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Families covered: Lanyon of Camborne, Lanyon of Gwinear (Wynyard), Lanyon of Lanyon, Lanyon of Lostwithiel

John de Linyine, Cornwall (a 1243) probably father of ...
1. Robert Lanyon
  A. Margaret Lanyon
  m. John Skory
2. Raphe Lanyon
A. John Lanyon
  i. John Lanyon
  m. Isabell Ruthfrey (dau of Thomas Ruthfrey)
  a. Richard Lanyon
  m. Isabell Trelysick (dau/heir of David Trelysick)
  (1) William Lanyon
  m. Thomasin Tregian (dau of Thomas Tregian)
(A) Richard Lanian or Lanyon of Lanyon (bur 18.09.1592) - continued below
  m. Margaret Treskillard (bur 28.10.1579, dau /heir of Thomas Treskillard)
  (B) William Lanyon
  m. Tamson (bur 26.01.1563)
  (i) Baldwin Lanyon (bpt 01.04.1561. bur 24.06.1563)
  (C) Walter Lanyon (bur 12.05.1605) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Nanspyan (bur 28.09.1598, dau of John Nanspyan)
  (D) Elinor Lanyon
m. John Carveigh
  (E) Alice Lanyon
  m. John Rashleigh of Fowey (b 05.02.1529, d 10.08.1581/2)
  (F) Cicily Lanyon
  m. Martyn Angwin
  (G) Isabell Lanyon
  m. _ Tresprison
  (H) Jane Lanyon
  m. Alexander Arundell
  (I) Anne Lanyon
  m. John Wood
  (J) Thomasine Lanyon
  m. John Cosgarne
  (K) Jane Lanyon
  m. Bennet Penrose
  (2) Isabell Lanyon
  m. Thomas Trewran



Richard Lanian or Lanyon of Lanyon (bur 18.09.1592) - continued above
m. Margaret Treskillard (bur 28.10.1579, dau /heir of Thomas Treskillard)
1. John Lanyon of Lanyon
  m. Phillipa Myliton (dau/coheir of William Myliton)
  A. Francis Lanion of Lanion (Lanyon of Lanyon)
  m. (24.05.1584) Alice Trewren (dau of John Trewren of Sancret)
i. Richard Lanion of Lanion (Lanyon of Lanyon) (bpt 08.09.1585, a 1620)
  m. Jane Mooring (dau of Richard Mooring alias de la More of Devon)
  a. John Lanyon (b c1610) had issue
  m. Anne
  b.+ other issue (a 1620) - Francis (b c1617), Pasca, Phillip(a), Jane
  ii. John Lanyon (bpt 10.12.1588)
  iii. Elizabeth Lanyon (bpt 02.11.1587)
  m. (1614) Ezekiell Trenwith
  iv. Anne Lanyon
  m. John Toinken of Penzance
  B. William Lanyon
2. Edward Lanyon of Gwinear, Cornwall (d before 15.03.1630, 5th son)
  m. Margery Chappell
  A. William Lanyon of Gwinear (Wynyard) (bpt 18.11.1590, a 1630, d 1652)
  Thanks to a contributor (MP, 09.03.22) who brought our attention to William's will (proved 17.02.1654) which mentions his wife Elizabeth and children Tobias, Constance Veale, Margaret Gluvias, Joane Trenwith & Elizabeth Lanyon.
  m. Elizabeth Lee (a 1652, dau of Richard Lee alias Kimpthorne)
  i. Tobyas Lanyon 'of Gwinear' (bpt 09.03.1619)
  m. (02.10.1646) Joane Reynolds
  a. Tobias Lanyon (bpt 27.02.1666, d before 26.04.1721)
  m. Mary Pennock (a 1728, dau of John Pennock)
  (1) Tobias Lanyon (d before 15.07.1762)
  m. Prudence Pawley (a 1767, dau of Hugh Pawley of Gunwin)
  (A) Tobias Lanyon (bpt 14.03.1730)
  m. _ Shelcross of Devon
  (i) Tobias Lanyon (a 1755, d young)
  (B) Richard Lanyon of Lanyon (3rd son)
  m. Anne King of Coswin (b c1741, d 1829)
  (i) Tobias Lanyon of Camborne (bpt 01.12.1763, d 1844, surgeon)
  m. (21.05.1801) Elizabeth Budge (dau of Peter Budge of Camborne)
  (a) Edward Lanyon of Camborne (d 1861, surgeon) had issue
  m. Charlotte Reynolds (dau of William Reynolds of Trevenson)
  (b) Richard Lanyon of Camborne (b 1810, dsp 1852, surgeon)
  m. Frances Reynolds (dau of William Reynolds of Trevenson)
  (ii) Richard Lanyon of Lostwithiel (bpt 01.09.1766, surgeon)
  (a) Richard Lanyon of Lostwithiel (b 1799, d 10.09.1852)
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 11.04.1768, d unm), John (bpt 09.07.1770, d young), William (bpt 27.09.1772, bur 04.09.1851), John (bpt 20.11.1776, d unm bur 06.04.1866), Hugh (bpt 29.04.1778, d unm)
  (C)+ other issue (a 1755) - Hugh (d unm before 29.09.1767), William (bpt 10.06.1741), Edward, Mary, Jane
  (2) John Lanyon (bpt 02.04.1709, 3rd son) had issue
  m. _ Williams
  (3) Elizabeth Lanyon
m. John Collins
  (4) Mary Lanyon
  m. Rev. Hugh Ley
  (5)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 19.06.1711, cleric), Dorothy
  b. Elizabeth Lanyon (bpt 08.04.1647, bur 23.09.1683)
  m. (29.04.1669) John Arundell of Sithney
  c.+ other issue - Honor (bpt 26.03.1655), Constance (b 26.01.1657), Mary (b 07.07.1659?), Jane (bpt 26.12.1663)
  ii. Constance Lanyon (bur 14.12.1691)
MP (see note above under Constance's father William) advised us that this could not have been the Constance who married Samuel Hext of Trenarren as this Constance had the following family.
  m. (20.01.1633/4) George Veale (d 1672, "son of the vicar of Gulval")
  a.+ issue - William, Tobias, Renatus, Elizabeth, 8 others
  iii. Margaret Lanyon
  m. _ Gluvias
  iv. Joanna Lanyon (bpt 27.07.1617) probably the Joane (bur 21.05.1663) who married ...
  m. Renatus Trenwith
  v.+ other issue - William (bpt 18.03.1621, d young?), Elizabeth (a 1630)
  B. Edward Lanyon (bpt 05.11.1592, a 1630)
  C. Phillipa Lanyon
  m. William Noye
3. Mawde Lanyon
  m. Henry Rosewarne
4. Jane Lanyon
  m. Richard Crane
5. Joane Lanyon
  m. Otes Merfield
6.+ other issue - John (dvp?), Richard (dvp?), William (dvp?), Raphe (bur 13.01.1605, had issue), Symon, Clement

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Lanyon of Lanyon)
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