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Families covered: Smith of Hadley, Smith of Islington, Smith of Newark

BP1870 reports that the following famiy's name was originally Lefevre. They "came from France, temp. Elizabeth, and assumed the cognomen of Smith".
Thomas Smith of Hadley, Middlesex (d 1740)
1. Thomas Smith of Hadley (d 1744)
  m. Culling Horne (dau/coheir of John Horne, Governor of Bombay)
  A. Thomas Smith of Evesham, Worcestershire (d 1798)
i.+ issue - Louisa, Harriet
  B. Sir Culling Smith of Hadley, 1st Bart (b 20.11.1731, d 19.10.1812)
  m. Mary Burrows (d 05.04.1782, dau of John Burrows, sister of rector of Haley)
  i. Sir Culling Smith of Hadley, 2nd Bart (b 1769, d 30.06.1829)
  m. (22.09.1792) Charlotte Elizabeth Eardley (d 15.09.1820, dau/coheir of Sampson, Lord Eardley)
  a. Sir Culling Eardley Smith of Hadley, later Eardley, 3rd Bart (b 21.04.1805. d 21.05.1863) had issue
  m. (09.02.1832) Isabella Carr (d 01.05.1860, dau of Thomas William Carr of Eshott)
  b. Maria Charlotte Smith
  m. (30.10.1826) Rev. Eardley Childers (d 1830-1)
  c. Louisa Selina Smith (d 26.10.1852)
  ii. Louisa Smith
  m. Rev. Thomas Rivett of Maresfield
  C. William Smith (Captain)
  m. Sarah Sumner (dau of Humphrey Sumner of Cambridge)
  i. Sarah Smith
  m. Rev. William Stackhouse of Modbury
  ii.+ other issue - Sumner (cleric), William Richard (RN), Anna Maria, Charlotte
  D. Charles Smith, Governor of Madras
m1. Elizabeth Varvalho ("of the Portuguese family of Pombal")
  i. Charles Smith
  m2. Zabier Charlotte Law (dau of James Law "of the Laws of Lauriston")
  ii. Culling Charles Smith 'of Hampton' (d 26.05.1853)
  m. (1799) Anne Wellesely (dau of Garret Wellesley, Earl of Mornington, widow of Henry Fitzroy)
  a. Frederick Smith
  b. Emily Frances Smith (d 02.10.1889)
  m. (29.06.1822) Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort (b 02.1792, d 11.1853)
  E. Anne Smith (d unm)
  F. Elizabeth Smith (d 07.11.1802)
  m. (17.11.1753) John Munro (physician)
  G. Maria Smith
  m. Rev. John Burrows
  H. Frances Smith
  m. Rev. Charles Jefferys Cotterell



Richard Smith of Islington, Middlesex
m. ?? (relict of Nathaniel Crow of Barbados)
1. Richard Smith (rector of Islington)
  m. _ Mapp
  A. Richard Smith (rector of Sutton)
  m. _ Acklom (dau of Richard Acklom of Wiseton Hall)
  B. daughter
m. Robert Allen of The Grove, Lymington (Captain)
2. Benjamin Smith of Lys, Sheriff of Hampshire
  m. (23.02.1765) Charlotte Turner (d 1806, dau of Nicholas Turner of Bignor Park & Stoke House, novelist)
  A. William Towers Smith (d 1827, judge at Morrshedebad in India) had issue
  m. (1798) Catheriine Maria Morris
  B. Sir Lionel Smith, Governor-General of Jamaica, Governor & CIC of Mauritius, 1st Bart (b 09.10.1778, d 02.01.1842, Lt. General, 5th son) had issue
  m1. Ellen Marianne Galwey (d 1814, dau of Thomas Galwey of Killery)
  m2. (20.11.1819) Isabella Curwen Pottinger (d 05.01.1842, dau of Eldred Curwen Pottinger of Mount Pottinger by Anne, dau of Robert Gordon of Florida in Down)
  C. Augusta Smith (d 1792)
  m. the Chevalier de Foville
  D. Harriett Smith
  m. _ Geary
E. Lucy Smith
  m. William Newhouse
  F.+ other issue - Nicholas Hankey (d 1837), Braithwaite (d young), George Augustus, Charlotte Mary (d unm 1842)
3. Eleanor Smith
  m. Anthony Todd
  BP1934 reports that their (only) daughter Eleanor m. James (Maitland), 8th Earl of Lauderdale (## see here ##). However, TCP (Lauderdale), whilst reporting that Eleanor Todd's father was Anthony Todd ("Sec. of the Gen. Post Office"), identifes her mother as Anne, dau/heir of Christopher Robinson of Appleby.
4. Elizabeth Smith
  m. John Robinson of Wyke House
  BP1934 reports that their (only) daughter Mary m. Henry, 2nd Earl of Abergavenny. However, TCP (Abergavenny), whilst confirming that Mary Robinson's father was John Robinson, identifes her mother as Mary Crowe of Barbadoes.
5. Mary Smith (d 08.1775)
  m1. William Berney of Barbados
  m2. (29.11.1768) Thomas Dyer (son of Sir Thomas, 5th Bart)



William Smith of Newark, Nottinghamshire
m. _ Wilson (sister of _ Wilson, Alderman of Newark)
1. John Smith, Mayor of Newark (a 1763)
  m. Anne Chambers ofGainsborough (sister to the wife of Richard Capes of Gainsboroiugh)
  A. Tyrwhit Smith, Mayor of Newark (a 1811)
  m. Elizabeth Bennett (dau of John Bennett of Lincoln)
  i.+ issue - Ayscough, Ann (d young), Mary (d young), Elizabeth
  B. Kenar Smith of Kelham, Nottinghamshire
  C. Ann Smith (b 1752/3, d 05.02.1825)
  m. (12.06.1780) Samuel Heywood of Nottingham
2. Thomas Smith of Newark (b c1718, d 1775)
  m. Hannah Wood (dau of William Wood of Newark)
  A. William Smith of Newark
  m. Sarah Taylor (dau of Hardwick Taylor of Sleaford)
  i. Mary Smith
  m. William Eyres of Bath
  ii. Catherine Smith
m. Thomas Gilby of Bath then London (a 1822)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas of London (draper)., John of London (draper), William of Newark
  B. John Smith (d young)
  C. Ann Smith (a 1820)
  m. Isaac Wylde of Nottingham (d c1812)
3. Ann Smith
  m. Robert Hatfield of Newark
4. Catherine Smith (dsp)
  m. John Field
5. Mary Smith
  m. Heneage Walker of Lincoln
  A. Mary Walker
  m. William Cappe of Lincoln
6.+ other issue - Wiliam (d young), Rosamund (d unm)

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