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Families covered: Hornby of Blackburn, Hornby of Dalton Hall, Hornby of Kirkham, Hornby of Newton, Hornby of Poulton, Hornby of Raikes Hall, Hornby of Ribby Hall, Hornby of Scale Hall

BLG1886 identifies the arms of the following family as "Or a chev. between three bugle horns sa" and reports that "The family of Hornby was settled in the Fylde country, in the north of Lancashire, from a remote period".
Hugh de Hornby of Bankfield in Fylde ("ruined by the Civil Wars")
1. Geoffrey Hornby of Poulton, Fylde
  A. Edmund Hornby of Poulton
  m. Dorothy Rishton (d 1722, dau of Geoffrey Rishton of Antley, sister of Edward of Antley)
  i. Geoffrey Hornby of Poulton & Scale Hall (2nd son)
  m. Susannah Sherdley (dau/heir of Edward Sherdley of Kirkham by Ellen, dau/coheir of John Veale of Whinney Heyes & Susanna Rishton)
a. Edmund Hornby of Poulton & Scale Hall (b 10.1728, d 29.09.1766)
  m. Margaret Winckley (dau of John Winckley of Preston by Elizabeth Starkie of Huntroyde)
  (1) Geoffrey Hornby of Scale Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1750, d 31.07.1812, Colonel, later Rector of Winwick)
  BLG1886 identifies Geoffrey's wife as Lucy, dau of James, Lord Strange, sister of Edward, 12th Earl of Derby. BLG1952 notes that her father was "incorrectly styled Lord Strange" and identifies her as ...
m. (25.04.1772) Lucy Stanley-Smith (d 10.02.1833, dau of James Stanley-Smith, son of 11th Earl of Derby)
  (A) Edmund Hornby of Dalton Hall (in Westmoreland), Sheriff of Lanashire (b 16.06.1773, d 18.11.1857, MP)
  m. (22.08.1796) Charlotte Stanley (d 25.11.1805, dau of Edward Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, cousin)
  (i) Edmund George Hornby of Dalton Hall (b 16.11.1799, d 27.02.1865, MP) had issue
  m. (30.01.1827) Sarah Yates (d 17.08.1886, dau/coheir of Thomas Yates of Irwell House)
  (B) James John Hornby (b 27.058.1777, d 1855, Rector of Winwick) had issue
  m1. (14.10.1800) Esther Atherton (d 30.06.1830, dau/coheir of Robert Vernon Atherton of Atherton by Harriet, dau/coheir of Peter Leigh of Lyme)
m2. (sp?) Catherine Boyle (d 12.05.189, dau of Alexander Boyle)
  (C) Geoffrey Hornby (b 04.04.1780, d 04.03.1850, Rector of Bury) had issue
  m. (12.04.1810) Georgiana Byng (d 23.07.1856, dau of 5th Viscount Torrington)
  (D) Sir Phipps Hornby (b 27.04.1785, d 19.03.1867, Admiral, 5th son) had issue
  Phipps's wife is identified in BLG1886 ('Hornby of Little Green') as ...
  m. (22.12.1814) Maria Sophia Burgoyne (d 25.12.1860, sister of Field Marshal Sir J.F. Burgoyne, Bart)
  (E) Lucy Hornby (b 11.01.1775, d 11.1849)
  m. (03.05.1796) William Henry Champneys (d 18.02.1845, Rector of Badsworth)
  (F) Charlotte Margaret Hornby (d 16.06.1817)
  m. (30.06.1798) Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby (cousin)
  (G)+ other issue(d unm) - Edward Thomas Stanley (b 30.03.1782, d 25.03.1825, cleric), George (b 10.01.1790, d 02.11.1872, cleric), Charles (b 31.01.1791, d 13.11.1867, Colonel), Georgiana (d 16.03.1861), Frances Susanna, Louisa, Henrietta Elizabeth (d 29.10.1859)
  (2)+ other issue - Margaret (d 1815), Susan (d 1799), Dorothy (d young)
  b. Geoffrey Hornby (dsp 1801)
  ii. Anne Hornby
  m. Edmund Cole of Beaumont
  a. Dorothy Cole
  m. _ Butler of Kirkland
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (dvp unm), George (dsp, Rector of Whittington), others (d young)



BLG1886 identifies the arms of the following family as "Arg., a chevron vert in base a bugle horn stringed sa. on a chief of the second two bugle-horns of the field".
Richard Hornby of Newton in Kirkham, Lancashire (b c1613, bur 27.03.1660)
m. (1653) Elizabeth Walmesley (dau of Christopher Walmesley of Elston)
1. William Hornby of Newton (bpt 20.09.1656, bur 18.05.1710 (1701?))
  m. (03.09.1681) Isabel Horscarr or Horsecarr
  A. Robert Hornby (b 1690, bur 17.02.1764-5)
  m. Elizabeth Sharrock of Clifton (bur 18.11.1724)
i. Hugh Horby of Kirkham (b 19.07.1719, d 02.1781)
  m. Margaret Hankinson (d 03.08.1804, dau/heir of Joseph Hankinson of Kirkham by Alice, dau of John Sudell of Blackburn)
  a. Joseph Hornby of Ribby Hall, Lancashire (b 22.09.1748, d 19.03.1832)
  m. (16.08.1796) Margaret Wilson (d 26.03.1838, dau of Robert Wilson of Preston)
  (1) Hugh Hornby of Ribby Hall (b 13.07.1799, d 25.10.1849) had issue
m. (07.07.1836) Anne Hilton (dau of Samuel Chetham Hilton by Martha, dau of Samuel Clowes of Broughton)
  (2) Margaret Hornby
  m. William Langton of Manchester
  (3) Alice Hornby (d unm)
  b. Thomas Hornby of Kirkham (b 16.07.1759, d 31.03.1824, 3rd son)
  m. (15.05.1786) Cicely Langton (d 1833, dau of Thomas Langton of Kirkham)
  (1) Hugh Hornby of Sandown, near Liverpool (b 26.12.1792) had issue
  m. (1823) Louise Cortazzi (dau of Luc Francois Cortazzi (Venetian Consul at Smyrna) by Elizabeth, dau of Anthony Hayes (British Consul at Smyrna))
  (2) Joseph Hornby of Liverpool (b 19.04.1794, d 28.05.1853) had issue
  m. (18.01.1821) Elizabeth Baldwin Dyson (dau of Thomas Fournis Dyson of Liverpool & Willow Hall)
  (3) Thomas Hornby (b 20.06.1804, Vicar of Walton-le-Dale then in Shrewsbury) had issue
  m. (08.05.1832) Margaret Rigby (d 05.1857, dau of William Rigby of Liverpool)
  (4) Cicely Hornby
  m. Hugh Hornby Birley of Manchester
  (5) Marianne Hornby (d 12.1857)
  m. John Cortazzi (d 23.04.1864, brother of Louise)
(6)+ other issue - Hankinson (b 21.05.1803, d 25.12.1870), Margaret (b 1788-9, d 30.06.1866), Elizabeth (d unm 1832)
  c. John Hornby of Blackburn & Raikes Hall, Lancashire (b 02.07.1763, d 29.01.1841, 5th son)
  m. Alice Backhouse (d 29.01.1827, dau of Daniel Backhouse of Liverpool, widow of _ Kendall)
  (1) Daniel Hornby of Raikes Hall (b 23.06.1800, d 1863) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. Frances Birley (dau of John Birley of Manchester)
  (2) Robert Hornby (b 22.06.1804, Vicar of Walton-le-Dale then in Shrewsbury) had issue
  m. (22.06.1830) Mary Leyland Feilden (d 05.1857, dau of Sir William Feilden, Bart)
  (3) William Henry Hornby, Mayor of Blackburn (b 02.07.1805, d 04.09.1884, MP) had issue
  m. (19.05.1831) Margaret Susannah Birley (d 27.09.1898, dau/heir of Edward Birley of Kirkham)
  Their 4th son, William Henry, Mayor then MP for Blackburn, was created a Baronet in 1899.
  (4) John Hornby (b 19.08.1810, MP) had issue
  m. Margaret Bird (dau of Rev. Christopher Bird of Chollerton)
  d. Hugh Hornby (b 22.08.1765, d 04.01.1847, Vicar of St. Michael's)
  m. Ann Starky (dau/coheir of John Starky of Redvales)
  (1) William Hornby (b 26.02.1810, Vicar of St. Michael's-on-Wyre) had issue
  m1. Ellen Cross (d 15.03.1840, dau of William Cross of Red Scar)
  m2. (18.04.1844) Susan Charlotte Hornby (dau of Admiral Sir Phipps Hornby) see above
  e. Alice Hornby
  m. Richard Birley of Blackburn
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 18.07.1750, d 1776), William of Kirkham (b 1761, d 1824), Elizabeth (d infant)
  ii.+ other issue ("whose issue became extinct") - William, Richard

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