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Families covered: Persehouse of Persehouse Hall (Pershouse of Pershouse Hall), Persehouse (Pershouse) of Reynolds Hall, Persehouse (Pershouse) of Sedgley, Persehouse of Shrewsbury, Pershouse of West Hampton, Pershouse of Wolverhampton

William Persehouse of Persehouse Hall (Pershouse of Pershouse Hall) in Sedgley, Staffordshire (a 1482)
1. John Persehouse of Persehouse Hall (Pershouse of Pershouse Hall)
  A. John Pershouse of Hurst Hill, Sedgley
  Grazebrook ('Persehouse of Reynolds' Hall') starts with this John and identifies the arms of his branch as "Or, on a pile azure a stag's head cabossed of the field".
  m1. Ellen Wood (dau of Alexander Wood of Shinewood)
  i. John Persehouse (Pershouse) of Reynolds Hall near Walshall, Staffordshire
  m1. Elizabeth Walker (dau/heir of Richard Walker of Reynolds Hall by dau/heir of _ Reynolds)
  a. Isabel Pershouse (d young)
m2. Alice Wimbish (dau/coheir of Miles Wimbish of Lincolnshire)
  b. Richard Persehouse (Pershouse)of Hurst Hill (dvpsp)
  m. (c1586) Elizabeth Davyson (widow, m2/3. John underhill)
  c. John Persehouse (Pershouse)of Reynolds Hall & Hurst Hill (d 04.1636, of the Inner Temple)
m. Margaret (or Mary) Perrot (dau of William Perrot of Wollaston)
  (1) Richard Persehouse of Reynolds Hall (b c1600, d 12.1650)
  m. Frances Wirley (dau of Humphrey Wirley of Hampstead)
  (A) John Persehouse of Reynolds Hall (b c1627, a 09.1677)
  m. Elizabeth Chester (dau of Sir Edward Chester of Royston)
  (i) John Persehouse of Reynolds Hall (bpt 10.1655, a 1683)
m. (17.08.1681) Hester Littleton (dau of Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton, Bart)
  (a) William Persehouse of Reynolds Hall (bpt 03.1691, d 16.03.1749)
  m1. _ Parker of Bloxwich
  ((1)) Richard Persehouse of Reynolds Hall (dsp 16.01.1772)
  m2. ??
  ((2)) daughter
  m. Rev. _ Burgess of Herefordshire
  ((3)) Dorothy Persehouse (dsp 12.1752)
  m. (01.09/07.11.1752) John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury (d 1807, m2. Elizabeth Rooke)
  m2. Elizabeth Townshend (dsp, dau of Rev. Robert Townsend of Hanbury)
  (b)+ other sons (dsp) + daughters (including Elizabeth (b c1682, a 05.1683)
  (ii) Richard Persehouse (b after 03.1633?)
  m. Susannah
  (a) John Persehouse (bpt 08.1669), Ralph (bpt 03.1693), Anne (bpt 04.1696), others
  (iii) Catherine Persehouse (b by 03.1663)
  m. _ Stone
  (iv) Mary Persehouse (b by 03.1663)
  m. (02.1698) William Scott or Stott of Woodend, Walsall
  (v)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Chester, Carola
  (B) Jane Persehouse
  m. _ Poole of London
  (C) Elizabeth Persehouse
  m. _ Brayfield of London
  (D)+ other issue - Humphrey of Lynne Hall (d before 02.07.1698), Richard, Knightley, Mary, Lettice, Frances, Gracem Ellen
  (2) William Persehouse of Hurst Hill
  m. Ellen Broughton (dau of Edward Broughton of Longdon, m2. Rev. Thomas Burdall)
  (A) Thomas Persehouse of Westminster (bur 07.01.1719-20, 3rd son)
  m1. (Elizabeth?) Arkinson of Daventry
  (i) Elizabeth Persehouse
  m. Peter Martell of London
  m2. Mary Style (dau of William Style of Beckenham)
  (ii) Humphrey Persehouse (b c1686, d 26.01.1762, minor canon of Westminster Abbey)
m. Deborah Rawlins (dau of John Rawlins of Oxford)
  (a) issue - Thomas, Clare (a son, bpt 20.01.1709-10, bur 23.08.1779), daughter
  (B)+ other issue - John, Richard, Mary
  (3) Mary Persehouse
  m. Thomas Rickthorne of Bobingtoin
  (4) Alice Persehouse
m. Walter Pipe of Bilston
  d. Joan Pershouse
  m. Richard Tudman
  m3. (1572) Anne Rudyard (dau of Ralph Rudyard of Rudyard, widow of William Perrott of Wollaston)
  e. Anne Pershouse
  m. Thomas Walsted of Walsted
  Grazebrook ('Persehouse of Woodhall') supports the following and identifies the arms of the following branch as "as of Reynolds Hall, a crescent for difference; quartering, Purpure, a lion rampant argent".
m2. Margery Garbett (dau of Richard Garbett of Nether Penn, m2. John Wilkes of Willenhall)
  ii. Richard Persehouse of Shrewsbury
  m. Cicelie Wood (dau of Alexander Wood of Shenwood)
  a. Alexander Persehouse of Shrewsbury
  m. Mary Deane (dau/coheir of Edward Deane of Woodhall)
  (1) Edward Persehouse of Woodhall, Staffordshire (b c1626, a 04.1663)
  m. Joane Fowke (dau of Thomas Fowke of Brewode)
  (2) William Persehouse in Barbadoes
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Edward Tompson)
  (3) Cecilie Persehouse (d unm)
  (4) Dorothy Persehouse
  m. John Fisher (parson of Dunnington)
  b. Margery Persehouse
  m. Griffth Griffith of Montgomeryshire
  c.+ other issue - John. Richard, Dorothy (d young)
  iii. Thomas Persehouse of Wolverhampton
  B Thomas Pershouse of Turhill, Sedgley
  Grazebrook ('Persehouse of Sedgley') identifies the arms of the following branch as "Or, on a pile azure a stag's head cabossed of the field, a canton gules for distinction".
  m. _ Turhill (dau/heir of Richard Turhill of Turhill)
  i. John Pershouse of Holly Hill, Sedgley (d c1606)
  m. _ Robins of Bilston
  a. Thomas Pershouse of Holly Hill & Gwarnall in Sedgley (d c1618)
  m. Jane Deux (dau of Thomas Deux of Sedgley)
  (1) Richard (Parkes alias) Persehouse (d 1626)
  m. Jane (natural dau of Edward, Lord Dudley (??))
  (A) Edward Persehouse of Gwarnhall (Lower/Nether Gornall), Sedgley (b c1611, d 13.05.1685, Coroner)
  m1. Elizabeth Bradley (dsp, dau of Thomas Bradley of Baggeridge, Sedgley)
  m2. Margaret Astley (dau of John Astley of Bishbury)
  (i) John Persehouse (b c1659, a 1664, dspvp)
  m. Joan
  (ii) Edward Persehouse (a 1664, bur 09.07.1665)
(iii) Peter Persehouse (b after 04.1664, d 09.1731, Serjeant-at-arms at the House of Lords)
  m1. Frances Rogers (dau of Wroth Rogers of Worcester)
  (a)+ issue (d unm) - Edward, Dorothy
  m2. (23.05.1709, sp) Barbara Pye (widow)
  (iv) Dorothy Persehouse
  m. John Underhill of Ludlow (MD)
  (v) Margaret Persehouse of Ettingshall (bur 27.01.1732)
  m. (before 12.1682) Thomas Gibbons of Ettingsal
  (vi) Jane Persehouse (a 1664)
  m. _ Haughton in Ludlow
  (vii) Elizabeth Persehouse (a 1664)
  m. _ Burches or _ Peake (minister of Bushbury)
  (viii) Anne Persehouse (b after 04.1464)
  m1. Michael Nickins (minister at Tipton)
  m2. John Higginson of Stafford
  (B) Thomas Persehouse of Sedgley
  m1. Jane Bradley (dau of John Bradley of Sedgley)
  (i) Joane Persehouse
  m2. Margaret Allen (dau of Nicholas Allen of Sedgley)
  (C) Richard Persehouse of London
  m. Mary Collins (dau of Thomas Collins of Shepperton)
  (i) Thomas Persehouse of London (a 1680)
  (ii) Ursula Persehouse
  m1. Thomas Brownell of London (d 1677, stationer)
  m2. John Snode of Branford
  (D) Elizaberth Persehouse
  m. John Persehouse of Turhill
  (E) Margaret Persehouse
  m. John Derby
  (F) Joane Persehouse
  m. Rowland Harwich of Loindoin
  (G) Jane Persehouse
  m. Robert King of Caresley
  (2) Anne Persehouse
  m. Richard Wainewright of Sedgley
  (3) Catherine Persehouse
  m. Augustine Barrett of London
  C. William Persehouse of Persehouse Hall (Pershouse of Pershouse Hall) had issue at Persehouse Hall



Commoners identifies the arms of the following branch as "Or, on a pile az. a buck's head caboshed of the field" which suggests a close connection to the family shown above.
Adam Pershouse of West Hampton
m. Anne
1. John Pershouse (a 1653)
  A. Adam Pershouse (dsp 1706)
  B. Catherine Pershouse
  m. Matthew Bradney
  C. Anne Pershouse
  m. ugh Granger
  D. Mary Pershouse
  m. John Gramger
  E. Elizabeth Pershouse
  m. Thomas Brett
2. William Pershouse of West Hampstead (d by 1699)
  m. (c1653) Joyce Stokes (dau of John Stpokes by Mary of Oldfalows)
  A. John Pershouse of Wolverhampton (a 1723)
  m. (c1699) Msry Jorden (dau of Thomas Jorden of Aldridge)
  i. William Pershouse of Wolverhampton
m. Elizabeth Gilbert (d 1770, dau of William Gilbert of Coventry)
  a. John Pershouse of Wolverhampton (d c1772)
  m. Betty Cleg of Manchester
  (1)+ issue - John of Manchester (b 29.12.1769), James (b 02.03.1771)
  b. William Pershouse of Wolverhampton (b 1749-50, d 30.07.1789)
  m. Ellen Bradney (dau/coheir of Thomas Bradney of Penn)
  (1) William Bradney Pershouse of Penn Hall, Staffordshire (b 18.06.1785) had issue (1 daughter)
  m. Alice Titterton (dau of Thomas Titterton of Wolverhampton)
  (2) Thomas Pershouse (b 18.11.1788, d infant)
  c.+ other issue (d unm?) - Mary (b 1740, d 04.1796), Elizabeth (a 1793)
  B. Joyce Pershouse
  m. William Bayley
3. Adam Pershouse
4. Catherine Pershouse
  m. Nicholas Pershouse

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