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(1) As one of the main sources used by the source site appears to have been the IGI, we do not complete the links in the upper section of this page to the relevant entry in the appropriate page elsewhere in the database pending obtaining some independent verification. We hope to check these links in due course.
(2) Identified as a grandson of Raoul, Count of Mons, son of Lambert II, Count of Mons, presumably Lambert II, Count of Louvain, was ...
Sir Radulphus de Lambert (d 1120)
m. Isabella (dau of Hugh le Brun, Count de la Marche) probably Hugues VII 'le Brun' of Lusignan
1. Hugh de Lambert
  m. Maud de Ros (dau of Peter de Ros) possibly Peter de Ros or Roos
  A. Sir William de Lambert
  m. Gundred (dau of William, Earl of Warren) presumably William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne & Surrey
  i. Henry de Lambert (b 1109)
  m. Alice de Mandeville (dau of Geoffrey, Earl of Essex) possibly Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex
a. John de Lambert (b 1145)
  (1) Sir Edmund de Lambert (b 1177)
  (A) Sir Edmund de Lambert
  m. _ Dauv
  (i) Edward de Lambert
  (a) John de Lambert
  m. Jane (?) Pickering (dau of Gilbert Pickering)
  ((1)) Isabel Lambert
  m. Henry Lambert @@ below
  ((2)) Jane de Lambert
  m. Thomas Danby
(B) Sir John de Lambert
  (i) Sir Edmund de Lambert
  (ii) Sir Thomas de Lambert
  (a) William Lambert
  m. Dorothy Cressy (dau of Thomas Cressy)
  ((1)) HenryLambert
  m. Isabel Lambert (dau of John de Lambert) @@ above
((A)) Sir Nicholas Lambert of Owton
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Lambert of Olton (Owton) - continued below
  ((ii)) Geoffrey Lambert
  m. Ellen Fulthorp
  ((a)) John Lambert (b 04.1550)
  m. Elizabeth Whitacres
  (((1))) Thomas Lambert
  m1. Jannet (Gotte or Tocts?)
  m2. Ellen Wyckes
  (((2))) Richard Lambert (3rd son)
  m. _ Burton of Cashalton
  (((3)))+ other issue - William, John, Christopher, Henry
  (iii) Susan de Lambert
  m. Sir Henry de Wake
  (C) Richard de Lambert
  (i) Henry Lambert
  (a) Sir Thomas Lambert
  (ii) John Lambert
  (a) John Lambert
((1)) John Lambert
  m. Joan Waleys
  ((A)) Ralph Lambert
  m. Julia Ellinbrygge
  ((i)) William Lambert
  ((ii)) John Lambert
  ((a)) John Lambert
  (((1))) John Lambert
  (((A))) John Lambert of Lamberts Oak and Perrott's Manor (d 1533)
  m. (1500) Joan Welles (dau of William Welles of Woodmansterne)
  (((B)))+ other issue - Richard, William, Thomas
  (((2)))+ other issue - Thomas (Rev.), William
  ((iii)) Mabel Lambert
  m. John Hereward or Harward
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Jeffrey, Martin
  (2) Thomas de Lambert, Sheriff of London (a 1221)
2. Otto or Oliver de Lambert



Sir Thomas Lambert of Olton (Owton) - continued above
1. ?? Lambert presumed intermediary generation
  The web site does not provide a connection between Sir Thomas and the following Robert who is assumed to have been descended from him.
  A. Robert Lambert of Owton
  m. Anne Tempest (dau of Robert Tempest of Holmside)
  i. Nicholas Lambert of Owton (b 1543)
  m. Anne Hurleston of South Wokyndon (who m2. Sir Thomas Hilton)
a. Robert Lambert of Owton
  m. Grace Cathericke of Richmond
  (1)+ issue - Agnes, Margery, Hellen
  b. George Lambert of Elwick
  (1) Nicholas Lambert (a 1652)
  c. Clement Lambert of Bishop Middlenham
  (1)+ issue - Ralph, Clement (bur 29.04.1591), William (bur 08.03.1603/4), Margery
  ii. Elizabeth Lambert
  m. (04.09.1539) John Lambert (b 26.09.1522, d 29.10.1596)
  iii. Dorothy Lambert
  m. John Lazenby
  iv. Anne Lambert
  m. Robert Manfield
  v. Margaret or Margery Lambert
  m. W(illiam) Claxton of Wynyard

Main source(s): the impressive family web site at www.familylambert.net/History/
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