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Families covered: Nairne of Baldovan, Nairne (Narne) of Sandfurd
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John Narne
1. John Narne (a 1331)
  A. Thomas Narne (a 1367)
  m. Isabel
  i. George Narne (a 1401)
m. Ann Drummond (dau of Drummond of Stobhall)
  a. Alexander de Narne of Sandfurd (d 1453, Lyon King of Arms)
  m1. (1428) Margaret Scrymgeour ("dau. of the Constable of Dundee")
  m2. Isabella de Fentoun (dau of Walter de Fentoun of Baky and Beaufort)
  Not certain which wife was mother of ...
  (1) George Narne of Sandfurd (a 1470)
  m. (1452) Helen Wemyss (dau of Sir David Wemyss of Wemyss)
  (A) David Narne of Sandfurd (d before 28.06.1499)
  m. (1473) Margaret Melville (dau of Melville of Raith)
  (i) Alexander Narne of Sandfurd (a 1544)
m. Margaret Gardyn (dau of Lord Newton)
  (a) Robert Narne of Sandfurd
  m. Barbara Ramsay (dau of _ Ramsay of Leuchars)
  ((1)) Alexander Narne of Sandfurd (d before 03.04.1596)
m. Helen Inglis (dau of Alexander Inglis of Inglis-Tarvit)
  ((A)) David Narne of Sandfurd (a 1625)
  m1. Agnes Bruce (dau of Peter Bruce of Earlshall)
  ((i)) David Nairne
  m. Catherine Scrimgeour (dau of Scrimgeour of Myers)
  ((a))+ 3/4 daughters
  m2. Anne Bruce (of Pitlethie)
  ((ii)) William Nairne of Sandfurd (a 1625)
  m. Marjorie Maule (dau of Andrew Maule of Guildie)
  ((a)) Thomas Nairne of Baldovan
  m. (1678) Helen Makgill (b 18.07.1659, dau of John Makgill of Kemback)
  (((1))) William Nairne of Baldovan (d 1704)
  ((iii)) Marjorie Nairne
  m. (after 11.1596) Sir Peter Young of Seaton (b 15.08.1544, d 01.1628, Royal Almoner)
  ((iv)) Mary Nairne
  m. Samuel Cunninghame (minister of Ferryport)
((v)) Euphan Nairne
  m. David Young of Kirktoune
  ((B)) William Narne
  (b) George Nairn
  m. Barbara Ramsay (of Breckmont)
  ((1)) George Nairn
  m. Beatrix Martene (dau of Thomas Martene of Lathones)
  ((A)) Alexander Nairne of Fairhame & Sandfurd (d before 1656) - continued below
  m. (30.11.1605) Penelope Matthewes (dau of Edward Matthewes of London)
  ((B)) William Nairn of Langsyde (a 1629)
  m. Sysille Wemyss
  (B) John Narne or Nairne
  John is identified as ancestor of the Nairnes of Muckersie. Provisionally we assume that he was father of rather than the same person as ...
  (i) John Nairn of Mukkersy (d before 08.02.1540-1)
  m. (before 12.1511) Margaret Olpihant



Alexander Nairne of Fairhame & Sandfurd (d before 1656) - continued above
m. (30.11.1605) Penelope Matthewes (dau of Edward Matthewes of London)
1. Alexander Nairne (dvp 1642)
  A.+ 2 sons (d 1642)
2. William Nairne of Sandfurd (a 07.1657)
3. Sir Thomas Nairne of Sandfurd (d 15.07.1664, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Margaret Barclay (dau of Sir David Barclay of Collairnie)
  A. Alexander Nairne of Sandfurd
  m1. (01.06.1678) Elizabeth Hay (dau of Peter Hay of Naughton)
  i. Magdalene Nairne of Sandfurd
  m1. (19.07.1703) Patrick Gordon of Myreton
  a.+ issue - Patrick (d 1716), daughter (dsp)
m2. (1715) John Pilmor (d 08.12.1769)
  c. Henry Pilmor (dsp, Major)
  d. Janet Pilmor (b c1717, d 25.03.1789)
  m. Mungo Law of Pittillock (d 10.12.1800)
  ii. Christian Nairne
  m. Colin Campbell of Smiddygreen
  m2. (27.04.1698) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch)
  B. David Nairne (in France)
  C. Samuel Nairne (d 28.12.1720, minister of Moonzie then Errol)
  m. Margaret Bruce (d 16.12.1719, dau of Andrew Bruce of Earlshall)
  i. Thomas Nairne (d 02.1754, minister of Abbotshall)
  a. Ann Nairne (d unm)
  b. Margaret Nairne
  m. John Cunningham of Pittarthie (dsp 18.08.1770)
  c. Helen Nairne (d unm)
  ii. David Nairne (preacher)
  iii. son (a 02.1729)
iv. Helen Nairne (b c1694, d 03.1744)
  m. John Gardener (d 20.06.1738, minister at Perth)
  v. Anne Nairne
  m. William Lindsay (apothecary in Kinross)
  vi. Margaret Nairne
  D. Thomas Nairne
  i. Mary Nairne

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Berry of Tayfield)
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