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Families covered: Launcelyn (Lancelyn) of Bebington, Launcelyn (Lancelyn) of Poulton

Siward or Sighard (a 1093)
Ormerod shows a dotted line between Siward and the following Richard whilst Visitation indicates that Sighard was Richard's father. We presume that this implies that an illegitimate son of Siward/Sighard was ...
1. Richard de Launcelyn
  Ormerod spells the family name/designation as Launcelyn or Lancelyn, Visitation as Launcelin and then Lancelin.
  m. Mabell
  A. Robert de Launcelyn of Poulton, Bebington, etc. (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  i. Robert de Launcelyn
  a. William de Launcelyn of Poulton (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Agnes de Kingsley (dau/coheir of Richard de Kingsley)
  (1) William de Launcelyn of Poulton, Bebington, etc. (d 1272-3)
  (A) Henry de Launcelyn (a 1280)
Visitation inserts another generation here, a Richard.
  (i) William de Launcelyn (a 1315)
  m. Katherine
  (a) Henry de Launcelyn (a 1315, dsp)
  (b) Richard de Launcelyn
  Visitation ends with this generation, suggesting that Richard was under age 31E3 (i.e. born after 1336). Ormerod suggests that his son William succeeded to Poulton & Bebington before 23E3 (1349-50). It is surely impossible that both can be correct.
  m. Felicia (dau of William de Doncaster)
  ((1)) William de Launcelyn of Poulton & Bebington - continued below
  (B) Ranulph de Launcelyn
  (2) Sir Thomas de Launcelyn
  ii. Henry de Launcelyn
  a.+ issue - Emma, Cecilia, Margery, Siwerida
  B. William de Launcelyn (dsp)
  C. Galfrid de Aston
  i. Hugh de Aston had issue



William de Launcelyn of Poulton & Bebington (d by 1383) - continued above
1. John Launcelyn (a 1423)
  m. Maud Stanley (dau of William Stanley of Storeton)
  A. Roger Launcelyn (a 1461)
  i. John Launcelyn (d before 1502)
  a. William Launcelyn of Poulton & Bebington (d by 1528)
  (1) Roger Launcelyn (dvp)
  (A) William Launcelyn or Lancelyn of Poulton (a 1546)
  (i) Elizabeth Lancelyn (d after 1531, a 1568)
  m. Randle Green of Poulton Lancelyn & Bebington

Main source(s): the pedigree on 'Lancelyn of Poulton, and Greene of Poulton Lancelyn' in Ormerod's 'History of Cheshire' (vol II) with some support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, 'Launceline olim familia nunc extincta')
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