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Families covered: Manington of Manington (Mannington of Mannington), Manaton of Stratton

Vivian spells this family's name as 'Manington' or 'Manaton' whereas most cross-references to it spell the name as 'Mannington'. Provisionally we follow Vivian but we may change this in the future.
Adam Manington
1. William Manington
  A. Sir George Manington
  i. William Manington
  a. Robert Manington
m. _ Bycton (dau of John Bycton)
  (1) John Manington of Manington, Cornwall
  m. Margaret Kingdon (a 1516, dau of John Kingdon)
  (A) John Manington
  m. _ Trecarrell (dau of John Trecarrell)
  (i) Sampson Manington of Manington (d c1571)
  m1/2. Isabell Boscawen (dau of John Boscawen of Tregothnan)
  m2/1. _ Tremayne (dau of Richard Tremayne)
  (a) Henry Manington 'of Southill' (d 24.04.1595)
  m. Jone
  ((1)) Antohny Manington (b by 1574)
  ((A)) Antohny Manington (bur 12.01.1656, rector of St. Pinnock)
m. (20.05.1623) Joanna Wills (bur 10.1.1639, dau of William Wills of Saltash)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Manington (bpt 20.01.1627)
  m. (1657) Christopher Efford of Modbury
  ((ii)) Jane Manington (bpt 14.01.1637)
  m. (1657) Degory Pearce
  ((iii))+ other issue - Henry (bpt 1635, bur 16.04.1636), Anne (bpt 1630), Frances (bpt 1632)
  ((2)) Katherine Manington
  m. George Colling of Hampte
  ((3)) Grace Manington
  m. John Crabbe
  (b) Edward Manington (a 1574) - continued below
  m. Katherine Harte (dau of John Harte)
  (c) Grace Manington
  m. Francis Jackman



Edward Manington (a 1574) - continued above
m. Katherine Harte (dau of John Harte)
1. Peter Manington of Manington
  m. Frances Couch (a 1629, dau/heir of Edward Couch of Houghton)
  A. Samson Manington of Manington (a 1620)
  m. Mary Gorges (a 1630, dau/coheir of Tristram Gorges of Budeuxshed)
i. Francis Manington (a 1694)
  m. _ Huckmore
  a. Francis Manington (a 1708)
  b. ? Ambrose Manington of Launceston
  m. (c07.1721) Grace Horndon of Callington
  ii. Frances Manington (b c1616)
  m. Michael Hill of Trenethick
  iii.+ other issue - Anne (b c1614, a 1630), Jane (b c1618)
  B. Ambrose Manington of South Petherwyn, Cornwall (d 01.06.1651, MP)
  m. Anne Edgcomb (bur 26.01.1638, dau of Peirse Edgcomb of Mount Edgcomb, widow of Richard Trefusis)
  i. Ambrose Manington or Manton (a 1688, MP) possibly father of ...
  a. Ambrose Manaton of Killworthy, Devon (dsp before 1706)
  m. (23.10.1690) Rachel Carew (d before 20.05.1706, dau of Sir John Carew, Bart of Antony)
  ii. Katherine Manington
  m. (25.08.1681) Nicholas Gennys
  C. Henry Manington
D. Alice Manington
  m. Oliver White of St. Stephens
  E. Mary Manington
  m. (13.11.1613) John Salmon
  F. Grace Manington
  m. _ Notell
2. Samson Manington (d 08.1637)
  m. Judith Hawkins (dau of Richard Hawkins)
  A. Peirse Manington of Combeshed, Cornwall
  m. (27.12.1614) Margery Buller (dau of Francis Buller of Shillingham)
  i. Sampsone Manington or Manaton (bpt 01.05.1616, bur 1657)
  a. Peter Manaton (bpt 01.07.1640, bur 18.01.1708)
  m. Philippa
  (1) Peter Manaton (bpt 29.05.1661, bur 18.08.1743)
  m. (1680) Joan Sakfen
  (A) Katherine Manaton
  m. (05.08.1726) John Bleath of Callington
  (B) Elizabeth Manaton (bur 18.08.1722)
  (2) Phillippa Manaton (bpt 25.02.1666)
  m. Hugh Mill (rector of Beaford)
  (3) Elizabeth Manaton
  m. Ridley Mill
  (4)+ other issue - Sampson (bpt 24.09.1663), Judith (a 1707), Mary (bur 03.09.1740), Joane (a 1707)
  b. Sampson Manaton (bur 07.11.1687)
  m. Mary (bur 31.05.1704)
  (1) Sampson Manaton of Stratton
  m. Elizabeth (bur 29.09.1726)
  (A) Sampson Manaton of Stratton (bpt 10.11.1696, d 28.02.1772)
  m. Mary (bur 08.03.1780)
  (i) Sampson Manaton of Stratton (bur 31.08.1786)
  m. (09.10.1767) Anne Gilbert (bur 15.12.1806)
  (a)+ issue - Henry (bpt 06.12.1769), Charles (bpt 29.03.1771, bur 08.07.1783), Pearce (bpt 05.1775), sampson (bpt 26.05.1786), Elizabeth (bpt 04.06.1773), Mary (bpt 17.04.1778), Frances (bpt 29.04.1782)
  (ii) Elizabeth Manaton
  m. (01.12.1750) William Marshall (rector of Poughill)
  (iii) Mary Manaton (bur 17.03.1770)
  (2) Pierce Manaton
  m. Elizabeth (bur 02.11.1696)
  (A) Pierce Manaton (bur 15.07.1696)
  (3) Margery Manaton (but 047.12.1663)
  ii. Richard Manington, Mayor of Bodmin (b c1608, a 1668)
  m. Penelope (bur 23.09.1670)
  a. Joane Manington (bur 01.12.1663)
  iii. other issue - Mary (bpt 22.02.1624), Thomasine (bpt 10.04.1625)
  B. Elizabeth Manington
  m. _ Smythe
  C.+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Arthur
3.+ other issue - Ambrose, Arthur, George

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Manington of Manington)
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