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Families covered: Massie of Coddington, Massey of Rosthorne
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Robert Massie of Coddington
m. Dorothy Calveley (dau of Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea by Christiana, dau of Thomas Cottingham)
1. Roger Massie of Coddington (d 20.04.1533-4)
  m. Elizabeth or Margaret Brereton (dau of Randle Brereton of Eccleston and Wettenhall)
  A. John Massie of Coddington
  m1. Ellen Daniel (dau of Thomas Daniel of Tabley)
  i. Thomas Massie (dvpsp)
  m2. (sp) Margaret Bamville (dau of Randle Bamville of Chester)
  m3. (sp) Grace Grosvenor (dau of Sir Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton)
  m4. Mary Hughes (dau of Edward Hughes of Holt, relict of Arthur Starkey of Wrenbury)
  ii. John Massie of Coddington
  m. Anne Grosvenor (b 03.02.1582, d 18.09.1619, dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton)
  a. Roger Massie of Coddington (b c1604, 2nd son)
m. (1649) Mary Middleton (dau of Roger Middleton of Cadwgan)
  (1) John Massie of Coddington (b 1651, d 1730)
  m1. (1674) Elizabeth Wilson (dau of William Wilson of Chester and Terne, registrar of Chester)
  (A) William Massie (dsp 1729)
  m. (1712) Anne Williams (dau of Sir John Williams, Bart of Pengethley)
  (B) Elisabeth Massie
  m. Francis Elcock of Pool
  (C)+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Anne (d unm 1727), Margaret
  m2. (1653, sp) Dorothy Dutton (dau of Peter Dutton of Hatton, widow of John Walthall)
  m3. (1711) Elizabeth Puleston (dau of John Puleston of Pickhill by Ann Alport)
  (F) Richard Massie of Coddington (d 03.1770)
m. (17.04.1735) Charlotte Lloyd (d 1783, dau of Rev. Thomas Lloyd of Llas Power)
  (i) John Massie of Coddington (b 1736, dsp 1773)
  (ii) Thomas Massie of Coddington (b 1738, d 1802)
  m. Elisabeth Marriot (dau of Nathaniel Marriot of Cheshunt)
  (a) Richard Massie of Coddington (b 12.01.1771, d 16.04.1854, rector of Eccleston)
  m. (06.10.1796) Hester Lee Townshend (dau of Edward Townshend of Wincham Hall)
  ((1)) Richard Massie of Coddington (b 18.06.1800, dsp 11.03.1887)
  m. (07.01.1834) Mary Anne Hughes (d 20.02.1841, dau of Hugh Robert Hughes of Bache Hall)
  ((2)) Thomas Leche Massie of Coddington (b 21.10.1802, d 10.07.1898, Admiral) had issue
  m. (08.02.1844) Charlotte Hester Townshend (d 22.08.1896, dau of Edward Venable Townshend of Wincham, cousin)
  ((3)) Edward Massie (b 12.1805, dsp 21.01.1893, Rev.)
  m. Sophia Thornycroft (dau of Rev. Charles Thornycroft of Thornycroft)
  ((4)) Robert George Massie (b 1815, d 1833, 10th son) had issue
  m. Annette Browne (d 02.12.1913, dau of T. Browne of Hartlands, Australia)
  ((5)) Eliza Ann Massie (dsp 04.02.1886)
  m. (1823) William T. Buchanan of Ravenscourt then Northcote
  ((6)) Hester Susannah Massie (d 24.04.1882)
  m. (27.05.1828) John Armistead (d 19.04.1865, vicar of Sandbach)
  ((7)) Frances Maria Massie
  m. (1827) G.B. Blomfield (canon of Chester, rector of Stevenage)
  ((8)) Harriet Vyse Massie
  m. (1829) Lawrence Armistead of Cranage Hall (d 1874)
  ((9))+ other issue - William Henry (b 11.1806, d 05.01.1856, rector in Chester), Townshend (b 1808, dsp 1836), John Bevis (b 09.1809, dsp 1851, Captain RN), Watkin (b 11.1812, dsp 08.07.1881), Charles (b 1813), George (d infant), Hugh Hamon (b 03.1817, d 03.10.1893), Henry (d 1820), Sidney (d 05.06.1891), Barbara Henrietta, Cornelia Lee, Anna Maria, Charlotte, Mary Mackenzie
  (iii) Edward Massie (b 1747, 5th son)
  (a) Watkin Massie
  (iv) Charles Massie (b 1750, 7th son)
  m. Benedicta Lloyd (dau of Robert Lloyd of the family of Maesmynan)
  (a)+ issue - William, Thomas, Maria, Emma
  (v) Elizabeth Massie (dsp)
  m. William Lloyd of Plas Power
  (vi)+ other issue - William of Chester (b 1740, dsp 1806), Richard Myddelton (b 1743, d infant), Robert (b 1748, dsp), Maria Sobieskie (d unm), Ann (d unm), Frances (d young)
  (G) Mary Massie
  m. Eubule Roberts of Llanprydd
  (2) Roger Massie or Massey
  The following comes from Commoners (vol iii, Massey of Pool Hall).
  m. Mary Edwards of Chester
  (A) John Massey
  (i) John Massey
  (a) Robert Massey (vicar of Ecccleston)
  (ii) Roger Massey (dsp)
(B) Roger Massey
  (i) Thomas Massey of Chester
  (a) William Massey
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, James St. John
  (b)+ other issue - Cholmondeley, Henry
  (ii) William Massey (rector of Ditchingham)
m. Elizabeth Elcocke (d 1825, dau of Francis Elcocke of White Pool)
  (a) Roger Massey (archdeacon of Barnstaple, rector of Cheriton Bishop & Lawhitton)
  m. Anne Arnold
  ((1))+ issue - John, 4 daughters
  (b) William Massey of Poole Hall had issue
  m. (1817) Mary Goodman (dau of John Goodman of Porthamel)
  (c)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Sarah
  (iii)+ other issue (d unm) - Grace, Mary
  (3) Edward Massie or Massey of Rosthorne (d 1730)
  The following comes mainly from Commoners but with a little input from George Marshall's 1873 edition of Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of Knights'.
  m. Elizabeth Bowes (dau of Henry Bowes of Althwy by Elizabeth, dau of Charles Whichcott of Rosthorne)
  (A) Richard Middleton Massey of Rosthorne
  m1/2. Sarah Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Wisbech)
  (i) James Massey (youngest son)
  m(2). Martha Ravald (dau of Thomas Ravald of Manchester)
  (a) Elizabeth Massey
  m. Robert Wright (rector of Whitechapel)
  (b) Sarah Massey
  m. Domville Poole of Dane Bank
  (c)+ other issue - John (dvpsp), Martha Maria
(ii)+ 4 sons (dsp?, including Francis Leicester & James) and 1 daughter
  m2/1. Mary Crawford (dau of Gilbert Crawford of Tower Street, London)
  (B) Roger Whichcote Massey of Preston (d unm?)
  (4) Anne Massie (b 1659)
  m1/2. Domville Poole of Dane Bank
  This is probably the Anne who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Trafford Barnston (bpt 10.05.1660, bur 13.04.1686)
  b. Robert Massie of London (d 1670, 8th son)
  m. Jane Massey of Moggesdon
  (1) Edward Massie
c. Hugh Massie of London (d c1659)
  (1) Hugh Massy
  According to BLG1952, Hugh is "said to be ancestor of the Irish Massys". If that was the case, and it should be noted that "said to be" is not thought to be solid evidence given that the Irish Massys included some prominent people and no suggestion of this connection has yet been found in records of that family (so this connection is being made with some uncertainty), then he was probably the General Massy who married ...
  m. Margaret Percy
  (2)+ issue (a 1670) - Mabel, Elizabeth
  d. Margaret Massie
  m. Hugh Williamson of Chowley
  e. Anne Massie
  m. Edward Owen of Shrewsbury
f.+ other issue - John (b 1601, dvpsp), Richard (dsp), George (dsp), Edward (dsp, Major General, Governor of Gloucester), William, Richard (dsp), George, Hamon, Grace, Christiana (d young), Grace, Christiana, Mary
  iii. Mary Massie
  m. Lawrence Starkey of Wrenbury
  iv. Jane Massie
  m. Richard Philips of Stockton
  v. Anne Massie
  m. Edward Johnes of Grosvelt
  vi.+ other issue - William of London, Margaret
  B. Jane Massie
  m. Libias Fox of London (or Thomas Foote of London)
  C. Elizabeth Massie (d 13.01.1606)
  m. William Barnston of Churton
2. Elizabeth Massie
  m. Henry Holme of Codington
3. Jane Massie
  m. Thomas Salisbury of Flint
4.+ other issue - Hugh, William, Robert, Bartholomew

Main source(s): Commoners (vol iii, Massie of Coddingham), BLG1952 (Massie formerly of Coddington), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, Massie of Coddington)
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