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Families covered: Maghull of Aintree, Maghull of Maghull (Maile)

Possibly a younger son or brother of Sir Adam Molyneux (here??) or Simon Molyneux (later de Halsall, here??) was ...
William de Maghull, Lancashire (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Robert de Maghull
  m. ?? (dau of Richard son of Richard de Thornton)
  A. Richard de Maghull
  m. Alice (dau/heir of William de Aintree)
  i. Richard de Maghull
  m. (c1300) Emotta (dau of Robert de Rudginge of Sefton)
  a. ?? de Maghull
  m. ?? (dau of John son of Robert de Septon of Aintree)
(1) ?? Maghull of Maghull
  (A) ?? Maghull of Magull
  m. Emotta (sister/coheir of John Darbyshire, relict of Henry Crosse & Chrisopher Molyneux of Male)
  (i) Thomas Maghull of Magull & Aintree (a 1438)
  m. ?? (dau of Hugh de Brettland by Anne)
  (a) Gilbert Maghull of Maghull
  ((1)) daughter (heir)
  m. Rafe Molyneux of Maghull
  (b) Thomas Maghull (a 1448)
  ((1)) John Maghull
  ((2)) Nicholas Maghull of Maghull - continued below



Nicholas Maghull of Maghull - continued above
1. Matthew Maghull of Maghull (a 1464, 1507)
  A. Thomas Maghull of Ayntre (Aintree) (dvp?)
  m. Isabell Formby (a 1556, dau of William Formby)
  i. Robert Maghull of Maghull (d c1547)
  m. Alice Fazakerley (dau of Roger Fazakerley of Fazakerley)
  a. Richard Maghull of Maghull (a 1600)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Maghull of Maghull') which starts with this Richard.
  m. Margaret Carleton (dau of Henry Carleton of Fazakerley)
  (1) Richard Maghull of Maghull
  (2) Andrew Maghull of Maghull (d c1603)
m. Elizabeth Halsall (dau of Thomas Halsall of Melinge (Melling))
  (A) Richard Maghull of Maghull aka Maile (b c1598, a 1664)
  m. Alice Clayton (dau of William Clayton of Leyland)
  (i) William Maghull (b c1619, a 1639) mentioned by MGH but not by Dugdale
  (ii) Anne Maghull mentioned by Dugdale but not by MGH
  m. William Hulme of Maghull
  (iii)+ other issue (a 09.1634) - Robert of London (b c1625), John mentioned by Dugdale but not by MGH
  (B) Robert Maghull (d unm in Ireland)
  b. Eleonore Maghull probably of this generation
  m1. Thomas Ives
  m2. Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton (d 1568)

Main source(s): MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Maghull of Maghull', p300+)
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