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Families covered: Sharp of Scotscraig, Sharp of Stoniehill, Sharp of Strathtyrum

BEB1841 (Sharp of Scotscraig, in Scottish section) reports a remark by Sir George Mackenzie, a heraldrist, that "one of the attendants who came from France with King David was called Monsieur de Esharp, and, in process of time, the name became corrupted into Sharp, of which several respectable families have flourished in North Britain." BEB1841 also implies that "Esharp" was initially a nickname for someone who wore a warrior's scarf.
David Sharp in Aberdeen
1. William Sharp (sheriff clerk of Banffshire)
  A. James Sharp of Scotscraig, Archbishop of St. Andrews, Primate of Scotland (b 04.05.1613, d 03.05.1679)
The above comes from various web sites. TCB reports that the Archbishop married ...
  m. (06.04.1653) Helen Moncreiff (dau of William Moncreiff of Randerston)
  i. Sir William Sharp of Scotscraig & Stoniehill (Fife), 1st Bart (b c1655, bur 27.01.1711/2)
  m. Margaret Erskine (d 03.7126, dau of Sir Charles Erskine, 1st Bart of Cambo, by Penelope Barclay)
  a. Sir James Sharp of Scotscraig, Stoniehill & Strathtyrum, 2nd Bart (d 25.04.1738)
  m. Mary Drummond (d 04.10.1754, dau of John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort (by Sophia Maitland), widow of Gideon Scott of Highchester)
(1) Sir James Sharp of Strathtyrum, 3rd Bart (dsp (unm?) c1745?)
  (2) Mary Lilian Sharp
  m. (12.1739) James Lumsdaine of Rennyhill
  b. Sir William Sharp of St. Andrews, 4th Bart (dspms c1754?)
  m1. (by 1723) Ann More
  (1)+ 8 children
  m2. (1734) Sophia Erskine (bur 06.06.1735, dau of Sir Alexander Erskine, 2nd Bart of Cambo, by Anne Erskine)
c. Sir Alexander Sharp, 5th Bart (d before 1771)
  m. (by 1728) Margaret Hamilton
  (1) Sir William Sharp, 6th Bart (b 28.01.1729, d 13.02.1780)
  p/m. Margaret Bethune (d 1791, dau of John Bethune of Blebo, sister/heir of Henry of Blebo, m2. William Chalmers in Edinburgh (later Bethune of Blebo))
  (A) Alexander Sharp, later Bethune (bpt 20.08.1771, a 1815)
  It appears that Alexander was probably illegitimate, being born before his parents married.
  d. Jane Sharp probably of this generation
  m. Sir Matthew Deane, 3rd Bart of Dromore (d 11.03.1746-7)
  ii. Margaret Sharpe (d 1734) probably of this generation
  m. (11.10.1683) William Fraser, Lord Saltoun (b 21.11.1654, d 18.03.1715)
  B. Sir William Sharp of Stoniehill, co. Edinburgh (Deputy Keeper of the Signet)

Main source(s): TCB (vol 4, Sharp of Scotscraig)
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