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Families covered: Mawbey of Botleys, Mauteby of Kilworth, Mawtby (Mauteby) of Mawtby, Mawtby of Sparham
[Parts of this page, being the bits derived from the Visitation, were first included within MZmisc09 on 22.03.07.]

(1) BEB1841 mentions that "The name of this family has been written, Mawtebey, Maultby, Mauteby, Mawbie, Mawby, and Mawbey. The designation was assumed from the village of Mawtby, in Norfolk". BEB1841 uses Mauteby for the early generations, Mautbey or Mautebey for some intermediary generations, and Mawbey for the later generations. Visitation uses Mawtby throughout.
(2) There are a few differences between BEB1841 & Visitation for the early generations. We follow BEB1841.
Simon de Mauteby of Mawtby, Norfolk (a 1198)
1. ?? de Mauteby
  A. ?? de Mauteby
  i. Sir Walter de Mauteby of Mawtby (a 1248)
  m. Christian de Bassingham (dau/coheir of Sir Piers de Bassingham)
  a. Sir Walter de Mauteby
  BEB1841 & Visitation appear to agree with each other (at least in respect of the names of the male ancestors) from the following Robert. The above follows BEB18841. Visitation shows the following Robert as son (by Isabel, dau of William Flegg) of Robert son (by Alice, dau of Roger FitzOsborne) of Robert (by Sara, dau of Robert Mantell).
  (1) Sir Robert de Mauteby or Mawtby of Mawtby, Bassingham, West Beacham, etc. (a 1292, 1300)
  Visitation identifies Robert's wife as Isabel, dau of Robert Clavering son of Roger. BEB1841 names her ...
  m. Avelina de Grenon, heiress of Sparham in Norfolk
  (A) Sir Robert de Mawtby of Mawtby, Sparham, etc. (a 1347)
m. Ellen Lovayne (dau/heir of Thomas Lovayne) named by Visitation, not by BEB1841
  (i) Sir John Mawtby of Mawtby, etc. (d 30.10.1403)
  m. Elianor Clifton (dau of Adam Clifton) named by Visitation, not by BEB1841
  BEB1841 (but not Visitation) identifies John's eldest son as ...
  (a) Sir John Mawtby of Lanwades, etc. (dvp bur 1374)
  ((1)) Alianora Mawtby (Mauteby)
m. Sir William Calthorpe
  (b) Sir Robert Mawtby (a 1412)
  Visitation shows only Robert as married to Margaret Beauchamp (showing some confidence in that connection by providing some details of her ancestry) and father of John father (by Margaret Barney) of Margaret. BEB1841 reports that he had several sons by Eleanora and names the eldest (John) and the 5th son (Thomas). Provisionally we presume that he married twice, the first wife being ...
  m1. Margaret Beauchamp (dau of Roger Beauchamp of Bletsoe by Joane, dau of William Clayton or Claxton)
  ((1)) John Mawtby of Mawtby, etc.
  m. Margaret Berney (dau of John Berney or Barney of Reedham)
  ((A)) Margaret Mawtby
  m. John Paston of Paston
  m2. Eleanora (m2. Thomas Chambers)
  ((2)) Thomas Mawtby of Sparham (5th son) - continued below



Thomas Mawtby of Sparham - continued above
1. ?? Mawtby or Mauteby
  A. ?? Mauteby
  i. ?? Mauteby
  a. Richard Mawtby or Mauteby of Sparham (Norfolk) & Kilworth (Leicestershire)
  m. Margaret Spencer
  (1) William Mauteby of South Kilworth (d 1621)
  m. (20.01.1580) Agnes Carey
  (A) John Mauteby or Mawbey (bpt 10.01.1583)
  m. Agnes Chamberlayne (dau of William Chamberlayne of Leicester)
  (i)+ issue - Roger (d unm), Erasmus
  (B) Richard Mauteby or Mawbey (b 1588)
  m. Elizabeth Shuckburgh of Naseby
  (i) Erasmus Mawbey (bpt 07.03.1616, d 1694)
  m1. Mary Wright (dau of Robert Wright)
  (a) William Mawbey of Raunston (b 31.01.1659, bur 12.12.1733, 7th son)
  m. Anne Walker (dau of John Walker of Swannington)
  ((1)) John Mawbey (d 1754)
  m1. Martha Pratt (d 1737, dau of Thomas Pratt of Raunston)
  ((A)) John Mawbey (d 02.03.1700)
  m1. Mary Darling (dau of Jonathan Darling of Raunston)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Mawbey (d infant)
  m2. Anne Fielding (dau of William Fielding)
  ((ii)) Maria Mawbey (d young)
  ((B)) Sir Joseph Mawbey, Sheriff of Surrey, 1st Bart of Botleys (d 10.06.1798)
  m. Elizabeth Pratt (b c1745, d 19.08.1790, dau of Richard Pratt of Vauxhall)
((i)) Sir Joseph Mawbey, 2nd Bart of Botleys (d 28.08.1817)
  m. (09.08.1796) Charlotte Caroline Maria Henchman (dau of Thomas Henchman of Littleton)
  ((a))+ 2 daughters
  ((C)) Anne Mawbey
  m. John Cooper of Burbage
  ((D)) Mary Mawbey
  m. William Alcock of Raunston
  m2. (sp) ? (Mrs Shepherd of Rawnson)
  (b)+ other issue - Robert, Richard, Erasmus, Thomas, John, Francis
  m2. Elizabeth Lee of Tickenhall
  (h)+ 5 sons and 2 daughters
  (C) Thomas Mauteby or Mawbey (bpt 22.03.1594)
  m. Eleanor Cartwright
  (i) William Mawbey (b 1655) ancestor of Mawbeys of South Kilworth
  (2) Richard Mautbey
  m. Jane Bird
  (A) Dorothy Mautbey
  m. George Mautbey @@ just below
  (B)+ 2 sons
  (3) Robert Mautbey (bpt 12.05.1561)
  m. (05.07.1582) Alicia Coleman
  (A) George Mautbey
  m. Dorothy Mautbey @@ just above

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Mawbey of Botleys) with some support/contradiction for upper section from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston)
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