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Families covered: Proude of Kent, Paramour of Mounton, Paramor of St. Nicholas, Pattenson of Biddenden, Pattenson of Ibornden

William Proude or Preude
1. John Proude
A. William Proude
  m. _ Serle (dau/coheir of _ Serle of Wye)
  i. Henry Proude
  m. Alice Baldock (dau of Robert Baldock)
  a. William Proude (a c1600)
  m. Margaret Crispe (sister of Sir Edmund Crispe)
  (1) William Proude
  b. William Proude 'of Canterbury'
  m. Mary Sprackling (dau of Sir Adam Sprackling)
(1) William Proude (b 1608)
  m. Anne
  (A) Dorothy Proude
  m1. (sp) _ Nethersole
  m2. Christopher May of Greenwich (d 1691)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - Charles (d 1659), Anne of Wanstead (d 1677)
  (2) Searle Proude
  (A)+ 2 daughters
  (3)+ other isuse - Horatio, Katherine, Elizabeth, Mary (b 1618)
  ii. Serle Proude
  m. Anne Payne (dau of _ Payne of Chilham, m2. German Roper)
  a. Thomas Proude
  m. Jane Lambe (dau of Christopher Lambe)
  (1) Anne Proude
  b. Sir John Proude (Captain)
  m1. Elizabeth Kirkham
  (1)+ issue - John, Mary
  m2. _ Fagge of Ewell



Berry shows 2 branches of the following family, both having the same coat of arms ("Az. a fesse, embattled, counter-embattled, betw. three estoile or."). We speculate that they were connected as follows.
?? Paramor or Paramour
1. Thomas Paramour of Parmourstreete in Ashe, Sandwich
  A. William Paramour (dsp)
  B. Henry Paramour (a 1524)
m. Alice Fornell
  i. John Paramour
  m. Jane Beke (dau of Thomas Beke of Wickham-Breux)
  a. Thomas Paramour 'of Sandwiche' of Fordwiche, Mayor of Canterbury (a 1619)
  m1. Mary Sampson (dau of Richard Sampson of London)
  m2. Anne Hougham (dau of Michael Hougham of Ashe)
(1) Henry Paramour of Mounton in Thanet (b c1597, a 1619)
  This appears to be the Henry, son of Thomas of Mounton by Mary Hougham (sic), who is shown by Visitation (Armytage (1906), Kent, 1663, 'Paramor') as having the following family.
  m. Jane Garth (dau/heir of Thomas Garth of Surrey)
(A) Henry Paramour of Mounton (a 1663)
  m. Judith Boys (dau of John Boys of Betshanger)
  (i) Henry Paramour (b c1659, a 1663)
  (2) Jane Paramour
  m. Henry Saunders
  (3) Benetta Paramour
  m1. Anthony Clofeilde of London
  m2. Thomas Foache
2. ?? Paramor
A. Thomas Paramor of St. Nicholas in Thanet, Kent
  m1. Margaret Slyfeild (dau of Edmund Slyfeild of Slyfeild)
  i. Thomas Paramor of St. Nicholas (d 1601)
  m1/2. Ann Stone (dau/heir of John Stone of Kent by dau/heir of Henry Nayler)
  a. John Paramor (d infant)
m2/1. (sp) Elizabeth Crispe (sister of Sir Edmund Crispe)
  m2. ??
  ii. Henry Paramor
  m. Mary Stoughton (dau/heir of Thomas Stoughton)
  a. Thomas Paramor 'of Kent'
  m. Margaret Willoughby (dau of Sir William Willoughby)
  (1)+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas, William
  b. Stephen Paramor



Roger Pattenson from Yorkshire (b c02.1559/60, d 07.11.1638, clothier)
m. Gyllan
1. Josias Pattenson of Biddenden (b c1645, d 26.02.1721)
  m. Margaret Blackmore (b c1661, d 23.10.1691, dau of James Blackmore)
  A. William Pattenson of Ibornden, Biddenden, Kent (b c1686, d 1771)
  m. Frances Beale (d 11.03.1788, dau of John Beale of Bredgar)
  i. William Pattenson of Ibornden (d unm 1799)
  ii. Frances Pattenson (d unm 1770)
  B. Josias Pattenson (d 09.03.1758)
  m. Elizabeth Kadwell (dau/coheir of Felix Kadwell of Rolvenden)
  i. Kadwell Pattenson of Rolvenden (dsp 10.11.1750)
  m. Sarah Curteis
  ii. Josias Pattenson of Ashford, Kent (b 1725-6, d 12.03.1799)
  m1. Elizabeth Dyne (b 1727-8, d 18.05.1755)
  a. Josias Pattenson (b 1753-4, d 08.08.1758) shown on p315 as of this marriage, on p204 as of the 2nd marriage
  m2. Mary (d 1799, dau of Henry (Dering?), widow of John Mascall (uncle of Robert Mascall of Romney))
  b. Elizabeth or Mary Pattenson (d 06.1771) shown on p315 Mary, on p204 as Elizabeth
  iii. Mary Pattenson (a 1785)
m. Samuel Munn of Hastings
  a. Samuel Munn of Ashford (b c1752, a 1769)
  b. Ellen Munn (b c1756, a 1828)
  m. William Jemmett of Ashford (d 02.1828)
  (1) Margaret Eleanor Jemmett (a 1828)
  m. Thomas Maude of Burley Hall (d c1809)
(2) Anne Jemmett (a 1828)
  m. Edward Hussey of Scotney Castle (b 1780, d 06.09.1817)
  C. Margaret Pattenson
  m. Thomas Marsh of Ashford
  i. Priscilla Marsh (a 1777)
  m. Abraham Flint of Ashford
  a. Thomas Flint
  ii. Margaret Marsh (d 1784)
  m. James Blackmore
  iii. Mary Marsh (dsp)
  m. William More of London
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Sarah
2. ?? Pattenson
  A. Samuel Pattenson (nephew of Josias) probably of this generation
  m. Hannah Blackmore (a 1768, dau of William Blackmore)
3.+ 3 sons + 1 daughter

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