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Families covered: Roberts of Stanton Lacy, Roberts of Sutton Cheynell, Roberts of Thorpe Langton

Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Per pale Argent and Gules, a lion rampant Sable".
William Roberts
1. William Roberts of Stanton Lacy, co. Salop
  A. William Roberts of Stanton Lacy then Burway
  m. Jane Gomond
  i. Thomas Roberts (collector of Bristol)
  m. Alice Creekland (relict of William Davies)
  ii. John Roberts
  m. Maria Chester (dau of William Chester of Bristol)
  a. Elizabeth Roberts
  m. John Sacheverell
  b.+ other issue - John, Walter, Maria
  iii. William Roberts
  m. Elizabeth Whitton of Whitton
  iv. Edmund Roberts (5th son)
  m. Jane Dakins (dau of Philip Dakins, widow of Thomas ap Rice)
  v. Henry Roberts
m. _ Barnham (dau of Robert Barnham of Gloucestershire)
  a. Thomas Roberts
  (1) Thomas Roberts
  m. _ Hickson (dau/heir of _ Hickosn of Sutton Cheynell)
  (A) Thomas Roberts
  (B) William Roberts of Sutton Cheynell - continued below
  m. _ Worship of Basset
  iv. Katherine Roberts
  m. Bartholomew Close
  vii.+ other issue - Richard, Jane, Allee
  B. Thomas Roberts
  i. Jane Roberts
  m. Thomas Acton of the Hill
  C. John Roberts (dsp)



William Roberts of Sutton Cheynell - continued above
m. _ Worship of Basset
1. Thomas Roberts of Sutton Cheynell
  m1. Katherine Temple (dau of Richard Temple of Temple)
  m2. Joice Staresmore (a 1549, dau of John Staresmore of Frolesworth)
  A. Sir William Roberts of Sutton Cheynell, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1619, dsp)
Nichols shows William as m1. Katherine, dau of Richard Elkington of Shawell, relict of Robert Jerveis of Thorpe Langton (## see here ##). However, he notes that this contradicts what was shown in the Jerveis record which was ...
  m1. Elizabeth Shepherd of Hockley (dsp 07.09.1632, relict of William Jerveis) ## see here ##
  m2. Elizabeth Hartopp (dau of Valentine Hartopp, relict of George Bale of Carleton)
  B. Michael Roberts (dsp)
  C. Sir Richard Roberts of Sutton Cheynell (b c1564, d 30.10.1644)
  m. Dorothy Jerveis (dau of William Jerveis of Peatling)
  i. Sir William Roberts of Barwell & Sutton Cheynell, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b c1595, d c1664, captain)
  m1. Frances Bale (dau of George Bale of Carleton Curlieu)
  a. William Roberts of Sutton Cheynell (b c1622, a 1683)
  m. Elizabeth Glover (dau of Sir Thomas Glover of Uxbridge & London)
  (1) Jane Roberts
  m. Robert Sliard of Eatonbridge
  (2) Elizabeth Roberts
  m. Nathaniel Lee of London (ironmonger)
  (3) Frances Roberts
  m1. Moses Munloss of London (apothecary)
  m2. Abraham Jacob of London (of the Inner Temple, nephew of Sir _ Jacob of Bow)
  (4)+ other issue - William (d young), William (m. ??, dsp), John (d unm), Thomas (b c1648, a 1683), Edward (d unm), James, Catharine (d infant), Mary (d unm)
  b. John Roberts of Sutton Cheynell (d 1660, rector of Stony Staunton)
  m. Mary Breton (dau of Richard Breton of Elmesthorp, sister of Richard)
  (1) Thomas Roberts (d unm)
  (2) Elizabeth Roberts
  m. Richard Foley of Worcestershire
  c. Wolstan Roberts of Melbourne (Derbyshire), later of Earl Shilton & Barwell (b c1623, a 1683, youngest son)
  m1. Mary Sheppard of Nottinghamshire
  (1) Wolstan Roberts (bpt 11.11.1661, bur 28.07.1746, 2nd son)
  m. Abigail
  (A) Henry Roberts of Newthorpe in Greasley (bpt 22.04.1700)
  (i) Wolstan Roberts (d 21.04.1752)
  (2+ other issue - Charles in London (upholsterer), Thomas (a 1683)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Lambert)
  d. Elizabeth Roberts (d 1649)
  m. William Staresmore of Frolesworth
  e. Catherine Roberts (d 1682)
  m. John Bourne (son/heir of John Bourne of Ufford by Elizabeth)
  (1)+ issue - John (d young), Richard (d young), William (dsp 08.06.1689), Robert (d young), Francis (a 1689), James (a 1705, rector of Wilby), Elizabeth (d young), Amme (d young)
  f. Francis Roberts
  m. _ Barrit of Uppingham
  g.+ other issue - Richard (d unm in Wales c1677, clerk), George (d unm in Barbadoes c1657), Thomas (d unm, Major)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Smith)
  ii. Thomas Roberts of Thorpe Langton (d 09.02.1632-3)
  The folowing comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Roberts of Thorpe Langton', p671).
  m. Susannah Mills (dau of William Mills of London)
a. Richard Roberts of Thorpe Langton, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 1623, a 1661)
  m. Frances Carleton (dau of Thomas Carleton of Carshalton)
  (1) Richard Roberts of Thorpe Langton, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b 04.11.1650, a 1681)
  m. Anne Chowne (dau of Henry Chowne)
  (A) Charles Roberts of Thorpe Langton (b 20.08.162, a 1720, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Sence
  (B) Susanna Roberts (b 1674, d 1726)
  m. Edmund Salter (d 1722, rector of Carleton Curlieu)
(C)+ other issue - Henr (b c1679), Anne (b 1673), Barbara (b c1675), Prudence (b c1676), Frances (b c1677), Elizabeth (b c1678), Dorothy (d 1682), Prithirn (b 1685), Arabella
  (2) Susanna Roberts
  m. John Wadland of Medbourne
  (3) Frances Roberts
m. John Churche of Stonfield
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas in London, William in Leicester
  b. William Roberts (b 1642-5, d 23.06.1676, Rector of Carleton)
  m. Anne Palmer (b 1639-40, d 23.05.1663, dau of Edward Palmer of Leicester)
  (1) Benjamin Roberts (b c1663, a 1681)
  iii. Jerveis Roberts (dsp)
  iv. Joyce Roberts
  m. Edmund Bale of Sadington
  D. George Roberts
  m. Eleanor Diglin (dau of Gilbert Diglin of Coventry)
  i.+ issue - William, Richard, Joyce Anne, Eleanor
  E. John Roberts
  m. Dorothy Dawnde of London
  i.+ issue - John, Peter, William, Joyce, Dorothy
  F. Thomas Roberts
  m. ?? (relict of _ Dudley)
  i. William Roberts
  G. Jane Roberts
  m. Nicholas Geary of Barleston
  H. Elizabeth Roberts
  m. William Wright of Sutton
  I. Anne Roberts
  m. T. Perkins of Marston-Jabbets
  J. Lucy Roberts
  m1. T. Aires
  m2. Thomas Chancy, alias Giles, of Bosworth

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Roberts of Sutton Cheynell', p547)
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