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Families covered: Roberts of the Isle of Wight

Henry Roberts of the Isle of Wight (b 1650-1, d 21.09.1731)
m. Elizabeth (b c1551, d 11.03.1717)
1. John Roberts of Apply, Isle of Wight (b c1688, d 31.03.1741)
m. Ann Hutt of London (b 1708-9, d 15.08.1781)
  A. Betty Anne Roberts (b 09.1733, dsp 09.1805)
  m. Rev. Richard Walker (d 05.1805)
  B Ann Roberts (b 1736-7, d unm bur 05.1780)
2. Henry Roberts of Standen, Isle of Wight (b c1691-2, d 27.04.1754)
  m. Elizabeth Tuffnell (b 1709-10, d 23.03.1805, dau (sb sister?) of Samuel Tuffnell of London)
  A. Henry Roberts of Standen (b 21.03.1731, d 11.02.1801)
  m1. (12.1755) Jane Sowle (d 05.1783, dau/coheir of M. Sowle of Blandford)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (b 1756, d 1764), Elizabeth (b 08.1759, d 12.1784), Catherine Lucreia (b 12.1773, d 10.1805)
  m2. (15.07.1784, sp) Margaret Worsley (d 16.11.1817, dau of R. Worsley of Bidford)
  B. Edward Roberts (b 23.08.1735)
  m. Elizabeth (widow of Thomas Gother of Billingham)
  i. Henry Roberts (b 01.03.1772, d c1776)
  ii. Edwar Robertsdd (b 09.08.1773, RN)
  m. (08.1808) Mary Gleed (dau of Thomas Gleed of Isle of Wight)
  C. John Roberts (b 22.10.1737)
m1. (1770) Elizabeth Blake
  i. Harriet Roberts (b 10.05.1771, d 1804)
  m. (08.1791) John Robert Cocher of London
  a.+ 6 children
  m2. (sp) Lucretia Sowle (d 04.1824, dau.heir of Marmaduke Sowle of Blandford)
  D. William Roberts (b 20.11.1746, d 23.06.1809)
  m. (25.03.1776) Elizabeth Morrissey (b 20.05.1754, d 10.1814, dau of James Morrissey by Susannah Coren)
  i. William Roberts (b 11.04.1780, d 1851, General RA) had issue
  m. (21.12.1812) Caroline Maitland (b 1782, d 25.11.1830, dau of Thomas Maitland of Southampton)
  ii. Charles Morrissey Roberts (b 21.08.1781)
  m. (29.12.1819) Maria Louisa Allen
  iii. Henry Tuffnell Roberts (b 30.07.1785, General Bengal Native Cavalry) had issue
  m. Jane Beckley of Lymington (d 07.1890)
  iv.+ other issue - William Henry (b 19.12.1778, d 05.01.1779), Eliza (b 22.01.1777), Laura (b 07.08.1784, d 28.08.1784)
  E. Dolly Tuffnell Roberts (b 13.07.1734)
  m. Adam Kennedy of Romono
  i. George Kennedy (b 11.06.1758, d 03.1800)
  m. (07.1790) Helen Blackburn
a.+ issue - Adam (b 16.05.1795), Hugh (b 07.09.1797), George (b 30.09.1799), Dorothea (b 05.10.1798)
  ii. Elizabeth Kennedy (b 17.04.1757, d 08.1791)
  m. (08.11.1783) Charles Irvine of Scotland
  iii. Agnes Kennedy (b 21.06.1761, a 1809)
  m. (12.09.1784) Hugh Mamon of Auchterfardle
  iv. Jean Kennedy (b 03.04.1763, d 1768)
  v. Dorothea Kennedy (b 17.09.1762, dsp 25.05.1803)
  m. (22/06.08.1792) John Trotter of Moreton Hll (dsp 1804)
  F. Ann Roberts (b 02.02.1738)
  m. (31.12.1765) Rev. Francis Worsley of Chale (b 1729-30, d 17.03.1808)
  G. Hannah Roberts (b 23.03.1740-1, d 28.05.1829)
  m. (1760) Thomas Storie of London (d 1794)

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