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Families covered: Parker of Castle Lough, Parker of Passage West
[We are not aware of any connection between the families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.]

BLG1886 reports that this family "claims descent from the Parkers of North Molton, Devon" whom we show on Parker03.
John Parker of Dunkipp, co Limerick (a 1698)
m. Abigail
1. John Parker (a 1726)
  m. Alice Irby (dau of Rev. Anthony Irby)
  A. Anthony Parker 'of Castle Lough', Sheriff of co Limerick (d 1785)
m. Amy Massey (d 1784)
  i. Anthony Parker of Castle Lough, Sheriff of co Limerick then co Tipperary (d 1800)
  m. (22.09.1761) Anne Grady (d 1825, dau of Standish Grady of Elton (by Mary Theresa, dau of Robert Oliver of Castle Oliver), sister of Mary Theresa, Countess of Ilchester)
  a. Anthony Parker of Castle Lough (d unm 1837)
  b. Rev. Standish Grady Parker of Castle Lough had issue
  m. (1841) Margaret Gabbett (d 30.04.1886, dau of Rev. Robert Gabbett of Castle Lake)
  c. William Parker of Bally Valley, co Clare (dsp)
  m. Anne Wilson (dau of William Wilson of Caherconlish)
  d. Amy or Amelia Parker
  m. (1793) George Finch of Kilcoleman (dsp)
  e.+ other issue - Mary (d unm), Anne, Eliza, Theresa, Catherine
  ii. Amy Parker
  m. (1759) Charles Conyers
  iii. Anne Parker
  m. (27.08.1767) Gilbert Purdon of Belkelly
  iv.+ other issue - William, John of Bonyglass (co Limerick), Hugh of Faha (co Tipperary), George of Clahan (co Limerick), Nicholas of Limerick, Alicia, Elizabeth, Mary
2.+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, Nicholas, George



Michael Parker (to Ireland in 1698)
m. (1700) Margaret Harding (dau/heir of Major Hugh Harding of Great Island, Queenstown)
1. Harding Parker of Passage West, co Cork, Sherff then Mayor (b 1701, d 1776)
  m. (20.11.1728) Catherine Neville (dau of John Neville of Furnace)
  A. Michael Parker of Passage West (b 1730, d 16.09.1791)
  m. (23.02.1761) Anne d'Esterre (dau of Henry d'Esterre of Castle Henry)
  i. Harding Parker (d 12.1796, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Catherine Skottowe (dau of John Skottowe of Chesham Park, Governor of St. Helena)
ii. Richard Neville Parker of Passage West 'of Waterview', Mayor of Cork (b 17.01.1774, d 30.07.1832)
  m. (01.10.1795) Margaret Skottowe (dau of John Skottowe of Chesham Park, Governor of St. Helena)
  a. Richard Neville Parker of Passage West (b 26.07.1799) had issue
  m. (15.02.1824) Hannah Maria Newsom (dau of John George Newsom of Cork)
  b. William Skottowe Parker (dsp)
  m. Amelia Hayley
  c. Henry Parker had issue
  m. Anne Cross
  d. Lucia Parker
  m. Corless Hawkes
  e. Margaret Skottowe Parker
  m. R.J. Kinsman
  f. Catharine Parker
  m. Charles Jackson
  g. Anne Langford Parker
  m. Joseph Reid of New Zealand
  h. Sarah Honeywood Pollock Parker
  m. (1847) Herbert Gillman (bpt 1791, d 1877)
  i.+ other issue - Nicholas Skottowe (dsp), Michael in America, Eliza (d 1840)
  iii. William Parker
  m. Alicia Somerville (dau of Thomas Townshend Somerville of Castle Haven & Drishane)
  a. William d'Esterre Parker of Passage West had issue
  m. Sarah Dowman
  iv. Eliza Anne Parker
  m. Thomas Boland of Pembrook
  v. Ann Parker
  m. (01.1791) Benjamin Phipps of Cork
vi. Judith Parker
  m. William Stammers of Rock Castle
  vii. Mabella Parker
  m. William Parker d'Esterre
  viii.+ other issue - Lucia, Dorcas, Alicea, Catharine Anne (b c1772, d 1869)
  B. William Parker (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Banton
  C. John Nevill Parker (d 23.04.1781, General)
  D. Elizabeth Anne Parker (d 06.03.1808)
  m1. (09.08.1755) Hayward St. Leger Gillman 'of Gillmanville' (b 1733, d 1757, Major)
  m2. (26.11.1761) Sir Henry Martin, Bart (d 01.08.1794, Admiral)
  E. Anna Parker
  m. Norcott d'Esterre of Limerick

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLGI1912 (Parker of Bally Valley), BLG1886 (Parker of Castle Lough)
(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 (Parker of Passage West)
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