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Families covered: Scudamore of Kentchurch, Scudamore of Llancillo, Scudamore of Llangua, Scudamore of Rowlstone (Rolleston), Scudamore of Upton Scudamore

BLG1952 identifies the arms of this family as "gu. three stirrups, leathered and buckled or", quartered with those of the Lucan family.
Sir Alan Scudamore (a 1090)
m. Jane Ketchmey (dau of Sir Alexander Ketchmey or Catchmay of Troy & Bigsweir or Bigswear)
1. Sir Titus Scudamore of Troy & Bigsweir
  m. Joyce de Clifford
  (1) BLG1952 identifies Joyce's father as 1st Baron de Clifford whilst Commoners identifies him as Sir Robert Clifford, Lord of Clifford. However, no parliamentary Lord was created until about 150 years after this generation whilst no Robert de Clifford of Clifford appears on Clifford01 around this time.
(2) There are significant differences between the ways that the next few generations are reported by Commoners and BLG1952. We follow the latter on the assumption that it is based on more recent research but report by note what Commoners reported not least in case some of the additional information provided (eg on the wives) is relevant.
  A. Sir Wilcock Scudamore named by Commoners, BLG1952 merely mentions that Sir Titus had another son
  m. Eleanor Trowhek (dau of Sir Brian Trowhek)
  B. Walter de Scudamore (a 1149)
  Commoners names the son of Sir Titus who was ancestor of this family as Jenkin, who married Alice/Agnes dau/heir of Sir Robert Ewyas and had two sons, Sir John (next in line of this branch) and Philip, the latter being identified as a possible ancestor of the Home Lacy branch.
  i. Godfrey de Scudamore of Upton Scudamore
  a. Elias de Scudamore
  (1) Sir Walter de Scudamore
  (A) Sir Godfrey de Scudamore of Upton Scudamore, Sheriff of Wiltshire, Somerset & Dorset
m. Maud Gifford (dau of Elias Gifford)
  (i) Sir Peter de Scudamore (dspm 1293) succeeded by Sir Walter
  The following connection comes from 'Some account of the Taylor family (originally Taylard)' by Peter Alfred Taylor (1875).
  m. Joan Brisley (dau of Henry Brisley)
  (a) Sir Walter de Scudamore
  (b) Catherine Scudamore ("sister and heir of Sir Walter")
  m. Sir John Reynes
(ii) Sir Walter de Scudamore probably brother of Peter
  (a) Walter Scudamore of Upton Scudamore
  (b) Sir Peter Scudamore
  ((1)) Sir Walter Scudamore
  Commoners identifies the parents of the Sir John who married a daughter of Owen Glendower as Joyce (dau of Sir Robert Marbery) and Sir John, son of Sir John (by Janes, dau of Sir Walter Baskerville of Erdisley), elder son of the Jenkin who is identified above as son of Sir Titus.
  ((A)) Sir John Scudamore of Kentchurch, Sheriff of Gloucestershire & Herefordshire (Constable of Goodrich Castle) - continued below
  m. Alice (dau of Owen Glendower)
((2)) Thomas Scudamore of Holm Lacy
  BLG1952 mentions this Thomas, ancestor of the family of Holm Lacy, as "presumed son of Sir Peter".
  ((3)) ?? Scudamore
  ((A)) Sir Richard Scudamore of Rowlstone, Herefordshire (a 1385)
  BLG1952 mentions this Richard as being a contemporary of the Sir John who married a daughter of Owen Glendower. It is pure speculation to show Richard as 1st cousin of Sir John, rather than (say) brother or 2nd or 3rd cousin. It is also speculative for us to show that he was ancestor of the later Scudamores of Rowlston.
  ((i)) ?? Scudamore presumed intermediary generation
  ((a)) Richard Scudamore of Rowlston
  As reported below ##, Commoners shows this Richard differently.
  m. Jane Monington (dau of Richard Monington of Brinsop)
  (c) John Scudamore



Sir John Scudamore of Kentchurch, Sheriff of Gloucestershire & Herefordshire (Constable of Goodrich Castle) - continued above
Commoners reports that Sir John was alive in the reigns of Edward II (1307-1327) and Henry IV (1399-1443) and identifies his wife as Elizabeth, dau of Owen Glendower. BLG1952 names her Alice. Griffith's Pedigrees (Glyndyfrwdy, p282) confirms that her name was Alice.
m. Alice (dau of Owen Glendower)
1. Sir John Scudamore of Kentchurch (b c1400, a 1473)
Commoners shows 2 generations of Johns between the Sir John who married a daughter of Owen Glendower and the James shown by BLG1952 as son of this Sir John. The first (Sir) John was married to Margaret Brytt, the second (a 1473) to Joan ('Parry'). We follow BLG1952 in showing just one generation but attribute to him the 2 wives that Commoners shows as covering 2 generations. Noting that BLG1952 does not name any of the wives of this or the next few generations, there has clearly been confusion about the wives/mothers so what we show for the wives & mothers should be viewed as highly speculative!
  m1. Margaret Brytt (dau of Sir Thomas Brytt)
  m2. Joan (dau of John ap Harry of Boston (Poston))
  A. James Scudamore of Kentchurch 'of Hom Lacy' Commoners reports that some sources name this James as John
  m. Eleanor (dau of Griffith ap Nicholas of Newton by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas Perrot of Heraldston) identified by Commoners
i. Thomas Scudamore of Kentchurch
  m. Margaret (dau of Morgan Jenkin ap Philip of Pencoyd) identified by Commoners
  a. James Scudamore of Kentchurch (d 19.07.1522)
  m. Joane or Sibell Baskerville (dau of Sir James Baskerville of Erdisley) identified by Commoners
  (1) Thomas Scudamore (dvpsp 1519)
  (2) Eleanor Scudamore
  m. Miles ap Harry of Newport mentioned by Commoners
  (3) Joan Scudamore
  m. Philip Scudamore of Rowlstone
  b. Nicholas Scudamore
  Nicholas is identified by Commoners as possibly ancestor of the Scudamores of Llancillo. We speculate that he was father of the following John who is the first mentioned by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Sciudamore of Llangua and Llancillo', p138+) which provides the following.
  (1) John Scudamore of Rolleston & Llancillo
  (A) Rosser Scudamore of Rolleston
  (i) John (ap Rosser) Scudamore of Rolleston
  m. Elizabeth Philpot (dau of Jenkin Philpot of Rolleston)
  (a) Thomas Scudamore of Longtown (Herefordshire) & Llangua (Monmouthshire) (a 1634)
  m. Jone (dau of Richard ap Juan Philpot of Rolleston)
  ((1)) Jenken Scudamore of Llangua
  m. Maude (dau of Hugh Thomas of Llantillo Gressony)
  ((A))+ issue - John, Charles, William, Mary,Elizabeth, Katherin, Jane
  ((2)) Walter Scudamore of Llancillo
  m. Jane (dau of Phillip Thomas Taylor)
  ((3)) Blanch Scudamore
  m. David Hughes
  (41)) Alice Scudamore
  m. Charles Bynon
  (B) Jenken Scudamore of Llancillo
  (i) Thomas Scudamore of Llancilo (Llancillo)
  m. Alice (dau of Philip ap Sander of Llangua, "descended from Filo ap Dauid ap Sisilt")
  (a) Walter Scudamore of Llancilo (Llancillo)
  m. Blanch (dau of John Powell 'Powellyn')
((1)) Thomas Scudamore of Llancilo (Llancillo) (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Symonds (dau of William Symonds or Symont of Cradock)
  ((A))+ issue - James, Walter, Elizabeth, Anne
  ((2)) Anne Scudamore
  ((3)) Mary Scudamore
  m. William Morris of Monmouth
  ii. Catherine Scudamore mentioned by Commoners
  m. Richard Monington of Sarnsfield (b c1511, a 1557)
  B. Henry Scudamore mentioned by BLG1952
  C. Richard Scudamore of Rowlston
  ## Commoners identifies Richard (son of Sir John by Joan) as father (by Jane Monington) of the John who married Anne Scudamore. Provisionally, we show that Richard above.
2. Joan Scudamore possibly of this generation
  m. Griffith (Gruffydd) Dwnn or Donne

Main source(s): BLG1952 '(Lucas-Scudamore of Kentchurch'), Commoners (vol 3, 'Scudamore of Kentchurch', p354+)
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