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Families covered: Hurt of Alderwasley, Hurt of Ashbourn, Hurt of Castern, Hurt of Wirksworth

Thomas Hurt
1. William Hurt of Ashbourn
  m. Joan Leigh of Mathfield
  A. Thomas Hurt of Ashbourn
  m. Ellen Wright (dau of Richard Wright of Darbie)
  i. Thomas or Christopher Hurt of Ashbourn
  m. Ellen Blackwall (dau of Thomas Blackwall of Shirley)
  a. Thomas Hurt of Ashbourn had issue
  m. Mary Gell (dau of Rauf Gell of Hopton)
Glover reports that "This line ended in an heiress who married a Byrom."
2. Nicholas Hurt of Ashbourn & Kniveton, Derbyshire
  A. Thomas Hurt ancestor of Hurt of Kniveton
  B. Roger Hurt of Castern or Casterne, Staffordshire
  m. Edith Cockayne (bur 1589, dau of John Cockayne or Cockaine of Baddesley)
  i. Nicholas Hurt of Castern or Casterne (b 1567, d 1642)
  m. (1588) Ellen Beresford (bur 1600, dau of John Beresford of Newton Grange)
a. Thomas Hurt (dvpsp)
  m. Dorothy Alsop (dau of George Alsop of Castlehey, m2. Philip Jackson of Stanshop)
  b. Roger Hurt of Castern or Casterne (b c1592, d c1667)
m. Frances Brudnell (dau of Edward Brudnell or Brudenell of Stanton Wyvil)
  (1) Nicholas Hurt of Castern (b c1621, bur 07.02.1676)
  m. Isabella Harpur (dau of Sir Henry Harpur, 1st Bart of Calke)
  (A) Nicholas Hurt of Castern (b c1649, d 1711)
  m. (12.01.1670) Elizabeth Lowe (b 1659-60, d 29.04.1732, dau of John Lowe of Alderwasley, sister/heir of John)
  (i) Charles Hurt of Alderwasley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (bpt 11.07.1678, d 1763, 2nd son)
m. Catherine Rosell (d 29.05.1756, dau of Gervase Rosell of Ratcliffe-on-Trent)
  (a) Nicholas Hurt of Alderwasley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (bpt 24.01.1710, dsp 05.1767, 2nd son)
  (b) Francis Hurt of Wirksworth, later of Alderwasley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b c1722, d 07.08.1833)
  m. (17.08.1751) Mary Gell (b 1719-20, d 06.03.1801, dau of Thomas Gell of Gatehouse (Wirksworth))
((1)) Francis Hurt of Alderwasley & Castern, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 02.09.1753, d 05.01.1801)
  m. (01.09.1758) Elizabeth Shuttleworth (d 07.05.1831, dau of James Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe & Barton Lodge)
  ((A)) Francis Edward Hurt of Alderwasley & Castern, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 11.02.1781, d 22.03.1854) had issue
  m. (27.10.1802) Elizabeth Arkwright (d 30.01.1838, dau of Richard Arkwright of Willersley Castle)
  ((B)) James Hurt of Wirksworth (b 16.06.1785, Major) had issue
m. (11.10.1825) Mary Margaret Webb Edge (dau of Thomas Webb Edge of Strelley)
  Their eldest son inherited Strelley Hall and assumed the name Edge.
  ((C)) Mary Hurt
  m. (27.06.1820) Sir Richard Goodwin Keats (Vice Admiral)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Hurt (d 15.06.1841)
  m. (20.04.1815) George Moore of Appleby
((E)) Cassandra Hurt
  m. (05.06.1828) John Fleming St. John (vicar of Spondon)
  ((F)) Anne Emma Hurt
  m. (28.05.1833) Thomas Gell of Wirksworth (Major)
  ((G)) Catherine Hurt (d 03.09.1816)
  m. (02.11.1815) John Broadhurst of Foston
((I))+ other issue - Henry (b 18.08.1786, d 24.12.1811), Catherine Emma (d 1793)
  ((2)) Charles Hurt of Wirksworth, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 05.10.1758, d 30.08.1834)
  m. (12.06.1780) Susanna Arkwright (d 04.05.1835, dau of Sir Richard Arkwright of Cromford)
  ((A)) Charles Hurt of Wirksworth (b 29.06.1782)
  ((B)) Richard Hurt of Wirksworth (b 01.03.1785) had issue
  m. (19.03.1808) Caroline Shuttleworth (d 20.08.1827, dau of Robert Shuttleworth of Barton Lodge)
((C)) Edward Nicholas Hurt of London (b 17.01.1795, 5th son)
  m. (07.08.1823) Caroline Strutt (dsp 21.10.1834, dau of Joseph Strutt of Derby)
  ((D)) John Francis Thomas Hurt, later Wolley (b 26.09.1796, d 17.11.1877, vicar of Beeston) had issue
  m. (06.08.1822) Mary Wolley (d 03.05.1844, dau/coheir of Adam Wolley of Matlock)
  ((E)) Susanna Hurt
  m. (06.02.1811) John Ryle of Park House, Macclesfield
  ((F)) Mary Anne Hurt (d 06.09.1872)
  m. (02.09.1805) Peter Arkwright of Rock House, Cromford (d 19.09.1866)
((G))+ other issue - Frederick Nicholas (d young), John Octavius (d young), Frances (d unm 08.1931!), Margaret Anne (d 31.12.1799)
  ((3)) Catherine Hurt (d 03.04.1841)
  m. (23.02.1781) George Holcombe (rector of Matlock, prebendary of Westminster)
  ((4)) Cassandra Hurt (dsp 14.11.1776)
m. (08.07.1776) Philip Gell of Wirksworth (d 1822, cousin)
  ((5)) Mary Hurt (dsp(s) 23.02.1823)
  m. (04.07.1780) Rev. John Moore of Appleby
  ((6)) Mercy Hurt (d young)
  ((7)) Elizabeth Hurt (d 07.05.1803)
  m. (24.05.1785) Thomas Webb, later Edge, of Strelley (d 21.06.1819)
  (c) Grace Hurt
  m. (21.05.1744 (not 1749)) Richard Milnes of Dunstan
  (d)+ other issue (d young or unm) -Charles, John, John, Gervis, Henry, Mercy, Mercy, Mary, Catherine, Ann, Elizabeth
  (ii) Francis Hurt had issue
  m. Bridget Rosell (sister of Catherine)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (b 15.04.1677, dvp?), John, Anthony, Henry, Elizabeth (d young), Dorothy (d young), others (dsp - Grace, Mary, Mercy, Catherine)
  (B)+ other issue - John (d young), Harpur (dvp c1676), Dorothy, Frances, Anne, Elizabeth
  (2) John Hurt of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire (a 1680)
  m. Elizabeth Adshead (dau of Thomas Adshead of Milwich)
  (A)+ issue (a 1680) - Roger (b c1665), Thomas, Francis
(3) Thomas Hurt of Ilam (a 1680)
  m. Anne Willoughby (dau of Perciall Willoughby of Derby)
  (A)+ issue (a 1680) - Willoughby (b c1663), William, Percival, Elianor, Elizabeth
  (4) Anne Hurt
  m. Thomas Rudyard of Rudyard
  (5) Constance Hurt
  m1. John Port of Ilam (b c1592, d 02.1651)
  m2. Ralph Okeover (of family of Okeover)
  (9) Dorothy Hurt
  m. Thomas Adshead of Milwich
  c. Grace Hurt
  m. William Orme of Hanch Hal
  d. Anne Hurt
  m. William Partridge of Bromley Park
  e. Edith Hurt
  m. Richard Gregson of London
  f.+ other issue - Francis, Nicholas
3. Ralph Hurt ancestor of Hurt of Bristol

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Hurt formerly of Alderwasley), 'The History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the County of Derby' by Stephen Glover (edited by Thomas Noble, 1829, part 1, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Hurt of Ashbourn, ......', p7+) and some input/support from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Hurt of Casterne), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Hurt)
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