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Families covered: Lewthwaite of Broad Gate (Broadgate)

(1) Commoners, supported by BLG1863, reports that "This name seems to import Anglo-Saxon derivation.Thwaite, signifying a piece of ground cleared of wood, and the prefix Lowe, a hill, give the ancient orthography of the name.The family appear from ancient documents to have held lands in various parts of Cumberand from an early period."
(2) Commoners & BLG1863 give the arms of this family as "Erm. a cross flory az. fretty or".
Thomas Lewthwaite of Whicham
m. _ Newby of Haverigg
1. Thomas Lewthwaite, 1st of Broad Gate, Cumberland (b 08.12.1588, d 1667)
  m. _ Askew of Gremains
  A. John Lewthwaite (dsp Edge Hill 1642, captain)
  B. James Lewthwaite of Broad Gate
  m. Agnes Dickson (dau of William Dickson of Beckbank)
  i. John Lewthwaite of Broad Gate
  m. Eleanor Wingfield (dau of George Wingfield of Woodland)
  a. James Lewthwaite (d young)
  b. William Lewthwaite of Broad Gate
  m. Elizabeth Towers (dau of John Towers of Hockler Hall)
  (1) John Lewthwaite of Broad Gate (dsps in Antigua 06.1781)
  m. ?? (Mrs. Grice of Antigua)
  (2) William Lewthwaite of Broad Gate & Whitehaven (d 1809)
  m. Mary Nicholson (dau/coheir of Joseph Nicholson of Milholm, Bootle)
  (A) William Lewthwaite of Broad Gate (b 1765-6, d 30.03.1845)
  m. Eleanor Cragg (d 1830, dau of Thomas Cragg of Loskells (Lowscales))
  (i) John Lewthwaite of Broadgate (Broad Gate) (b 24.03.1792, a 1863) had issue
  m. (18.05.1820) Anne Kirkbank (dau of William Kirkbank of Beckside)
  (ii) Mary Lewthwait
  m. William Postlethwaite of Ulverstone
  (iii) Agnes Lewthwait
  m. Robert Postlethwaite of Broughton
  (iv)+ other issue - Joseph, Eleanor (d unm), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (B) John Lewthwaite
  m. Margaret Taylor (dau of Roger Taylor of Stott Park)
  (i)+ issue - William, Gilfrid, Marianne, Frances Jane
  (C) George Lewthwaite (rector of Adel)
  m. Martha Birley (dau of Thomas Birley of Low Mill & Kirkham)
  (i)+ issue - William Henry, George, Margaret
  (D) Agnes Lewthwaite
  m. R. Armistead (rector of Moresby)
  (i)+ issue - Richard, William, John, Joseph, Mary, Agnes, Frances
  (E) Mary Lewthwaite
  m. Milham Hartley of Rose Hill, Sherff of Cumberland (a 1818)
  (i)+ issue - John, Milham, George, Gilfrid William, Mary Ann, Isabella, Margaret
  (F) Ann Lewthwaite (dsp 1803)
  m. Peter Dixon of Newington
  (G) Margaret Lewthwaite (dsp 1835)
  m. Peter Taylor of Belfield (major)
  (H)+ other issue - Joseph (d 1810/6 at Dominica), Thomas (d young), Frances (d young), Betsy of Hazel Mount
  (3) George Lewthwaite in Antigua (d unm)
  (4) Eleanor Lewthwaite
  m. William Postlethwaite of Elvanfort (Mary Port)
  (A) Agnes Postlethwaite (dsp)
  m. John Wild of Broughton
  (B)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas in London, William in London, Elizabeth
  (5) Elizabeth Lewthwaite (dsp)
  m. William BHunter of Cross House, Millom
  (6) Agnes Lewthwaite (dsp)
  m. Thomas Bailey of Broughton in Furness
  (7) Margaret Lewthwaite (dsp)
  m. _ Taylor of Liverpool
  c. Eleanor Lewthwaite
  m. John Lewis of London
  (1) Charles Lee Lewis of London (comedian) had issue
  (2) Elizabeth Lewis (dsp)
m. _ Dawkins
  d. Elizabeth Lewthwaite
  m. John Addison of Ravenglass
  (1) Eleanor Addison
  m. George Fenwick of Lambton
  (A)+ issue - William, George, John, Addison, Ralph, Robert
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (dsps in London), John (dsps in London), Elizabeth (d unm)
  ii. William Lewthwaite of Gateshead, co. Durham (b 07.12.1667, 3rd son)
  m. (19.12.1700) Catherine Lawson (dau of Sir Gilfrid Lawson of Brayton, Bart)
  a. Alfred Lewthwaite (d infant)
  b John Lewthwaite in Whitehaven
  m. Grace Jackson (dau of Robert Jackson of Bransty House)
  (1) Gilfrid Lewthwait in Whitehaven (bur 03.08.1779)
  iii. James Lewthwaite of Lady Hall
  m. _ Winnington (dau of Myles Winnington of Greyson House)
  a. James Lewthwaite of Chester
  (1) John Lewthwaite
  m. Elizabeth Lancaster (dau of James Lancaster)
  (A) John Lewthwaite in London had issue
  (B) George Lewthwaite of Ulverstone (dsp)
  b. John Lewthwaite
  iv. Ellen Lewthwaite
  m. William Robinson of Warburghwaite
  a. Elizabeth Robinson
  m. John Hallied
  (1) William Hallied in Dublin (dsp 1780)
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - Ralph in London (d 1697), Anthony in Lancaster, Elizabeth, Agnes, Margaret
  C. Margaret Lewthwaite
  m. William Benson of Warburghwaite

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Lewthwaite of Broad Gate', p93+) with some support from BLG1863 ('Lewthwaite of Broad Gate')
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