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Families covered: Hatfield of Hatfield Hall, Hatfield of Willoughby

We title the page using the old spelling of "Hatfeild" rather than the more modern version "Hatfield" even though Hunter uses "Hatfield" throughout his work on this family and even though cross-references from elsewhere in the database use "Hatfield". This is because it appears that the modern descendants of the family still use "Hatfeild", as shown on page Hatfeild2. Hunter starts with 2 brothers whom we show as sons of ...
1/2. Ravenclus, lord of West Hatfield in Holderness, Yorkshire
2/1. Beda, lord of East Hatfield in Holderness, Yorkshire (a 1086)
  A. Walter de Hatfield (a temp William the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087)
  i. Walter de Hatfield
  a. Ewen de Hatfield (a 1175)
(1) Stephen de Esthafield (a 1218)
  (2) Walter de Est Hatfield
  (A) Sir Walter de Hatfield of Hatfield
  (i) Sir Stephen de Hatfield (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. Agnes
  The dates given for Sir Stephen and his son William look suspicious, suggesting that there could be a generation or two missing around here, but they are not impossible. Sir Stephen, who "attended Ed. I in his Scotch wars" may have been young at that time and have been old when he had his son William who was old when he made his will in 1402. Similarly, Stephen's brother Bishop Thomas may have been old when he died in 1381. Visitation starts with Steven, father of William.
  (a) William de Hatfield of East Hatfield (a 1402) - continued below
  m. Margaret Staunton or Stanton
  (ii) Thomas de Hatfield, Bishop of Durham (d 08.05.1381)
  (iii)+ other issue- Simon (d 12.1366, prior of Maldon), Peter (d 31.05.1374, prior of Maldon)
  ii.+ other issue - Stephen, Robert in Cambridgeshire



William de Hatfield of East Hatfield (a 1402) - continued above
m. Margaret Staunton (dau of ?? Staunton of Staunton)
Hunter reports that Margaret's will indicates that she had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Hunter names 4 sons (Thomas, Sir William, Robert & Sir Stephen) whilst Visitation names 5 sons (Robert, Steven, Rychard, John & Thomas) & 3 daughters (Constance, Elsabeth & Jane), making an apparent total of 6 sons and 3 daughters.
1. Robert Hatfield (d 01.1451, escheator)
  m. Maud Boynton (dau of John Boynton)
  Hunter shows only their son John and his daughter/heir Maud. The other children are as named by Visitation.
  A. John Hatfield, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1423)
  m1. Elizabeth Rydness (dau of John Rydness of Rydness or Redenis by Agnes, dau of William de Ruda)
  i. Maud/Matilda Hatfield (d 1560/1)
  m. Sir William Constable of Hatfield (son of Sir Marmaduke of Flamborough)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp?) - Steven, William, Anthony, Thomas, Robert, Richard, Elsabeth, Margaret, Agnes
  m1. Margaret Hutton (dau of Andrew Hutton)
xi.+ other issue (dsp?) - John, Thomas
  B. Stephen Hatfield possibly the Escheator who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Foster (dau of John Foster)
  C. Mawde Hatifeld
  m. Richard Gowsell
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - John, William, Anthony, Richard, Thomas
2. Thomas Hatfield of Newnham, Oxfordshire
m. Margaret Reresby (dau of John Rereseby of Lincolnshire)
  A. Stephen Hatfield, Sheriff of Gloucester (d before 10.11.1461)
  m. (before 17.02.1422/3) Isabel Russell (d 1437, dau of Maurice Russell of Kingston Russell, widow of Sir John Draiton)
  i. Laurence Hatfield of Willoughby
  m. Agnes Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Carlton)
  a. Stephen Hatfield of Willoughby
  m. Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Sir Thomas Molyneux)
  (1) Henry Hatfield
(A)+ 2 daughters
  (2) Bartholomew Hatfield
  (3) Elizabeth Hatfield
  m. _ Wentworth
  b. Thomas Hatfield 'of Willoughby'
Hunter identifies Thomas's wife as Ann, dau/heir of Robert Mallet of Willoughby by Isabel, dau/heir of John Ward, and then shows them as parents of William. This appears to be the Thomas of Willoughby who is shown by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1615, Whalley) as father of Henry by ...
  m. Ann Mallet (dau/heir of Robert Mallet of Willoughby (by Jane Francis) son of Richard by Isabel, dau/heir of John Ward)
  (1) Henry Hatfield of Willoughby this line provided by Visitation (Nottinghamshire)
  m. Anne Hercye (dau of Humfry Hercye, m2. Robert Markham)
  (A) Elizabeth Hatfield
  m. Thomas Whalley
(B) Barbara Hatfield
  m. William Whalley
  (2) William Hatfield (d before 18.03.1584) this line provided by Hunter
  m. ?? Clifton (sister of Sir Gervase Clifton)
  (A) Henry Hatfield of Wilford & Tollerton, Nottinghamshire (d before 08.10.1585)
  m. Ann Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre)
  (i) Gervase Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall' (bur 04.06.1654)
  m. Grace Savile (dau/heir of Edward Savile of Midgley (Stanley Hall) by Catherine Copley)
  (a) John Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall' (bur 06.03.1670)
m. (c1635) Mary Francke (dau of Bryan Franke of Alwoodley)
  ((1)) Gervase Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall'
  m1. Catherine Duckworth (bur 21.08.1677, dau/heir of Thomas Duckworth of Padiham)
((A)) Oswald Hatfield (b 26.09.1656, bur 21.02.1729, 2nd son)
  m1. Sarah Challowe (dau/heir of John Challowe of Grantham, widow of _ Butler)
  m2. Mary Hall (dau of Matthew Hall of Leventhorpe Hall)
  ((i)) John Hatfield (b 16.04.1698, bur 11.05.1768)
  m. (17.09.1729) Esther Kaye (bur 25.12.1768, dau of Jonas Kaye of Milshaw Hall, sister/heir of John)
  ((a)) John Hatfield, later Hatfield-Kaye 'of Hatfield Hall' (bpt 30.11.1731, 06.05.1804)
  m. (30.05.1772) Augusta Anne Wentworth (d 25.08.1802, dau of William Wentworth of Henbry, son/heir of Peter brother of Thomas, Earl of Strafford)
  (((1))) Peter Wentworth Hatfield-Kaye (b 25.08.1777, bur 09.11.1777)
  ((b)) Francis Hatfield (bpt 23.02.1739, dsp 01.07.1804)
  m. (06.10.1802) ?? (Mrs Harter of Manchester)
  ((c)) Susannah Hatfield (bpt 21.01.1743, d 24.04.1812)
  m. Ralph Hanson
  ((d))+ other issue - Jonas (bpt 16.02.1741, Lt. Col.), Charles (bpt 03.07.1749), Thomas (b 1749, d 23.10.1800), Mary (bpt 15.08.1730, bur 20.05.1751), Esther (b 1732, d 02.04.1785), Ann (bpt 08.04.1734, bur 04.04.1751), Sarah (b c1736, d 26.10.1803), Dorothy (bpt 19.11.1737, d 31.01.1816), Katherine (b 1747, d 03.07.1812)
  ((ii)) Frances Hatfield (bpt 15.01.1700)
  m1. (1720?) Joseph Moore of Leeds
((a)) Eleanor Moore
  m. _ Dana
  m2. John Wordsworth of Sophley
  ((b))+ 3 sons + 1 daughter
  ((B)) Elizabeth Hatfield (b 01.05.1664)
  m. William Hanson of Stanley
  ((i)) Benjamin Hanson of Wakefield probably of this generation
  ((a)) Dorothy Sarah Hanson
  m. David Hemsworth of Monk Fryston Hall (b 1710, d 1788)
  ((C))+ other issue - Gervase (bpt 08.09.1655), John (bpt 14.04.1659), Savile (d young), Nicholas (bur 19.10.1676), Duckworth (bur 01.03.1677), Thomas (Captain), William (bpt 09.10.1661, d young), Joseph (bpt 04.11.1660), Benjamin (bur 03.07.1679), Katherine (bpt 24.11.1657), Sarah, jane (bpt 15.02.1667), Ann (bur 14.08.1677), Mary (bpt 11.09.1665), Esther (bpt 27.04.1668, bur 05.10.1678), Johanna (bpt 04.05.1669)
  m2. Isabella Playce of York (d 1701)
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Jane
  (b) Francis Hatfield of Stanley Grange (bpt 29.07.1613, bur 08.08.1704)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 12.02.1700)
  ((1)) Sarah Hatfield (b 02.10.1660, bur 08.03.1680/1)
  ((2)) Anna Hatfield (bpt 29.10.1662)
  m. William Harrison
  (c) Grace Hatfield
  m. Edmund Dawson of York
(d)+ other issue - Henry, Thomas of Iveridge Hall, Edward (but 24.03.1618), William (bpt 24.03.1630), Anne (bur 14.08.1677)
  (ii) William Hatfield
  (B) Elizabeth Hatfield
  m. _ Parkyn
  (i) John Parkyn
  c. John Hatfield
  d. Agnes Hatfield
  m. Thomas Cranmer of Aslacton (d c1477)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Stephen
  B.+ other issue - Robert, Sir William (Attorney General)
3. Jane Hatfield
  m. Robert de Garton
4.+ other issue - Sir Stephen (a 1414, dsp), Sir William, Richard (dsp), John, Cosntance( dsp), Elsabeth

Main source(s): FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Hatfield of Hatfield in Holderness and Hatfield Hall, Wakefield') with, as reported above, a little input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Hatfeld)
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