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Families covered: Lyster of Athleague, Lyster of Grange, Lyster of Lysterfield, Lister of Newsholme, Lyster of Rocksavage

Anthony Lyster or Lister of Newsholme, Yorkshire (d c08.1576)
m. Margaret
1. Thomas Lister of Newsholme (d 08-9.1587) had issue
  m. Alice (widow of _ Lancaster)
2. Walter Lister of Milton, co. Roscommon (b 05.12.1566, d 28.01.1622, 4th son)
  m. Deborah Osbaldeston (dau of Geoffrey Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston, Chief Justice of Connaught)
  A. Anthony Lister (a 1622, 1689)
m1. _ Blood (d 1641)
  i.+ issue (d 1641)
  BLG1894 ('Lyster of Rocksavage') reports that the 5 children of this marriage were murdered "in the Irish rebellion of 1641" with their mother.
  m2. Christiana Kilkenny
  ii. Thomas Lister of Grange, Athleague, etc (co Roscommon) (d 28.08.1726)
  m1. _ O'Kelly (dau of Thomas O'Kelly)
  a. William Lister or Lyster of Athleague & Castle Coote, Sheriff of co. Roscommon (dvp 1722)
  m. Margaret Gunning (d 09.06.1771, dau of Bryan Gunning of Castle Coote, widow of John Edwards of Dublin)
  (1) John Lyster of Athleague (b 11.1722, d unm 28.11.1753)
  (2) Elizabeth Lyster (d unm 1790)
  (3) Jane Lyster (d 1788)
  m. Christopher Kirwan, later Lyster, of Ash Park
(4) Margaret Lyster (dsp before 21.12.1812)
  m1. (17.02.1752) William O'Dwyer later Lyster (d 18.05.1789)
  m2. Richard Rumbold later Lyster
  m3. James West, later Lyster, of Fort William
  b. Anthony Lister or Lyster of Lysterfield (d 1746)
  m1. Elizabeth Warren (dau/heir of Richard Warren)
(1) Thomas Lyster of Lysterfield (dsp)
  m. (07.1742) Mary Whitney (dau of Boleyn Whitney of Naas)
  (2) Joyce Lyster (d 08.02.1773)
  m. James Leslie, Bishop of Limerick (d 24.11.1770)
  m2. Mary French (dau of Patrick French of Monivea by Jane Digby)
  (3) Elizabeth Lyster
  m. Robert Robinson, later Lyster (brother of Judge Christopher)
  (A) Elizabeth Robinson
  m. (25.05.1785) Frederick Trench, 1st Lord Ashtown (b 1755, dsp 1840)
  c. John Lister or Lyster of Rocksavage, co. Roscommon (d 1755)
  m. (05.1718) Elizabeth Coddington (dau of Dixie Coddington of Holm Patrick)
  (1) John Lyster of Rocksavage & Wexford (b 30.03.1725, d 04.05.1816, 2nd son)
  m. (c12.1754) Jane Ducasse (d 10.09.1812)
  (A) John Henry Lyster of Summerhill, co. Dublin (b 08.01.1759, d 11.12.1808)
  m. (03.06.1790) Catherine Dorothea Bayly (dau of Benjamin Neale Bayly)
  (i) Benjamin O'Neal Lyster (b 08.03.1795, d 1842, Captain, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Mary Hill of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  (ii) Henry Lyster (b 03.09.1799, d 27.10.1864, Rear Admiral RN, 4th son) had issue
  m. (03.04.1831) Eliza Hatton (bur 06.08.1855, dau of Gen. John Hatton)
  (iii) Letitia Jane Lyster (dsp 16.07.1882)
  m. (1818) Rev. Richard Bermingham
  (iv) Isabella Lyster (d 09.05.1868)
  m. (14.11.1833) William Toole of Curracloe (Colonel)
  (v)+ other issue - John Dixie (b 17.04.1792, d unm bur 14.11.1825), Thomas George (d unm 18.06.1823), Walter Stephen (b 02.01.1803, d 1825), Catherine (d 08.05.1794), Catherine Dorothea of Rocksavage (d unm 23.06.1883), Jane Elizabeth (d 12.03.1815), Anne Frances (d unm 11.08.1868)
  (B) Stephen Lyster (b 18.06.1763, rector of Kilnamanagh, 3rd son)
  m. (08.04.1795) Margaret Corristinea Fry of Frybrook
  (i)+ issue (d unm) - Catherine Jane (d 07.08.1886), Jane (d 18.06.1866), Mary (d 13.06.1884), Margaret (d 15.11.1900)
  (C) Thomas Lyster of Rocksavage (b 21.09.1764, d unm 20.11.1844, Lt. Colonel)
  (D) William John Lyster (b 27.08.1765, d 08.1849, Captain)
  m1. Marha Hatton (d 1818, dau of John Hatton of Ballymartin)
  (i) Armstrong Lyster (b 1803, d 1876) had issue in USA
  m. (1834) Anne Isabella Isdell (dau of Capt. Isdell of Sanders Court)
  (ii) William Narcissus Lyster (b 1805, Rev.) had issue
  m. (1832) Ellen Cooper (dau of John Cooper of Birchgrove)
  m2. Emily Letitia Bayly (bur 21.03.1849, dau of Benjamin Neale Bayly, widow of John Brabazon Lyster of Dublin)
  (E) Elizabeth Magdalen Lyster (d 12.1822)
  m. (01.10.1781) Robert Swift
  (F) Anne Hester Lyster (dsp 06.12.1839)
  m. Thomas Paul (Dean of Cashel)
  (G)+ other issue - Henry Dixie (b 24.04.1760, d unm 1793, Captain), Mark Anthony (b 17.05.1767, d 15.05.1849, Rev.), David James of Dublin (b 19.11.1769, d unm 22.10.1853), Jane Fridsweed (d 07.06.1760), Louisa Deobrah (d 05.06.1760), Mary (d 11.1768)
  (2) Henry Lyster of Bath & Kilbride (co. Wicklow)
m. Mary Alen (dau/heir of John Alen of St. Woolstans)
  (A) John Lyster of Dublin & Bath (d 30.06.1820, rector of Clonpriest)
  m. (1778) Mary Aleyne Cameron (d 04.10.1826, dau of Thomas Cameron of Worcester)
  (i) Henry Alen Lyster (b 1782, d 07.10.1827) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Saunders (dau of Admiral _ Saunders)
  (ii) Lyttleton Lyster of Union Hall, Lysterfield, etc. (b 1789, d 20.02.1850) had issue
  m. (15.08.1811) Charlotte Cameron Limrick (d 14.05.1849, dau of Rev. Paul Limrick)
  (iii) Charles Frederick Lyster of Riverstown, co. Cork (d 14.02.1855) had issue
  m. (1814) Elizabeth Hoare (d 10.07.1867, dau/coheir of Deane Hoare of Cork)
  (iv) Mary Anne (or Marion) Lyster (b 1779, d 28.04.1849)
  m. (13.10.1794) Sir James Crofton, Bart (d 1849)
  (v) Louisa Susanna Lyster (d 09.1852)
  m. (01.12.1819) George Thompson (Captain)
  (vi) Georgina Lyster (dsp 09.1864)
  m. (1807) Peter North
  (vii) Augusta Lyster
  m. Rev. Henry Rogers
  (viii) Caroline Lyster
  m. Terence Fitton of Gawsworth
  (ix) Lucy Lyster (bpt 08.02.1781, dsp)
  m. (1804) Robert Richardson
  (B) William Lyster (a 1765)
  m. ?? (widow of Alan Reilly of Milltown)
(C) Henry Lyster
  m. Margaret Burroughs (dau of Thomas Burroughs)
  (i) Alfred Lyster (a 1798) had issue
  (D) Mary Lyster
  m. (1780) Henry Tisdall
  (E) Charlotte Lyster
m. _ Eames
  (3) William Lyster (d before 22.11.1788)
  m. (1765? not 1780) Mary Tisdall (dau of Rev. T. William Tisdall) here?
  (A) John Brabazon Lyster of Dublin (d 1803)
  m. (1792) Emily Letitia Bayly (dau of Benjamin Neale Bayly, m2. Capt. William John Lyster)
  (i) William Lyster (Colonel in Columbia)
  m. (1835) Sophia Lateward (dau of Richard L. Lateward, widow of Sir T.E. Croft, 7h Bart)
  (ii) Elizabeth Lyster (d 1831)
m. (1814) Richard Adams of Dunmelton (Captain)
  (iii) Letitia Lyster (b 1800)
  m. (1823) Edmund F. Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell
  (iv) Kate Lyster (d 1866)
  m. (1833) Cosby Adams (brother of Captain Richard Adams of Dunmelton)
  (B) Mark Anthony Lyster
  m. Elizabeth Myles Dowdall (dau of Myles Dowdall by Elizabeth Lyster)
  (i)+ 2 daughters
  (C) William Lyster (b 1768, d 1833, rector of Cloghran) had issue
  m. Priscilla Ouseley (sister of Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart)
  (D) Chaworth Lyster (d 1860, Captain) had issue
  m. (1821) Anne Knightley (dau of Thomas Knightley)
  (E) Elizabeth Lyster
  m. (1796) James Saunin, Bishop of Dromore
  (4) Thomas Lyster (d by 1808, Rev.)
  m. (1770) Elizabeth Ould (dau of Sir Fielding Ould)
  (A) Fielding Lyster (b 1774, dvp 1803)
  (5) Anne Lyster
  m. (1756) Rev. James Kyan
  (9) Elizabeth Lyster (dsp)
  m. Rev. Samuel Whalley
  (7) Fridsweed Lyster
m. Mark Hearne
  (8) Catherine Lyster
  m. Robert Travers
  (9) Mary Lyster
  m. (1766) M. Prendergast
  (10)+ other issue - Dixie (d unm), Dorothy
  m2. (07.03.1718) Alice Browne (d before 24.06.1748, dau of Dodwell Browne, widow of Dominic Wade (sb Meade?) then Sir John Aylmer, Bart (of Balrath), m4. Rev. Oliver Carter)
  d. Thomas Lister or Lyster of Grange, Sheriff of co. Roscommon (b 29.12.1719, d 11-12.1790)
  m. (1743) Bridget Fitzgerald (dau of Thomas Fitzgerald of Turlough)
  (1) Anthony Lyster of Grange (b 21.01.1759, d 1797, Captain)
  m. Anna McLellan (b 1754-5, d 01.1842)
  (A) Thomas St. George Lyster of Grange (b 1777, d 17.11.1850, Major) had issue
  m. Sophia Sarah Lister (db 1776-7, 12.05.1857, dau of Maj. Gen. Henry Lister)
  (B) Anthony Lyster of Stillorgan Park, Dublin (b 1797, d 05.01.1880) had issue
  m. Marcia Deborah Tate (d 17.01.1893, dau of James Tate of Ballintaggart)
  (C) Bridget Harriet Lyster (dsp 1862)
  m. Michael English Graham
  (D) Anna Maria Lyster (b 1785, 23.08.1885)
  m. (1816) James Collins (son of Rev. Emmanuel)
  (E) Belinda Lyster (d unm 13.05.1858)
  (F) Alicia Anne Lyster (d 01.03.1847)
  m. John North
(G) Helen Lyster
  m. Robert Denny (Captain)
  (H) Sophia Lyster (b 1790, d 11.08.1874)
  m. (30.10.1812) Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees, 2nd Bart (d 07.03.1852)
  (I) Louisa Lyster
  m. (1825) William Hammond (Captain)
  (2) George William Lyster
  m. Juliana or Harriet Kirwan (dau of John Kirwan of Hillsbrook)
  (A) Thomas Mark Lyster (d 1817) had issue
  m. Harriette Bourke (dau/coheir of Peter Bourke of Ballinew)
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 03.1798), Thomas (d unm 1798)
  e. George Lister or Lyster
  iii. John Lister of Corkip, co Roscommon
  m. _ Bellew
  B. Ellin Lister
3. Alice Lister
  m. Edmund Danser of Gisburne
4.+ other issue - Anthony of Newsholme (dsp c09.1588), John (a 08.1588, had issue)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 ('Lyster of Rocksavage')
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