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Families covered: Humphrey (Humphrie) of Barton, Humphrey of Cirencester, Humphrey of Swepstone

Sir Peter Humphrey of Cirencester, Gloucestershire
1. Peter Humphrey of Cirencester
m. Elizabeth (widow of Henry Garstang of Barton)
  A. John Humphrey of Barton, Northamptonshire
  m. Elianor Vaulx (dau of Sir William Vaulx of Harendon (Vaux of Harrowden))
  i. William Humphrey or Humphrie of Barton
  m. Mawde Knightley (dau of Sir Richard Knightley of Fawsley)
a. Richard Humphrey or Humphrie of Barton
  m1/2. Jane Parsell (dau of Robert Parsell of Bedford)
  (1) William Humphrey or Humphrie of Barton Segrave & Swepstone (d 03.03.1591)
  m. Jane Linne (dau of Thomas Linne of Bassingbourne)
  (A) Richard Humphrey of Barton
  m. Mary Lane (dau of Sir William Lane of Horton (not Norton))
  Visitation ends with naming the next generation (as at 1619). The Harleian version confuses the issue slightly as to whether Nathaniell, etc., were children of Richard or his brother Thomas but VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Barton Seagrave'), which supports the following, confirms that Richard was succeeded by ...
  (i) Nathaniel Humphrey of Barton
  (a) Anne Humphrey
  m. Edward Tudor
  (b) Elizabeth Humphrey
  m. Thomas Brudenell
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1619) - Zacharias, Anne, Theodosia
  (B) Sir Thomas Humphrey of Shipson (Swepstone), Leicestershire (b c1554, d 04.02.1624, MP)
  The following is supported by HoP ("Thomas Humphrey").
  m1. Mary Mering (dsp 1618, dau of William Mering of Mering)
  m2. Suzanna Pilkington (d 1664, dau of George Pilkington of Barston)
  (i)+ 3 sons + 3 daughters
  (C) Audrye Humphrey
  m. Richard Harvey of Shenton
  (2) John Humphrey
m. Margaret Rous of Worcestershire
  (A) Mary Humphrey
  m. _ Malorye
  (B)+ other issue - Mary, Edward
  (3) Elinor Humphrey
  m. Thomas Babington of Temple Rotherley
  Visitation identifies a wife of Richard as Isabell Stanley, widow of William Tanfeild of Britton. This was possibly ...
  m2/1. (after 1549) Isabell Staveley (widow of William Tanfeild of Geyton)
  b. Elinor Humphrey
  m1. William Stafford of Totton (Tattenhoe, Buckinghamshire)
  m2. Sir Edmund Ashfield (d 24.01.1578, MP)
  c. Anna Humphrey
  m. Thomas Pagi (sic) of Wolgrave
  ii.+ other issue - Edward, Richard

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Humphrey')
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