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Families covered: Herries of Edinburgh, Herries of Halldykes, Herries of Hartwood (Harthwaite or Harthat)

William Herries of Edinburgh (d 01.01.1597-8, "(whose) parentage has not been discovered")
m. Katherine Bankes (a 1628?, m2. James Well of Edinburgh)
1. Robert Herries of Edinburgh & Hartwood (Harthwaite or Harthat) (b c1582, d 10.05.1662, minister of Dryesdale)
  m. (10.09.1618) Janet Mackison
  A. William Herries of Hartwood (Harthwaite) (dvp 09.1658)
  m. Marion (Mariota) McGill (a 1664, dau/heir of Rev. Francis McGill of Kirkmichael)
  i. Francis Herries of Hartwood (d before 16.03.1699)
  a. William Herries of Hartwood (d 22.08.1751)
m1. ??
  (1) Michael Herries of Greskin & Spottes (b 1715, d 31.01.1800)
  m. Anne Blackburn (b c1733, d 02.12.1792)
  (A) William Herries (b c1765, dvp 19.03.1795)
  m2. Janet Mason
  (2) Jane Herries (d 15.10.1792)
  m. (29.04.1767) Alexander Stewart (Stuart) (d 15.10.1792, m1. ??, minister of West Church, Edinburgh)
  ii. Elizabeth Herries
  m. John Dalrymple of Waterside (d 1697)
iii. Janet Herries
  m. (William) Graham 'of Balwhapell' (Colonel)
  iv. Katherine Herries (dsp)
  m1. _ Herries of Mabie
  m2. _ Maxwell of Carse
  v. Anna Herries
  m. Archibald Stuart (brother of ?? of Shambilly (Shambelly))
  vi. Isabel Herries
  m. William Graham of Mossknow
  B. Robert Herries of Halldykes (d before 10.05.1704)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), 'Pedigree of Herries of Halldykes in the Parish of Dryesdale, Dumfriesshire, p301+).
  m. Jane Irving of Cove
  i. William Herries (dvp before 05.08.1703)
  ii. Robert Herries of Halldykes (d before 21.06.1728)
  McCall identifes Robert's wife (and mother of his children) as a dau of Douglas of Killhead. MGH identifies her as ...
m. Mary Johnson (dau of _ Johnston of Scroggs in Annandale)
  a. William Herries of Halldykes (b 1697?, d 24.09.1777)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), 'Pedigree of Herries of Halldykes in the Parish of Dryesdale, Dumfriesshire, p378+).
  m1. Katherine Henderson (b c1708, d 08.02.1768, dau of John Henderson of Broadholme in Annandale)
  (1) Sir Robert Herries (b c1729, dspls 25.02.1815, banker, MP)
  m1. Grace Henderson (b c1736, d 10.01.1773, dau of John Henderson of Broadholme (by Grace, dau of Sir Patrick Maxwell of Springkell, Bart), cousin)
  m2 (12.08.1777) Catherine (d 01.01.1808, widow of Colonel Ross)
  (2) Charles Herries (d 1819, Colonel)
  m. Mary Anne Johnson
  (A) John Charles Herries, Chancellor of the Exchequer (d 1855, MP) had issue
  m. Sarah Dorington
  (B) Sir William Herries (d 1857, Major General) had issue
  m. Mary F. Crompton of Esholt
  (C) Catherine Herries
  m. Henry Creed (Vicar of Corse)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Isabella, Julia
  (3) William Herries, later in Louisiana (b 04.09.1748, d 11.1811)
  m1. (03.09.1776, div) Isabella Magdalena Ker (b 26.12.1755, d 1836, dau of Alexander Ker of Blackshiells)
  m2. (c1790) "a French woman"
  (A)+ issue - Edward in Louisiana, Francis
  (4) Katherine Herries
  m. _ Black
  (5) Mary Herries
  m. _ Hill
  (6) Elizabeth Herries (d 28.09.1788)
  m. (19.11.1780) Sir John Peter (Colonel, Consul, m2. (Mary?), dau of John Porker of Muswell Hill)
  (7) Christina Herries (d 30.04.1791)
  m. (02.05.1781) James Falls of Ostend
m2. Susanna Broun
  (8) Robert John Charles ("John") Herries (d 06.11.1832, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  p/m. (01.11.1831) Mary Clifford
  (9)+ other issue (d unm?) - Christopher William (d 1824 in St. Vincent), Catherine Jane Grace (d 28.04.1840)
  b. Robert Herries, later of Halldykes & London (b c1710, d 03.10.1791)
m. (1747) Isabella Kirkpatrick (b c1730, d 17.10.1777, dau of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, 3rd Bart)
  (1) Robert Herries of Halldykes & London, later of Lynmouth, Devon (b 31.10.1767, d 27.10.1845)
  (2)+ other issue - Susanna (b c1749, d 10.08.1769), Maria (b 21.08.1762, d 10.05.1834)
  c. Charles Herries (a 1762, 4th son)
  (1) Anna Herries
  m. William Young (Lt. Governor of Tobago & Granada)
  (2) Harriet Herries (b c1753)
  m. (01.10.1768) Robert Young (brother of William)
  (3) Margaret Herries (d 10.1830)
  m. Robert Herries of Lynmouth (cousin)
  d. Jane Herries
  m. _ Irvine of Woodhall
(1) Robert Irvine of Woodhall
  e. Margaret Herries
  m. Herbert Kennedy of Hallheaths then Righeads (d before 01.04.1777, Dr.)
  (1) Margaret Kennedy
  f. Mary Herries
  m. Alexander Young of Auchenskeoch (d before 22.03.1750)
  g. Isabella Herries (d 07.08.1793)
  m. Robert Malcolm of Grange (b 25.10.1682, d 03.06.1769)
  h.+ other issue - John, Janet (d unm?), Elizabeth (d unm 1780)
  iii. James Herries
  iv. daughter
  m. _ Graham of Mossband
  v. Margaret Herries
  m. John Carruthers of Dormont
  C. Margaret Herries
  m. William Herries of Coryton

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), 'Pedigree of Herries of Hartwood (or Harthat) and Greskin, Dumfriesshire, and of Spottes, Kirkcudbrightshire', p272+) with input/support from within 'Some old families' (H.B. McCall, vol 2 (1890), Chapter XI: 'The family of Young', p278+) with additional input/support as reported above
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