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Families covered: Norman of Dublin, Norman of Lagore, Need of Nottingham, Naylor of Manchester, Naylor of Wakefield

Samuel Norman, Mayor of Londonderry (d 17.05.1692)
m1. Margaret Latham (dau of William Latham, Recorder of Londonderrry)
1. Charles Norman, Mayor of Londonderry (b 1666, dsp by 1731, MP)
2.+ daughters
m2. Elizabeth Gage (dau of John Gage of Magilligan)
3. Robert Norman 'of Lagore' of Dublin, Mayor of Derry (d c1743, MP)
  m. Sarah Bolton (dau of John Bolton of Lagore, Dean of Derry)
  A. Thomas Norman of Lagore (b 1715, Rev.)
  m. (1746) Anne Ward (dau of Rev. Peter Ward)
  i. Robert Norman of Lagore (dsp 04.1771)
  ii. Sarah Norman
  m. Thomas Lee (d 1800, son of William (son of Robert by Margaret Patten) by Elizabeth Lucas)
a. Thomas Lee, later Lee-Norman, of Corbollis, co. Louth, Sheriff (b c1790, d 1875) had issue
  m. Charlotte Sarah Law (dau of Robert Law of Dublin)
  b.+ 3 daughters
  iii. Florinda Norman
  m. Charles Norman @1@ below
  iv. Frances Norman
  m. Rev. Robert Norman @2@ below
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - 3 sons (d young), Anne, Elizabeth
  B. Frederick Norman
  C. Marcus Norman
m. (07.1760) Sarah Gamble (dau of William Gamble)
  D. Conolly Norman of Dublin
  m. (09.1762) Anne Gardiner (dau of Luke Gardiner)
  i. Charles Norman (dsp 1800)
  m. Florinda Norman @1@ above
  ii. Thomas Norman had issue
  m. (03.1799) Catherine Lyons (dau of Hugh Lyons, later Montgomery-Lyons, by Catherine, dau of Richard, 4th Viscount Boyne)
  iii. Robert Norman (Rev.)
  m. Frances Norman (dau of Rev. Thomas Norman) @2@ above
  iv. Luke Norman of Dublin had issue
  m. Anne Worthington (dau of Alexander Worthington)
  E. Florinda Norman (b 1722)
  m. (1741) Charles Gardiner



Samuel Need
m. Dorothy Steel
1. Joseph Need
  m. Susannah Whingates
A. Nathaniel Need
  B. Samuel Need of Arnold 'of Nottingham'
  m. Elizabeth Gibson (dau of John Gibson of Hackney)
  i. John Need of Blidworth, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 19.02.1761)
  m. (15.09.1804) Mary Welfitt (dau of Rev. William Welfitt)
  Their eldest son assumed the name Welfitt.
  ii. Samuel Need of Fountain Dale, Nottinghamshire (Lt. General) had issue
  m. (18.05.1815) Anne Grant (dau of Lt Col. Grant)
  iii. Hipsibeth (Hephzibah) Need
  m. Edward Abney of Measham Hall
  iv. Susannah Need
  m. Joshua Walker of Clifton
  v. Elizabeth Need
  m. Joseph Walker of Eastwood Hall
  vi. Mary Need
  m. Thomas Walker of Berry Hill



James Naylor of Wigan (draper)
1. Peter Nailour or Naylor (b c1636, d 1690, minister at Alverthorpe)
  m. Mary Appleyard (dau/heir of Reginald Appleyard of Ecclands by Mary, dau/coheir of John Coldwell of Shephouse (by Mary), son of Thomas of Waldershelf)
  A. Benjamin Naylor of Manchester (b 1681-2, d 28.05.1751)
  FMG shows (by dotted line) that one or more sources suggests that Benjamin may have been son of James Naylor of St. Helen's Chapel (b c1664, d 03.04.1710, cleric) but gives precedence to showing him as son of Peter & Mary and brother of Ebenezer and the others shown below.
m1. Mary Lloyd (b 12.08.1688, d 06.1714, dau of George Lloyd of Manchester)
  i. Martha Naylor (d young)
  m2. (25.05.1720) Jane Percival (b c1692, d 20.01.1776, dau of Richard Percival of Allerton)
  ii. Richard Naylor of Manchester (b 31.01.1729, d c1800, 2nd son)
  m. (17.07.1751) Martha Percival (dau of Joseph Percival of Warrington, sister of Thomas)
  a. Percival Naylor (b 20.12.1757, d unm)
  b. Benjamin Naylor of Sheffield then Manchester (bpt 10.09.1761, d 12.04.1846, minister)
  m. (06.07.1795) Anne Dennison (b 17.12.1770, d 08.1855, dau/heir of John Dennison of Newcastle-upon-Tyne by Elizabeth Byerley)
  (1)+ issue - Richard Scholefield (d infant), Benjamin Dennison of Manchester (b c1798, a 1820), James (d infant), Martha (b c1802, a 1820), Anne (b c1810, a 1820)
  c. Martha Naylor (b 14.12.1765, a 1820, dsp)
  m. Lewis Theophilias Rupp of Manchester (d by 1820)
  iii.+ other issue - Peter (b 18.04.1726, bur 08.05.1726), James of Manchester (b 30.06.1730, d unm 20.03.1803)
  B. Ebenezer Naylor of Wakefield
  m. (13.06.1706) Mary Lupton (bur 14.02.1733 (or 1737?), dau of William Lupton)
  i. William Naylor of Wakefield (dsp)
  m. (24.03.1743) Mary March of Bilborough
ii. Jeremiah Naylor of Wakefield
  m. Mary Scholey (dau of James Scholey of Wakefield)
  a. John Naylor of Wakefield (b 1752, a 1808)
  m. Hannah Todd (b 1747-8, d 29.04.1823, dau of William Todd of Newstead)
  (1) William Naylor of Wakefield (dsps)
  m. Elizabeth Brook (b c1789, d 19.11.1819, dau of Edward Brook of Chapel Allerton)
  (2)+ other issue - Jeremiah Todd, George, Maria, Susan
  b. Jeremiah Naylor of Wakefield
  m1. Sarah Maude (b 1767-8, d 18.05.1796, dau of Samuel Maude of Wakefield by Ann, dau of William Todd)
  (1)+ issue - Jeremiah, John, Daniel, Mary Ann, Sarah (b 10.1788, d 19.12.1788)
m2. (1804) Catherine Foljambe (dau of John Foljambe of Rotherham)
  c. Peter Naylor of London
  d. Elizabeth Naylor
  m. George Lloyd of Manchester
  e. Mary Naylor
  m. Giles Rickaby of Wakefield
  f. Martha Naylor
  m. Henry Andrews of Wakefield
  iii. Mary Naylor
  m. John Aldred (b c1700, d 28.12.1760, minister at Wakefield)
  iv. Martha (or Elizabeth) Naylor
  m1. (05.05.1752) Richard Buxton of Wakefield (dsp bur 27.05.1775)
  m2. Richard Lumb of Wakefield
  v.+ other issue - Peter (dsp), James (d infant), Ebenezer (d infant), Benjamin (d infant), Sarah (d unm)
  C. Mary Naylor (bpt 16.05.1669)
  m. (06.01.1690) James Harrison
  D.+ other issue including James (b 1678-9, d 23.07.1708, minister in London), Martha (bpt 12.12.1671)

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(2) For Need (uploaded 07.05.14) : BLG1863 ('Welfitt of Sherwood Lodge')
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