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Families covered: Sleigh of Ashe, Sleigh of Bigging Grange, Sleigh of Pilsbury, Sleigh of Stockton

Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662) starts with Gervaise of Ashe, identified as son of Hugh of Pilsbury. Visitation (London, 1634) starts with Hugh of Pillesbury father of Ralfe. The coats of arms shown in the Visitations (described in the Derbyshire one as 'Gules, a chevron between three owls argent') indicate that they were covering the same family. Having regard to the dates, we speculate that the Hugh mentioned in the London Visitation was father of the one mentioned in the Derbyshire Visitation.
Hugh Sleigh of Pillesbury (Pilsbury), Derbyshire
1. Hugh Sleigh of Pilsbury
A. Gervaise Sleigh of Ashe, Derbyshire (d 17.06.1626) only son of Hugh of Pilsbury mentioned by Visitation (Derbyshire)
  m. Elizabeth Cholmondeley (dau of John Cholmondeley of Ashby de la Zouch)
i. Sir Samuel Sleigh of Ashe & Etwall, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b c1605, d 1679 (not 1672))
  m1. (23.10.1628) Judith Boys (dau of Edward Boys of Bershanger)
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Gervase, Edward
  m2. Margaret Darcy (dau of Sir Robert Darcy of Dartford)
  c. Margaret Sleigh (b c1645, d 1709)
  Visitation (Derbyshire) shows Margaret as m. George Chetham of Broughton. This may be confusion with the Sleigh daughter shown at ## below for Sir Samuel's daughter Margaret is normally shown as married to the following James.
  m. James Chetham of Turton (b c1621, d 1697)
  d. Mary Sleigh (d 1761) possibly of this generation
  m. (27.05.1695) Rowland Cotton of Bellaport & Etwall (d 1753)
e.+ other issue - Samuel (b c1638, d 1675), Edward (b c1640, dsp 1670), Grace (d young), Elizabeth, Judith
  ii. Gervase Sleigh probably the Jervase (rector of Rodburn) who married ...
  m. (1635) Elizabeth Boys (bpt 12.03.1611-2, d 1636)
  iii. Hugh Sleigh (d 1641)
2. Ralfe Sleigh of Pilsbury only son of Hugh of Pillesbury mentioned by Visitation (London)
  A. Edmund Sleigh of Derby, later of Little Ireton in Derbyshire (b c1551, d c1615, MP)
  m. Margaret Bambridge (dau of Thomas Bambridge or Bainbridge of Ashby-de-la-Zouche)
  i. Elizabeth Sleigh
  m. Collingwood Sanders
  B. Richard Sleigh 'of London'
  m. Alice Sanders (dau of Thomas Sanders)
  i. Edmond Sleigh of London (a 1634)
  m. Elizabeth Winch (dau of Daniel Wiknch)
  ii.+ other issue - Martha, Mary



Hugh Sleigh of Hoyland, Staffordshire
1. Richard Sleigh (dsp)
2. Ralph Sleigh
  A. Gervas Sleigh
m1/2. ??
  i. Ralph Sleigh
  a. Hugh Sleigh of Leeds (d before 22.11.1743)
  m. Elizabeth Atkinson (d 1724, dau of Henry Atkinson of Leeds)
(1) Anne Sleigh
  m. Henry Pawson of Leeds
  b. ?? Sleigh in North Carolina
  ii. Gervas Sleigh
  iii. Samuel Sleigh (Major)
  a. Mary Sleigh (b 03.10.1704, d 1760)
  m. (03.09.1724) Alexander Brodie (b 1697, d 1754, Lord Lyon King of Arms, MP)
  iv. Edward Sleigh (clergyman in Derbyshire)
  a.+ issue - Samuel (dsp), Jane (d unm)
  m2/1. ??
  v. Elizabeth Sleigh
m. _ Grosvenor of Staffordshire
3. Gervas Sleigh
  A. Sir Edmund Sleigh, Sheriff of London (a 1654)
  FMG shows the elder son of this generation as Sir Edmund, Sheriff of London, m. Elizabeth, dau of Rev. S. Harper of Morley, with one daughter m. _ Chetham of Lancashire and another daughter m. a son of Sir S. Dashwood. The Harper records suggest that Elizabeth, dau of John Harpur (rector of Morlay) m. Sir Samuel Sleigh of Etwal whilst the Dashwood records show Francis (son of Samuel) as m. Alice, sister of Edmund Sleigh, alderman of London. It appears that there has probably been some confusion here.
  m. Elizabeth Harper (dau of Rev. S. Harper of Morley, m2. Sir S. Treton)
  i. daughter
  m. _ Chetham of Lancashire see ## above
  ii. daughter probably the Alice (d 06.02.1693-4) who married ...
  m. (Francis) Dashwood (son of Sir S.)
  iii.+ 3 sons (d young)
  B. Gervas Sleigh (rector of Rayburn)
  i. Thomas Sleigh



?? Sleigh of Bigging Grange
m. _ Alsop
1. John Sleigh of Bigging Grange
m. _ Downes of Wardley
  A. John Sleigh of Bigging Grange had issue (daughters)
  B. Laurence Sleigh of Bigging Grange
  m. John Beresford (sister of John & Dr. Richard)
  i. John Sleigh of Bigging Grange
  m. Elizabeth Parker (dau of ?? Parker of Parker Hall)
  a. Laurence Sleigh (a 1718 in Manchester, 2rd son)
  m._ Allen
(1)+ issue (a 1718) - son, daughter
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - John, George
  ii. Dorothy Sleigh
  m. _ Ward of Sheen
  iii. Elizabeth Sleigh
  m. _ Ball
  iv. Sarah Sleigh (d unm)
  v. Mary Sleigh
  m. (08.01.1653) Robert Bateman of Bigging
  C. Francis Sleigh of Ashburn
m. Mary Toplady (dau of Francis Toplady, Mayor of Nottingham)
  i. Francis Sleigh of Ashburn (b c1650, a 1708, d unm?)
  ii. John Sleigh of Ashburn
  m. Elizabeth Hurt (dau of Nicholas Hurt of Casterne)
  a.+ issue - Francis (d young), Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
  iii. Penelope Sleigh
  m. John Fletcher of Hunslet
  iv. Tryphena Sleigh
  m(1). Thomas Grammer of Ashburn
  This was probably the Troth, widow of Charles (sic) Grammer of Ashbourn, who married ....
  m2. Thurstan Dale of Bakewell (b 1662, a 1710)



William Sleigh of Stockton
m. Mary Bathurst (dau/coheir of Charles Bathurst of Clintz, Scutterskelf & Arkendale)
1. Charles Bathurst Sleigh of Stockton and Arkendale (b 1734)
  m. (1757) Mary Sutton (dau by Mary Watson of William Sutton of Elton, Hartburn & Forceby, son by Rachel Jefferson of Thomas of Thornborough, son of George)
  A. William Sleigh of Stockton & Arkendale (b 1758, dsp 1825, Lt. Colonel)
m. Ann Ward (dau/heir of J. Ward of Billingham)
  B. Mary Sleigh (dsp)
  m. (1800) Rev. Thomas Allason of Hoddon
  C. Frances Sleigh (d infant)
  D. Elizabeth Caroline Sleigh
  m. (1800) John Hutchinson
  Their eldest son inherited Elton Hall and assumed the name Sutton.
2. William Sleigh (d 1759, Captain)
3. Elizabeth Sleigh
  m1. Ralph Whitley of Aston Hall ## see here? ##
  m2. Benjamin Pye (Archdeacon of Durham)
4. Frances Sleigh
  m. George Hoar

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