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Families covered: Reresby of Ashover, Reresby of Thribergh (Thrybergh)

Sir Adam Reresby
m. Anne Beke (dau of Andrew Beke)
1. Alexander Reresby
  m. Amarilla Omfields
  A. Isidore Reresby
  m. Amicia D'Eyncourt
  i. Ralph Reresby of Ashover (a 1325)
  m. Margaret Normanville (dau of Ralph Normanville, sister of Ralph of Thribergh)
  a. Sir Adam Reresby of Ashover and Thribergh
  (1) Ralph Reresby of Thribergh
  m. Dorothy Bradborne (dau of Thomas Bradborne of Bradborne)
  (A) Sir Thomas Reresby of Thribergh
  m. Cecily Guthain (dau of Richard Guthain of Briansworth)
  (i) Sir Thomas Reresby of Thribergh
  m. Lucia Sheffield (dau of John Sheffield)
(a) Sir Thomas Reresby of Thribergh (d 1439)
  m. Maud (probably dau of Sir John Nevil of Chete, possibly dau of Bosvile of Chete)
  ((1)) Ralph Reresby of Thribergh (d 01.06.1466)
  m. Agnes Stapleton (dau of Sir John Stapleton of Wighill)
  ((A)) Ralph Reresby of Thribergh (d 1530)
  m. Margaret Fitzwilliams (dau of Sir Richard Fitzwilliams of Aldwarke)
  ((i)) Thomas Reresby of Thribergh (d by 1543)
  m. Elizabeth Fulnethy (dau of John Fulnethy of Fulnethy)
((ii)) Elizabeth Reresby
  m1. John Bosvile of Newhall
  m2. Edward Eyre of Holme (d 05.07.1592-3)
  ((iii)) daughter
  BEB1844 shows that an unnamed daughter of this generation married an unnamed Eure of Belton. Provisionally, given that there is some uncertainty as to the generations around here, we show that this was Isabella (a1540) who married ...
m. Robert Eure of Belton (d 1527)
  ((iv)) daughter
  m. _ Portington of Barnby
  ((v)) Agnes Reresby confusion with Isabell below??
  m. Robert Westly of Renfield
  ((vi)) daughter
  m. John Baxter of Bolton
  ((B)) Isabell Reresby apparently of this generation
  m. Robert Westby of Ravenfield
  (b) Isabella Reresby
  m. William Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse
  (c) Judith Reresby
  m. Richard Symms of Barnsley
  (d)+ "several sons"
  (ii) Anne Reresby
  m. Thomas Barry of Teversal
  (iii)+ other issue - Mary (nun), Janet (d unm)
  (B) Christian Reresby
  m. John Bentley
(C) Bridget Reresby
  m. William Bensford
  (2) Elizabeth Reresby
  m1. _ Oakover of Oakover
  m2. _ Lowe of Denbigh
  m3. _ Hallam of Hallam
  m4. Thomas Powtrell of West Hallam
  (3) Joan Reresby not mentioned by BEB1844
  m. Sir John Fitzwilliam of Emley and Sprotborough (d 10.08.1349)
  ii. Eleanor Reresby
  m. John Wickersley
  iii. Mary Reresby
  m. Thomas Bakewich
  iv. Jane Reresby
  m. Peter Frechville of Stavely
  B. Ursula Reresby
  m. Sir Adam Thruskey
  C. Mary Reresby
  m. John Stayne of Noblethorp
2. Annabella Reresby
  m. Sir William Ormesby of Ormesby
3. Elizabeth Reresby
  m. Sir William Green of Newby
4. Cassandra Reresby
  m. Philip Bleasby
5. Jane Reresby
  m. Robert Cumberworth
6. Anne Reresby
  m. Sir John Somercotes

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Reresby of Thrybergh)
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