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Families covered: Power (Poer) of Curraghmore, Power of Gurteen, Power of Killowen, Power (Poer) of Monalargie, Power of Rathgormack, Power of Tyrone, Poer of Waterford

(1) BP1934 (De La Poer) starts its article with "The family of Power, originally de Poher, Le Poer, and de la Poer, was founded in Ireland by Sir Robert de Poher, Knt., Governor of Waterford 1177, one of the companions of Strongbow". BE1883 starts its article with "Sir Roger de la Poer, Knt., who accompanied Strongbow into Ireland ...". We presume that Sir Roger was the same person as Sir Robert.
(2) BE1883 identifies the arms of the Earls of Tyrone as "Arg., a chief indented, sa.".
Sir Robert de Poher, Governor of Waterford (a 1177)
m. ?? (niece of Sir Amory St. Laurence)
1. John Le Poer
  A. ?? Le Poer
  i. ?? Le Poer
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Le Poer
  (1) ?? Le Poer
  (A) ?? Le Poer
  (i) David Poer (a 1375)
BP1934 reports that David was summoned to Parliament in 1375, etc., whilst BE1883, which starts with his son Nicholas, reports that it was his son who was so summoned. As reported below, TCP (Power) indicates that neither were.
  m. Elinor Poer (da of Nicholas Poer of Donoyle)
  (a) Nicholas Poer, Sheriff of co. Waterford (a 1424)
  ((1)) Richard Poer of Curraghmore, Sheriff of co. Waterford (d 03.10.1483)
(1) BE1883 reports that Richard was created Baron of Curraghmore and that his grandson Richard was re-created the same. TCP (Power) reports that "This Richard is sometimes (but erroneously) said to have been cr. by Henry VI in 1452 "Lord Le Poer, Baron of Curraghmore," through confusion with his grandson Richard."
(2) BE1883 suggests that Richard's wife was daughter of "Sir Richard Butler, Earl of Ormonde" but, noting that there was no such earl, we follow BP1934 in identifying her as ...
  m. Katherine Butler (dau of Sir Richard Butler of Polestown, son of James, 3rd Earl of Ormonde)
  ((A)) Sir Piers Poer of Curraghmore
  m(1). ?? Fitzgerald (dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, Lord of the Decies)
  ((i)) Sir Richard Power, 1st Lord Power and Curraghmore (d before 08.02.1538/9) - continued below
  m. (before 1526) Catherine Butler (d 17.03.1552/3, dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormond)
  ((ii)) Katherine Poer
  m. Sir John Grace 'iron belted' of Courtstown
  ((iii))+ other issue - Piers of Brenane, Nicholas of Corduffe, Sir William
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard of Feddans, Sir Edmond of Castlemore
  ((2)) Elenor le Poer possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John le Hore of Shandon



Sir Richard Power, Sheriff of co. Waterford, 1st Lord Power and Curraghmore (d before 08.02.1538/9) - continued above
m. (before 1526) Catherine Butler (d 17.03.1552/3, dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormond, 1st Earl of Ossory, by Margaret Fitzgerald)
1. Piers Power, 2nd Lord Power and Curraghmore (d unm c10.10.1544)
2. John Power, 3rd Lord Power and Curraghmore (b c1529/30, d 08.11.1592)
  m1. Eleanor FitzThomas (dau of James FitzJohn FitzThomas, 13th Earl of Desmond, by More O'Carroll)
  A. Richard Power, 4th Lord Power and Curraghmore (b c1553, d 08.08.1607)
  m. Catherine Barry (dau of James FitzJohn Barry, Viscount of Buttevant)
i. John 'Oge' Power (dvp before 18.12.1600)
  m. Helen Barry (dau of David Barry, Viscount of Buttevant, by Ellen Roche)
  a. John Power, 5th Lord Power and Curraghmore (b c1597, d 1661/2)
  m. Ruth Phypoe (d before 06.1642, dau of Robert Phypoe of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, by Kinbrough Valentine)
  (1) Richard Power, 6th Lord, 1st Earl of Tyrone (b 1630, d 1690)
  m. (1654) Dorothy Annesley (dau of Arthur Annesley,1st Earl of Anglesey)
  (A) John Power, 2nd Earl of Tyrone, 7th Lord (b c1665, dsp 14.10.1693, 2nd son)
  m. (20.05.1673, annulled) Catherine Fitzgerald (dau of John Fitzgerald of Dromora by Catherine Power)
  (B) James Power, 3rd Earl of Tyrone, 8th Lord (b 1667, d 19.08.1704)
m. (13.12.1692) Anne Rickard (d 26.09.1729, dau of Andrew Rickard of Dangan Spidoge by Anne, dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Hooke of Dangan Spidoge)
  (i) Catharine Power (b 29.11.1701, d 07.1769)
  m. (16.07.1717) Sir Marcus Beresford, 1st Earl of Tyrone (b 16.07.1694, d 04.04.1763)
  (C) Hellena Power
  m. John Walsh of Pilltown
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Arthur (dvp), Dorothy
  (2) Piers Power of Killowen
  m. Honora Burke (dau of John Burke, Lord Brittas)
  (A) Piers Power of Killowen
(i) Judith Power
  m. Thomas Duckett of co. Carlow
  (B) Richard Power (d 02.1635)
  m. Ellen Butler (dau of William Butler of Balliboe)
  (i) John Power
  m. Ellen Magragh (dau of Daniel Magragh of Mountain Castle)
  (ii)+ other issue - Pierce, James, Ellen, Anne
  (3) Katherine Power (d 22.08.1660)
  m. (1658) John Fitzgerald of Dromana (d 1664)
  (4) Elenor Power
  m. Thomas Walsh of Piltown
(5) Mary Power
  m. Philip McGrath of Slady
  (6)+ other issue - Robert (d unm), John (d unm), David (d unm 1661), Margaret
  b. Ellen Power
  m. (c1625) Maurice Roche, Viscount of Fermoy (d 1670)
  c. Katherine Power
  m. Garret Butler
  d. Eleanor Power apparently of this generation
  m. (02.1624/5) Thomas Butler, 3rd Lord Caher (d by 1648)
ii. Piers Power of Monalargie
  m. Katherine Butler (dau of Walter Butler, 11th Earl of Ormonde)
  a. Piers Power of Monalargie
  Piers supported the rebellion of 1641 and was attainted. As a result, his descendants' claim to the barony was not formally accepted although it appears that his son and grandson were often styled as barons.
  (1) John Power, '9th Lord' (d 20.08.1725, Colonel)
m. (c1691) Catherine Eustace (d before 07.1717)
  (A) Henry Power, '10th Lord' (bpt 17.04.1699, d unm 05.05.1742, 4th son)
  (B)+ other issue - James (b 1691/2, bur 25.10.1695), 2 sons, Charlotte (d young), Charlotte (bpt 23.05.1701, nun), Clare (nun), 2 daughters
  (2) Elenor Power
  m. Edmond Power of Curraghkelly and Gurteen (d 1696) @1@ below
  b. Katherine Power apparently of this generation
  m. Robert Aylmer
  c. Ellen Power probably of this generation
  m. Edmond Mandeville of Ballydine Castle (b c1611)
  iii. Thomas Power (dsp) who married ...
  m. Catherine Butler (dau of James Butler of Ballinrosse)
  iv. Edmond Power (dsp)
  v. Julia Power
m. (1615) Thomas Fitzmaurice, 18th Lord Kerry (d 03.06.1630)
  vi. Elizabeth Power
  m1. Hon. David Barry (dvp 1604/5)
  m2. Partick Sherlock (son of Sir John of Ballynaclarahan)
  vii. Elenor Power
  m. David Condon, Chief of Condon
  B. Piers Power of Clondonil and Rathgormack (d 26.05.1597)
  m. Margaret Butler (dau of Piers Butler)
  i. Richard Power of Rathgormack (d 02.1635)
  m. Elinor Butler (dau of Richard Butler of Ballyboe)
a. John Power of Rathgormack (d 1641)
  m. Ellen McGrath
  (1) Piers Power (dsp)
  (2) Richard Power of Ballindrimey (d 05.04.1705)
  m. Helen Power (dau of David Power)
  (A) Bridget Power
  m. (14.09.1702) Francis Fitzjohn Macnamara of Cratloe
  (B) Mary Power (d 1726)
  m. John Power, '11th Lord' (d 05.1743) @2@ just below
  b. Piers Power
  m. Margaret Lee (d by 1682, dau of Nicholas Lee, widow of Henry Power)
(1) John Power of Gurteen (a 1687, dspm, Lt. Colonel)
  (2) Edmund Power of Gurteen (d 1696)
  m. Elenor Power (dau of Piers Power of Monalargie) @1@ above
  (A) John Power of Grange, '11th Lord' (d 05.1743)
  TCP suggests that the titles, not formally accepted because of the attainder, were not used by John and his successors. We continue to show how the title would have passed not least because this is shown in BP1934 whilst TCP continues to show the line of descent.
  m. Mary Power (d 1726, dau of Richard Power of Ballindrimey) @2@ just above
  (i) Catherine Power
  m. John Power of Clashmore
  (ii) Elizabeth Power
  m. (13.04.1739) Edmond Power, '14th Lord' @3@ just below
  (B) William Power of Gurteen, '12th Lord' (dsp 05.08.1755)
  m. Helen Roche (dau of Edmond Roche of Ringabally)
(C) James Power of Gurteen, '13th Lord' (d 1757)
  m. Mary Higgins (dau of William Higgins)
  (i) Edmond Power of Gurteen, '14th Lord'
  m1. (13.04.1739) Elizabeth Power (dau of John Power, '11th Lord') @3@ just above
  (a) William Power of Gurteen, Sheriff, '15th Lord' (dsp 1813)
m. Mary Delamar (dau of Walter Delamar by Mary O'Brian)
  (b) John Power
  m. (1774) Johanna O'Meagher (d 1801, dau of Thaddeus O'Meagher of Ikerrin)
  ((1)) Edmond Power of Gurteen, '16th Lord' (b 1775, d 29.05.1830) had issue
  m. (29.05.1815) Anastasia Lalor (d 03.08.1852, dau of John Lalor of Long Orchard)
  One of their grandsons was created 1st Count de la Poer of the Papal States.
((2)) James Power of Ballydine (d 11.06.1854) had issue
  m. Catherine Butler (dau of James Butler of Wilford)
  ((3)) Honora Power probably of this generation
  m1. _ Quin (Major)
  m2. William Talbot of Castle Talbot (b 1789, dsp 1861)
  m2. Mary O'Brian (widow of Walter Delamar)
  (ii)+ other issue - Ellinour, Magdelene
  (D)+ other issue (dsp) - Piers, Richard (d 03.11.1717)
  C. Katherine Power
  m. Piers Butler of Grantstown (son of James, 9th Earl of Ormonde)
  D. Margaret Power
  m. (1585) James FitzThomas, '15th Earl of Desmond' (bur 28.04.1607)
  E. Mary Power probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m1. William Butler of Synone & Moyglass (d 04.1589)
m2. Richard Butler (natural son of Sir Edward Butler of Cloughgrenan)
  m3. Piers Grace of Moyglass
  F.+ other issue - David, Maurice, Thomas, William
  m2. Ellen MacCartie (dau of Teig MacCormac oge MacCartie of Muskerry)
3. Thomas Power of Coolfin of Culefin, co. Waterford
  The following comes from 'History of the Fanning Family' by Walter Frederic Brooks (vol 1, 1915, p47).
  A. James Power
  i. Thomas Power of Culefin (d 1637)
  a. Gyles or Juliana Power (2nd dau)
  m. Geoffrey Fanning of Ballingarry
4. Katherine Power
  m. Sir Nicholas Devereux of Ballymagir
5. Elice Power
  m. Sir Thomas Fitzgerald (of the house of Desmond)

Main source(s): BP1934 (foreign section: De la Poer) with support from BP1934 (Waterford), BE1883 (Power of Tyrone), TCP (Power)
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