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Families covered: Pretyman (Pratyman) of Bacton, Pretyman of Cotton, Pretyman of Old Newton, Tomline of Riby Grove

The pedigree of this family was confused by the claims of Bishop George Pretyman, later Pretyman-Tomline, which purported to show that the Bishop was heir male of Sir John Pretyman, 4th Bart. According to TCB (vol 3, Pretyman), the Bishop tried to claim the baronetcy but that claim was rejected. In fact, although it appears that the Bishop's claim to be the heir male of the last baronet was supported by a jury, such appears unlikely to have been true (indicating that the jury may have been too acceptive of his claim simply because he was a Bishop) given the the number of intervening generations reported in the pedigree he presented (apparently without dates). The following comes from BLG1952.
William Pratyman of Bacton, Suffolk (d before 1413)
m. _ Hobard (dau of Nicholas Hobard)
1. Nicholas Pratyman (a 1413)
2. William Pratyman of (Howlots & Coppard in) Bacton (d 04.10.1440)
  m. Agnes Howlot (d 1456, dau of Peter Howlot)
A. William Pratyman of Bacton (d before 1479)
  m. Marjory
  i. William Pratyman of Bacton (d before 1503)
  This appears to be the William who was claimed by Bishop George (1750-1827, see below) as father not only of Thomas but also of William, ancestor of the baronets whose title the Bishop claimed (unsuccessfully) after the death of the 4th Bart in 1749. BLG1952 identifies Thomas as the younger of 2 surviving sons but does not name the elder. Provisionally we show the alleged ancestor of the baronets, another William, as the elder son. However, since BLG1952 does not even mention this as a possibility, it must be viewed as very doubtful so we show the alleged connection in italics.
  m. Agnes
  a. William Pretyman of Bacton
(1) Thomas Pretyman of Cotton
  (A) William Pretyman of Bacton
  b. Thomas Pratyman of Bacton & Newton, "portioner of Cotton Hall" (bur 16.07.1543)
  m. Johanna Gernon (bur 08.04.1545, dau of John Gernon or Gernoun of Bacton)
  (1) Robert Pratyman or Pretyman of Old Newton (a 1543)
  (A) ?? Pretyman of Old Newton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ?? Pretyman of Old Newton
  (a) Robert Pretyman of Old Newton (d(spms) 1659)
  (2) Peter Pratyman or Pretyman of Howlot Coppard, Bacton (b c1500, bur 24.07.1554)
  m. (05.10.1539) Katherine Fenne
  (A) William Pretyman of Bacton & Cotton Bresworth (bur 04.07.1617) - continued below
  m. (24.10.1570) Margaret Long (bur 06.02.1628, dau of William Long of Bacton)
  (B)+ 1 son and 5 daughters
  ii. John Pratyman of Cotton Bresworth, Suffolk ancestor of the Pretymans of Thornton



William Pretyman of Bacton & Cotton Bresworth (bur 04.07.1617) - continued above
m. (24.10.1570) Margaret Long (bur 06.02.1628, dau of William Long of Bacton)
1. Peter Pretyman of Bacton & Cotton (bpt 22.08.1572, d 24.08.1636)
  m1. Anne Harwell (d c1620, dau of Thomas Harwell of Felsham)
A. George Pretyman of Bacton, Cotton & Old Newton (b 1607, d 18.07.1688)
  m1. (c1632) Elizabeth Wilson (d before 1639)
  i. Peter Pretyman of Bacton (b 1633, d 1705)
  m. Frances Baron (dau/coheir of Samuel Baron of Lynn, grandson of Petrus Baron or Baro of Etampes (France) then Boston)
  a. George Pretyman of Bacton, Cotton, Old Newton, etc. (b 1659, d 03.09.1727)
  m. (Elizabeth) Garneys (d 25.10.1689, dau/coheir of Edward Garneys of Redisham Hall)
  (1) George Pretyman of Bacton (bpt 23.07.1685, d 15.02.1732)
  m. (1711) June Pistor (d 06.08.1738, dau/heir of Rev. John Pistor of Claydon)
  (A) Baron Pretyman of Bacton (b 24.02.1712, dsp 15.02.1758)
  m. (16.09.1738) Isabella Shelton (d 1761, dau/heir of Maurice Shelton of Barningham & Bury)
  (B) son
  (2) Peter Pretyman of London (bpt 10.04.1688, bur 19.11.1730)
  m. (27.11.1717) Margaret Cutler (bur 21.12.1738, dau of William Cutler of London & Ipswich)
  (A) Peter Pretyman (bpt 21.11.1721, d unm before 1758)
(B) George Pretyman of Bury (St. Edmunds), Bacton, Cotton, Old Newton, etc. (bpt 07.11.1722, bur 14.12.1810)
  m. Susan Hubbard (d 21.11.1807, dau of John Hubbard of Bury & Finningham) @@ see here @@
  (i) 'Sir' George Pretyman, later Pretyman-Tomline of Riby Grove, Bishop of Lincoln then Winchester (b 09.10.1750, d 14.11.1827)
(1) George was bequested Riby Grove by Marmaduke Tomline (no relation).
(2) Despite the many generations apart, Bishop George claimed to be the heir male general of Sir John Pretyman, 4th Bart, and in March 1823 this claim was supported by a jury (surprisingly, but perhaps because of his status as a Bishop). Thenafter, he assumed the baronetcy but this was never formally accepted.
  m. (03.09.1784) Elizabeth Maltby (d 13.06.1826, dau of Thomas Maltby of Germains)
  (a) William Edward Pretyman, later Tomline of Riby Grove, Bacton, etc. (b 27.02.1827, d 28.05.1836, MP) had issue
  William did not assume the baronetcy.
  m. (14.04.1811) Frances Amler (d 30.04.1816, dau/heir of John Amler of Ford Hall)
  (b) George Thomas Pretyman (b 05.04.1790, d 14.06.1859, Chancellor & Canon of Lincoln, rector of Wheathampstead) had issue
  m. (23.05.1814) Amelia Tower (d 06.1867, dau of Christopher Tower of Weald Hall)
  (c) Richard Pretyman (b 21.03.1793, d 25.03.1866, precentor of Lincoln, rector of Middleton Stoney) had issue (who dsp)
  m1. (06.1840) Alicia Porter (d 12.1848)
  m2. (06.1849) Harriet Apthorpe (d 11.02.1877, dau of Rev. Frederick Apthorpe of Lincoln)
  (ii) John Pretyman (b 23.09.1752, d 05.06.1817, Archdeacon & Precentor of Lincoln, Curate of Norwich)
m. (15.07.1784) Anne Kedington (d 29.06.1810. dau/coheir of Henry Kedington of Sudbury, sister of Rev. Roger of Rougham Hall)
  (a) John Pretyman (bpt 15.11.1785, d 22.11.1842, prebendary of Lincoln, rector of Sherrington) had issue
  m. (14.06.1814) Dorothy Jane Sidebotham (d 21.08.1873, dau of Radclyffe Sidebotham of Sutton Court)
  ii. son
  m2. (before 1640) Susan Tyrell (d 21.04.1674, dau of Thomas Tyrell of Gypping)
  iii. son ancestor of the Pretymans of Wetherden
  iv. Anne Pretyman (bur 02.02.1724-5) apparently of this marriage
  m. (16.09.1669) John Frere of Finningham (bpt 30.01.1645-6, bur 14.01.1709-10)
  v. Dorothy Prettyman (b 1643-4, d 18.07.1728) probably of this marriage
  m. Thomas Smith of Bacton (b 1645-6, d 15.08.1702)
  vi.+ 3 other daughters
  B. daughter
  m. Tristram Dymond of Upwell
  m2. (before 1630) Elizabeth Wilson (dsp)
2.+ 3 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Pretyman of Orwell Park)
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