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Families covered: Roberts in Ireland, Roberts of Rhyd y Bont, Roberts of Trefri

1. Richard
  A. John of Rhyd y Bont
  i. Elizabeth
  m. Rhys Hughes
  B. Lewis
  i. Robert Lewis of Crecirst (near Rhys y Bont)
  m. Catherine (b c1674, d 06.03.1714, dau of William Bevan of Holyhead)
  a. Lewis Robert(s) in Ireland
m1. _ Philpot
  (1) William Roberts in Ireland (b 1699, d 1741)
  m. (1728) Elizabeth Ridgate
  (A) Lewis Roberts (d 1743)
  m2. Deborah Garner
  (2) Robert Roberts (b 1711, d 1716)
  b. John Roberts
  m. Margaret Hughes (dau of Lewis Hughes of Towyn)
  (1) Robert Roberts (Deputy Chief Remembrancer in Ireland)
  (A) Lewis Roberts
  m. Bridget Putland
  (i) John Roberts (b 21.12.1746, d 09.07.1826)
  m. (04.04.1774) Martha Putland
  (a) Ann Roberts (b 11.12.1781, d 22.02.1837)
  m. (06.04.1801) Charles Riall (b 31.10.1774, d 15.04.1855)
  (b) Charlotte Roberts (b 19.05.1785, d 08.11.1831)
  m. Charles Newbury
  (c)+ other issue - Lewis (b 29.10.1777, d young), Catherine (b 24.04.1775, d c1795), Jane (b 17.06.1776, d 21.06.1839), Martha (b 08.10.1780, d 1857), Elizabeth (b 27.05.1783, d 1851)
(ii) Jane (b 08.10.1756)
  m. _ Archer (Captain RN)
  (iii)+ other issue (d young) - Jane (b 13.09.1748), Elizabeth (b 27.07.1751)
  (B) Deborah
  m. Michael Chamberlain
  (C) Catherine
  m. Edward Mansel
  (2) John Roberts of Rhoscolyn (d by 1700)
  m. Letttice Owen
  (A) Hugh Roberts of Rhyd y Bont, later of Trefri (d 05.12.1785)
  m. Margaret Hughes (b c1740, d 19.01.1750, dau of John Hughes of Glan yr afon)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Rhiwlas, p339).
  (i) John Roberts of Trefri (b c1765, d 02.01.1800)
  m. (10.12.1789) Mary Hopkins (b 1767-8, d 12.07.1824)
  (a) John Roberts of Neuadd & Trefri (b 1793-4, d 29.10.1818)
  (b) Margaret Mary Roberts (b 1789-90, d 26.04.1872)
  m. (19.09.1820) Hugh Thomas of Hendregadog (d 18.11.1848)
  (c) Anne Roberts (bpt 20.02.1798)
  m. (08.05.1818) Hugh Roberts of Carnarvon
  (d)+ other issue - William (b 1795-6, d 28.04.1809), Anna Maria (b c1791, d 23.11.1824), Elinor (bpt 25.01.1793), Jane (bpt 28.10.1799, d 30.04.1867)
  (ii) Owen Roberts of Bwlan (bpt 06.02.1774, d 30.12.1849, 3rd son)
  m. (06.07.1799) Jane Jones of Bwlan (b 1779-80, d 31.07.1838)
  (a) John Roberts of Rhiwlas (bpt 06.07.1799, d 20.01.1880, rector of Llansadwrn) had issue
  m. (24.05.1826) Catherine Moulsdale (dau of John Moulsdale of Bryndyffryn then Gwndy)
  (b) Margaret Roberts (bpt 01.07.1806, d 14.05.1834)
  (c) Sarah Roberts
  m. Richard Roberts (of family of Mynydd y Gof)
  (iii) Rice Roberts of Llangefni (bpt 020.3.1779, d 01.1853) had issue
  m1. (12.06.1802) Elinor Williams (d 24.06.1838, dau of William Williams of Plas)
  m2. (sp?) (19.09.1840) Elinor Owen (b 1807-8, d 13.02.1844, dau of John Owen of Llangefni)
  m3. (sp?) (22.12.1846) Jane Jones (dau of Owen Jones of Gair)
  (iv) Edmund Roberts of Ucheldre (bpt 1781, d 01.04.1836) had issue
  m. (07.06.1803) Margaret Thomas of Aberffraw (b 1777-8, d 20.09.1825)
  (v) Ellen Roberts
  m. (22.04.1829) Hugh Jones of Bodfeirig
  (vi)+ other issue - William (bpt 28.08.1771, d 24.09.1793), Humphrey of Holywell (b 1784-5, d 04.02.1848), Margaret (bpt 09.06.1776-8)
  (B) Richard Roberts
  m. Grace
  (C) Jane
  (3) Mary
  m. John Prees
  c. daughter
  m. Robert ap John ap Evan
  d.+ other issue - William, Robert in Ireland (clergyman)

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Rhyd y Bont, p143) with input as reported above
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