elizabeth Walcott (dau/coheir of _ Walcott of Walcott)
  iii. William Haselwood
  m1/2. Anna Lee (dsp)
  m2/1. Alice Rawlins
  a.+ issue - William of Kirkby Underwood (b c1563), Katherine
iv. Edmund Haselwood of Ringstone, Lincolnshire (d c06.1587)
  m. Prudence Flamock (dau of Sir Andrew Flamock, m2. Thomas Knevitt of Coventry)
  v. Edward Haselwood of Maidwell (d 1589) this line followed by Le Neve & Nichols
  Nichols inserts an additional generation, showing the Edward who d 1589 as son of Edward (brother of John), son of Johnby Catherine Marmion.
  m. Alice Gascoyne (dau of Sir William Gascoyne (by Margaret, 2nd wife))
  a. Edward Haselwood of Maidwell (b 1582, d 1615)
  m. Katherine Osborne (bpt 14.10.1582, d 10.03.1633, dau/heir of Robert Osborne of Kelmarsh, m2. Edward, Lord Gorges)
(1/2) Edward Haselwood
  (2/1) Sir Anthony Haselwood of Maidwell (bpt 1601, d 06.06.1660)
  m. Elizabeth Willmer (dau of William Willmer or Wilmer of Sywell (Willmore of Siwell))
  (A) Sir William Haselwood of Maidwell (b 20.01.1642, d 02.01.1681)
  m1. Elizabeth Ashford (dau of Arthur Ashford of Ashford)
  (i) William Haselwood (b 27.10.1663, d 03.11.1683)
  (ii) Peter Haselwood of Maidwell (d unm)
  (iii) Elizabeth Haslewood (d 15.01.1732/3)
  m. (08.1685) Christopher Hatton, 1st Viscount
(iv) Penelope Haslewood (dsp)
  m. Henry Seymour alias Portman of Orchard (dsp 02.1727-8)
  m2. Cicell Ayshford (dau of John Ayshford of Ayshford)
  (i)+ other issue - John (b 1673, d 1675), Ayshford (b 1672-3, d 02.07.1675)
  (B) Katherine Haselwood (dsp)
  m. Sir Thomas Cave of Stanford, Bart
  (C) Elizabeth Haselwood (dsp c1658)
m. (1657) Sir William Langham of Walgrave
  (D) Anne Haselwood
  m1. Sir William Kingsmill of Sydmanton (b 1613, d 03.09.1661)
  m2. Sir Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck (d before 03.1670-1)
  (E)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Robert, Anthony, Jane/Joan (d unm bur 20.03.1662), Margaret (d unm bur 10.03.1639)
  b. Robert Haselwood of Draughton, Northamptonshire (4th son)
  m. Dorothea Mansell (dau of John Mansell of Haversham)
  (1) Anthony Haselwood, probably of Burbage, Leicestershire
  (A)+ issue - John, Robert, Anthony, Magdalene, Dorothy
  (2) Elizabeth Haselwood
  m. _ Charlet
(3) Katherine Haselwood
  m. _ Wright
  (4) Ann Haselwood
  m. _ Peeke
  c. Katherine Haselwood
  m. Anthony Thorold of Low Hall, Hough (d 1624)
  d. Margaret Haselwood
  m. John James (of family of Keddall)
  e. Anna Haselwood
  m. John Ellis (of family of Kiddall)
  f. Alice Haselwood
m. Christopher Twisilton of Barlow
  g. Elizabeth Haselwood
  m. Brian Twiselton (brother of Christopher)
  h.+ other issue - Edmund (dvpsp 05.08.1598), John, Edmund (dsp)
  vi. Robert Haselwood of Leicester (d before 11.02.1606)
  m. Elizabeth Doyley (dau of Robert Doyley of Oxford)
  vii. Alice Haselwood
  m. Francis Bernard of Abingdon (d 1602)
  viii. Jane Haselwood
  m. William Flamock (son/heir of Sir Andrew)
  ix. Maria Haselwood
  m. John Bernard (brother of Francis)
  x.+ other issue - Henry, Francis
  B. Thomas Haselwood of Belton, Rutland (d 20.12.1559)
  m. Clemensea Saxby
  The following is supported by Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, 'Haselwood').
  i. Francis Haselwood of Belton
  m. _ Dayrell (a 1612, dau of _ Dayrell (Darell) of Lillingstone)
  a. Thomas Haselwood of Belton, later of Brigstocke (Northamptonshire) (d before 05.07.1662)
  m. _ Butler
  (1) Elizabeth Haselwood
  m. _ Pillington (or Pithington)
  (A) Haselwood Pillington
  (2) daughter
  b. Arthur Haselwood of Norwich (youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth Gammon (dau of Richard Gammon)
  c.+ other issue - Henry,William, Edmond
  ii. Edmund Haselwood (4th son)
  a. Edmund Haselwood (dsp)
  iii. Dorothy Haselwood
  m. Geoffrey Style of Bildon
  iv. Amy (or Anne) Haselwood
m. William Widmerpool of Widmerpool (Widmorpoole)
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - Nevil, Thomas of Belton, Henry
  C. Edward Haselwood of Wykwaren, Worcestershire (a 1558)
  m. Martha Skerne of London
  i. Fulke Haselwood of Wykwaren (a 1569, d 1596)
  m1. Elizabeth Babington (a 1569, dau of Thomas Babington of Codington)
  m2. Dorothy Hungerford (d c02.1625)
  a. Thomas Haselwood of Wickwarren (d before 15.02.1624-5)
  m. Elizabeth Dineley (d 1624, dau of Francis Dineley of Charlton)
  (1) Francis Haselwood of Wickwarren & Offenham (d 16.08.1665)
  m1. Anne
  (A) Elizabeth Haselwood (bpt 21.12.1628)
m. Thomas Williams (of the Middle Temple)
  (B)+ other issue - Edward (bur 01.11.1626), Sarah probably of this marriage
  m2. Sarah
  (D) Sir Thomas Haselwood of Wickwarren, Sheriff of Worcestershire (bpt 17.12.1652, d 24.09.1720)
m. Margaret Dowdeswell (b c1662?, d 01.1720, dau of William Dowdeswell of Pull Court)
  (i) Thomas Haselwood of Wickwarren (bpt 23.02.1682, d 0.01.1732)
  m. Ann
  (a) James Haselwood of Wickwarren (bur 16.09.1750)
  m. Mary Andrews (dau of William Andrew of Barnes Hall by Mary)
  (b) Dorothea Haselwood (bpt 19.12.1720, a 1749)
  (c) Lucia Haselwood (bpt 05.04.1723, bur 13.04.1750)
  m. (21.11.1746) Francis Turner Blythe of Broseley Hall & Whitley
  (ii) Ann Haselwood
  m. Jos. Ayliffe of London
  (iii) Margaret Haselwood (bur 15.06.1685)
  m. William Stanns of Westminster
(iv)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 17.04.1684),Edmund (bur 01.06.1754?), James (dvp), Elizabeth (bpt 08.08.1686), Judith (bur 11.01.1690)
  b. Anne Haselwood
  m. _ Kimber
  c. Elizabeth Haselwood
  m. (13.01.1605) John Bilbye
  d.+ other issue - John (bur 11.03.1639), William (b 10.01.1604), Dorothy (bur 19.05.1606), Edith
  ii. Elizabeth Haselwood
  m. Christopher White of Rochester
  iii.+ other issue - John, Edward, Thomas
  D. Margaret Haselwood
  m. Thomas Babington of Cudington
  E. Anna Haselwood
  m. Arthur Vuedale or Uvedale
  F.+ other issue - William (a 1559, dsp), Henry (parson of Cuddington), Edward (d young), Thomas (d young), Anthony (d young), Edward, Francis, Dorothea
2. Johanna Haselwood
  m. Thomas Newnham of Newnham (dsp 1500)
3.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Anna (d young), Elizabeth (d young)

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (edited by George Marshall, vol 1, 1877, 'Additions to Le Neve's Knights' p43+) with a little support from 'Le Neve's Pedigree of the Knights' (Marshall, 1873, p226+), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Marmion and Haselwood', p569)
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