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Families covered: Sinclair of Bullister, Sinclair of Goat, Sinclair of Swining

James Sinclair of Bullister (d 1600)
1. Edward Sinclair of Bullister (d 17.03.1630)
  m. Janet Sutherland (d 1623)
  A. Henry Sinclair
  B. James Sinclair of Bullister
  m. Margaret Edmonston (dau of James Edmonston of Hascosay)
  i. Henry Sinclair of Bullister (d 25.11.1714)
  m. Christiana Pitcairn (dau of Robert Pitcairn)
  ii. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. James Oliphant of Ure
iii. Jean Sinclair
  m. Hugh Tarrel of Laxvoe
  iv.+ other issue - Hugh, James, Andrew, John, Martha
  C. Andrew Sinclair of Swining (a 1684)
  m. (1648) Elizabeth Buchanan (dau of James Buchanan)
  i. Henry Sinclair of Swining (d 16.12.1718)
  m. Martha Neven (dau of Gilbert Neven of Scousburgh)
  a. Gilbert Sinclair of Swining (d 1720)
  m1. Katherine Tarrell (dau of William Tarrell of Laxvoe)
m2. Prudence McDougal (b 1684-5, d 26.06.1730, m2. Thomas Hay, minister of Yell)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Henry Sinclair (d 14.04.1753, Town Clerk of Musselburgh)
  m. Susad Drummond (dau of James Drummond of Mugdrum)
  (A) daughter
  m. Alexander Orme (Clerk of Session)
  (B) daughter
  m. Jocn Maclaurin
  (2) Martha or Mary Sinclair
  m. Arthur Edmondston of Hascosay
  (3)+ other issue - Gilbert, Margaret, Jean
  b. Henry Sinclair of Still
  (1) David Sinclair of Still
  (A) Martha Sinclair
  m. Thomas Fea of Clivocast
  c. Mary Sinclair
  m. Hugh Tarrel of Laxo
  d. Martha Sinclair
  m. John Wallace
  e.+ other issue - Andrew, Henry, Janet
  ii. Lilias Sinclair
  m. Hugh Sinclair of Skelberrie, Lunnastig
  iii. Barbara Sinclair
  m. David Mouat
  iv.+ other issue - Robert (a 1678), Edward, Gilbert, Mary
2. Andrew Sinclair of Kirkhouse & Southerhouse (3rd son)
  A. Edward Sinclair of Kirkhouse & Southerhouse
3. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. James Ross of Swarraster
4.+ other issue - Gilbert, Henry, James, Barbara



Laurence Sinclair of Goat (d by 1626)
m1. Mary Stewart (natural dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney)
1. James Sinclair of Goat (a 1602, 1624)
m. Christian Sinclair
  A. Laurence Sinclair of Goat
  m1. (1629) Margaret Balfour (dau of Michael Balfour of Garth)
  i. James Sinclair of Goat (d 17.05.1689)
  m1. (1672) Martha Sinclair (dau of Malcolm Sinclair of Rapness)
  m2. Martha Stewart (dau of Laurence Stewart of Bigton)
Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Laurence Sinclair of Goat (b 1686)
  (1) Patrick Sinclair (dvp)
  ii. William Sinclair of Goat (d 1724)
  m. (1685) Elizabeth Craigie (dau of Laurence Craigie)
  a. Laurence Sinclair of Goat (d 1756)
  m. Ursilla Dick (dau of William Dick of Fracafield)
  (1)+ issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
  b. Sarah Sinclair
m. Rev. Robert Donning of Lerwick
  c. Margaret Sinclair
  m. Laiurence Strong
  d.+ other issue - William, Jean
  iii. Patrick Sinclair of Scotland
  iv. Barbara Sinclair
  m1. (c1683) John Umphray of Asta
m2. Erasmus Mense of Whiteness
  v. Margaret Sinclair
  m. (1709) Laurence Halcro
  m2. Margaret Halcro (dau of James Halcro of Ledigarth)
  vi. John Sinclair
  vii. Elizabeth Sinclair
  B. John Sinclair
  C. Grizel Sinclair
  m. (1622) John Stewart of Bigton
  D. Barbara Sinclair
  m. Gilbert Gifford?
Presume of this marriage, but that is not certain, were ...
2. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. Andrew Shewan
3.+ other issue - Malcolm, Laurence, Willaim (a 1601), Jean
m2. (1609) Margaret Leask (dau of Laurence Leask of Scatness)

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(1) For upper section : 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Sinclair of Bullister and Swining', p251+)
(2) For lower section : 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Sinclair of Goat', p254+)
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